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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. 1 BALL.—A ball was held last night at the Assembly Rooms in this town, under the stewardship of John Stokes, Esq., and Lieut jMacdonnell, of the 9th Regiment. There were present 45 ladies and 42 gentlemen, making a total of 87. The following is a iist of those who attended: Mrs Stokes, Miss Stokes, and Miss Ince, Cuffern; Miss Berrington, Draidston; Miss Dobrea, Miss M. Fortune, Leweston; Miss Evans, Goat Street, Mrs Rees, Penllwyn; Mrs and Miss Lawes; Mrs Davies, and the Misses Davies, (2) Trewnrren; Miss Quio Mrs Owen Owen, and the Mioses Owen, (3) High Street; Miss Jenkins, Cardigan; Miss Stokes, Market Street; Miss Rees, Market Street Miss Holcroft; the Misses Clement, (2) Bethenay Misses Willan, (2) High Street; Mrs W, S. Owen, Honeyhook; the Misses Owen, (2) Withy bush Mrs Cork, Crisborough Misses Bellairs (2); Mrs James, Pontsaison Mrs Penn; Mrs E. E. Evans, Goat Street; ^rs W. P. Evans, Cardigan; Miss James, Hill Lane; Mrs& Mies Thirl wall; Miss Lloyd, Tenby; Misses Massy, (3) Cottesmore; Mrs Shortt Miss Abadam. Gentlemen — Mr J. 11. Scourfieid, M.P., Mr Owen Scourfieid, and Mr John Scourfieid, Wiiliamston; Mr Stokes, Cuffern; Mr G K. G. Rees, Penilwyn Major Leach, Corston; "vlr Davies, Trewarren; Mr T. H. Rowe, Goat Street; MrHolcroft; Mr Morrison Mr James; Mr W Summers, and Mr G Summers, Milton; Mr Churchill Major Willan, and Mr F. Willan, High Street; MrCork, Crisborougb; Mr M. Owen, High Street; Mr Lee; Mr Richards, Tenby; Mr R. Locke; Mr U. J. Allen i Mr James, Pontsaison; Mr G. L. Owen, Withybush; Col. Penn Mr Mathias, Lamphey Court; Mr Creagb; Mr R. H. Buck by, Begelly; Mr Clarke Capt. Flowers; Mr J. E. Evans, Hill Sireet, Mr E. E. Evans, Hill Street; Mr W. P. Evans, Cardigan Mr H. S Owen, Narberth Mr R. D. Ackland, and Mr Ackland, Boulston Mr X Massy, and Mr A. Massy Cottesmore Mr T. Bowen, Market Street Mr Hawksley Mr Goldwyer, and Mr J. H. Evans, Newcastle. The refreshments were provided by Miss Rogers, of Tower Hill, and the wines by Miss Gibbs, of High Street. Dancing was kept, up with great spirit, and the assembly did not separate till an advanced hour. 'I CLAIM FOR SAt.VAGE.-At the Shire Hall on Wednes- day, before Mr A. B. Starbuek, and Mr J. P. Jones, a claim for salvage amounting to X200 was made by Mr R. G. Bonniwell, of Hakin, against Mr Abraham Sutton, of Cork, owner 01 the. barque 'Ch-ti-let;l of Cork, which the claimant alleged he had been the means of saving from destruction on the 7th of August. Mr Win. Davies, solicitor, o! Spring Gardens, appeared for the claimant, and Mr Marriott, for th" owner of the vea.-el. Frolll the evidence of the claimant, it appeared that. his attention was called to the vessel at Gelliswick on the morning of the 7th that he went on board of her, and found that there was no person in charge, and that all the valuable articles had been removed, including the ships eomi a^cs, charts, the bedding, and all articles of clothing The! vessel was laden with coal, and the water wns mar^y ui to the top of the cargo, and was on her deck, flic vess was anchored, but we., sheering out. He pin nun Ir, charge of her, who relievsd the ship by pumping, ami b) their exertions she was brought to Hakin Pill, Rod pL,t in a place of safety. While the men were pumping, the captain returned to the ship, with a carpenter, and ordered the men to desist, but they declined to do -0. The captain said he did not want any assistance, and told, them they should not be paid for it. The vessel I a- according to the evidence of the complainant and hi witnesses, in a sinking condition when he un iid her, an.1 if he had not adopted the means he did, would have been destroyed. The case tor the owner of the ship was that the vessel was in a place of safety when boarded by the claimant, and had been run ashore at that place with a view to being relieved of the water by boring when the tide receded so as to admit of the water running out The captain stated that he had declined assistance before he ran ashore, and the mate during the absence of the Captain, who bad goe ashore to tovgraph to the owners of the s!i,p, had also refused an offur of assistance. The crew removed from th., ship all their clo?.hes and articles that were likely to he<iamag«d by water, and wen* asiiWO for rest and refreshment. When the Captain returned to the ship, he found hi r in possesion ot Mr Bonniwelf, who refused to give her up to him and moved her to Hakin Pill in spite of his remonstrances. The vessel had heen run ashore ar a suitable place, and there was no j intention on the purr of the err-w to abando- her. A great number of witnesses were examined on both sides, and the ca-e ocrupKn nearly six hours. The bench awarded Mr Bonniwell for salvage, and ordered the owner to pay the costs amounting to £ 14 CRICKET.—MEARF.S'S SCHOOL V. GRAMMAR SCHOOL-" A match was played .n Port field on Wednesday b't be- tween the above Clubs, which resulted in favour of the former by two runs and eight wickets to spare. On be- half of Meares's school, Messrs. R. Williams, and Hughes were the highest scorers. The bowling of B. Williams and W. Evans was also very good. On the side of the Grammar School, Messrs G. Saies and S. Green made the chief scores, and Wm. Thomas h a'ea with great effect. There was a large number of byeS and wides on both side", as will be seen by the subjoined score. The return match will shortly be played GRAMMAR. SCHOOL. 1st Innings. 2nd Innings. II. Williams, b Williams 0 c. George, b Baker 1 F. Thomas, b Evans 5 c Baker, b Witliatns G. Saie?, c Williams, b Baker 16 b Baker W. Thomas, b Williams 0 b Williams j? M. Thomas, run out 0 b Williams G. Griffiths, run out 2 c Williams b B/ker S. Green not cut 7 not out J. Dunn, c George, b Evans 4 b Williams W. Howells, b Williams. 5 runout 0 H. Lowe, b Williams 0 c Saunders, b Baker C. Winter, 1 b w, b Hughes 0 e Saunders, b Baker JJ Byes 13 Byes 0 Wides 3 Wides No Balls 1 No Balls .••• Total 58 Total 3i MR. MEARES' SCHOOL. 1st Innings. 2nd Innings. R. Williams, b W. Thomas.. 5 not out J J. Baker, b W. Thomas Snotout. Q J. Harries, b W. Thomas 0 b F.Thomas E. Hughes, b F. Thomas 15 b F. Thomas T. Llewellin, run out 1 J. Harvey, c Green, b W. Thomas 1 H. Saunders, b F. Thomas ..5 4 W. George, c & b F. Thomas 2 b W. Thomas W. Evans, b W. Thomas. 0 F. Thompson, b W. Thomas 1 F. John, not out 2 Byes 20 Wides 11 Wide* ■• J No Balls 1 No Balls • ■ 1 Total 69 Total 25 CRICKET.—A match was played on Portfield, on Wed' nesday and Thursday last between the HiverfordweS and Tivy Side Clubs. The former scored in their first innings 121 runs, the highest totals being made "J Messrs J. Llewellin and J. Williams, who scored and 20 respectively. The Cardigan eleven made in ^e'r first innings 06 runs, which included only one scor0 with a double forgive—that of Mr R. L. James, who made 10 consisting of four 2's and singles. The f{/lver" fordwest side scored in their seconds innings 102, the principal scores being made by Mr W. James, (21 ruB0>i Mr E. Saundert (18 runs), Mr T. H. Rowe (14 run?)? Mr J. Wiliams (14 runs.) In their second innings, t Cardigan eleven made the same total as in their hrs > namelv 56 runs: the highest scores were 12 oiade ■> Mr W. P. Evans, and 11 made by Mr A. h&etl e The following are the scores HAVERFORDWEST. 1st Innings. 2nd Innings. 2 C. Saunters, b Howell 9 b Howell .••••■ .g K. Saunders, run out 16 runout. J. Llewellin, b Howell 24 b Richards g L. Buckland, b Richards 6 b Howell. « O. Scurfii Id, b Richards. 4 b Howell t J. A. Scouifield b Howell 3 b Howell 14: J, Williams run out 20 st Lee, b Richards T. Jamea, c Trollip, and b 0 Richards 7 b Howell W. James, c and b Evans. 4 not out. < J. S. Davies, h w b Evans.. 0 b Howell 14 I. H. Rowe, not out 5 b Howell Byes 15, 1 b 4, w 4 23 b 6, 1 b 4, w 5.* 121 102 CARDIGAN; let Innings. 2nd Innings. W. P. Evans, c Williams, b 12 Saunders ObBuckland. R. L. James, b E. Saunders 10 c 0. Scourifeid, bE- 2 Saunders A. Lascelles, c Llewellin, b 11 Buckland 9 b Buckland g H. Howell, b Buckland 8 b E, Saundbrs. 3 Lee, b E. Saunders. 4 b E. Saunders.••• g J. H. Evans, b Buckland, 2 b Buckland W. H. Richards, b E. 1 Saunders 0 b Buckland • R, Lock, b E. Saunders 6 c J. Scourfieid, 4 Saunders J. Trollip, c E. Saunders, b 4 Buckland 4 b E. Saunders 0 — Harvey, run out 0 net out Vickerman, not out. 0 c T. James, b 0 Saunders Byes 7,1 b 1, w 5 13 Leg byes — 56 tbet On Wednesday evening, the competitors dined tog6 Jg, at the Salutation Hotel. The dinner was admirably P g{ pared, and was in every way worthy of the reputat10 this well-known establishment. Avery agreeable was spent, the company not separating till an ad»a eJ},, hour. On Thursday, the elevens were sumptuously^, tertained at the Castle Hotel, by Mr Scourfieid, a liberal supporter of the game of cricket and 'WlJ ^0 believe introduced the pastime into this part 0 country. The proceedings of the evening weretfl9stf much enlivened by some excellent singing; and p were ably given and as ably responded to. Oa ^0u the return match was played on Portfield and by the Cardigan Club, who had strengthened their by three good substitutes, selected from the Baver west Club. The following is the score:- HAVERFORDWEST. 0 Griffiths, b Howell 22 C, Saunders, c Evans, b Howell o J. Llewellin, b Howell 1 O. Scourfieid, c Trollip, b Richards- «••• 0 A. Scourfieid, b Howell E. Saunders, c Trollip, b Richards L. Buckland, st Howell T. R Rowe, c Evans, b Howell j* T. James, run out J. S. Davieiy not out J lŠ J. Williams, run out 8 Byes 5, w 3 81 CARDIGAN. T A. Saunders, c T. James, b Buckland v 2? R. L. James, run out P. Evans, c Rowe, b Buckland » Howell, c E. Saunders, b Buckland <(. „ Phillips, c J. Davies, b E. Saunders Trindall, c Llewellin, b E Saundera i Lee, b Buckland T. H. Evans, c Davies, b Buckland Lock, not out .• « W. H. Richards, b w, b J. Williams.. Trollip, b J. Williams t, Byes 3, Leg byes 2, Wydea 5