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CORRESPONDENCE. do not consider ourselvesresponsible for the opinions and sentiments of our Correspondents PEMBROKE BOROUGHS ELECTION On Saturday evening last Mr Meyrick, accom- tott ky *n immense concourse of his friends, proceeded "eyland to hold a political meeting, which pro\ed to by lvrreat 8nccess* Most tell in#? speeches were delivered j»! "Jr Meyrick, Mr Churchward, Mr Chevalier, and JVIr &t 'XT'36'? tlje 'ot|;er a Deacon of the Independent Chapel. PuvV^'yiand, it(being the first opportunity he had in 1(1 vindicate his conduct against the slanderous Prof 8 I,,ac'e uP°n bis character lately by men who (JQ to know better than to persecute others lor iree- ^0Q ^Jonf-rht and action. Mr Phillips is a man well SteaM* neighbourhood for nearly 25 years, and iorvv'y Respected for his honest, upright, and straight- hnj, °onduct on all occasions, which has secured to '°oa!'t 6 rt)sPect a numerous body of friends in this the perse, IVion that Mr Phillips has. suffered c»use' 'la-s hac' a ,nost damaging effect on the Liberal !he r ,at ^e>'hmd by stirring up a most lively interest in W rn °'Mr Meyrick, among nearly all the residents Of!,11' P'ace. Fbere is not the tdij?lit,LSt doubt «t present fill *^t>J r'ck having a lar^a mi jority iht're. It is pain- ^evident to Sir Hugh and his supporters that nearly influential people in the Borough, as well as "a Portion of the most respectable and intelligent of IQ°\orking class, nre staunch supporters of Mr Meyrick, '"a!" we CHn afi°rd to forgive them freely for the 0ii'^1Ous disposition displayed to us here continually. fr0&atllrday evening for the last, a lot, just returned by the meeting at Pennar, (apparently very dissati.-fied C0rn,'at .'hey had heard there) Mood at Mr White's in Dimond-street, to gro»n at everybody !u Pa^ed the more respectable their appearance the ber they groaned. I remain, Sir, Yours respectfully, J, AN ELECTOR. etlibroke Peek, Sept. 14th, 1868. 8 THREE-FbLD ROBBERY. IO?NRIN the Times of Monday last appears the foll nv- orÖÿ-Mr Gladstone dr-sites to acknowledge the receipt W letter of the 2211d, and in reply to the question LITJY « contained to st; t, that he has many times pub- IFTH6 L-E? THATINBIS opinion the disposable property CHURCF» should not, when it is disestablished, A? GLAT ED IN THE ENDOW,MENT ANY other Church 'IS AT 8t°ac fears that those few who are unaware of <HE6 PER^APS NO1 very willing to bo informed.' of Messrs Bright, Gladstone, & Co, 'H«»' » L^'E Maynooth grant and tho Regium Donum. L^ORE follows, that 2N J Irish Church is to be robbed of her property, FHE Roman Catholics are TO be robbed of their a ,Coo a yehr. V- "HE Pre&byterians are to be deprived of their •JVLITT Donum. pretext that the first named spoliation is to pacify instead of for the purpose of restoring Mr II \9I0NE to power, is so transparent that few can be de- R"- Ireland is prospering, her revenue increasing, In the anrj,,il, MITJ'1 Y requires to be left alone. In the annals of ?EETLCAL Warfare, I presume, never ere this has a case \(.REjudged before a commission of inquiry has V,; ^8 report. That Archbishop Cullen should VES<* in the repeal of the Maynooth Grant leads ts VISION that, a secret and most dangerous compact IW ,"REEN 'HO disloyal Roman Catholics and Me?sro ^\GLADSTONE, & Co. To the Radical Atheists, Deists, T'5RI,NILAR'ANS> the overthrow of the Irish Church would cheering. I am, Sir, Your obedignt Servant, W A. B. STAKBUCK. S^^9TH Sept., 1863.

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