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ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall, on Satur- before A. B. Starbuck, Esq, J. P. Jones, Esq, and 'Harford, Esq. TRANSFER OF LICENCE. He licence of the South Wales Hotel, Neyland, was Joaferred from Mr Besant to Mr Kelly, oi tiie Great estem Railway. STRAYING ON THE HIGHWAY. fhothas Absalom was charged with allowing a pig to "fay. "j^e defendant was fined !d and costs, exclusive of i^e which were remitted. Harties was charged with a similar offence, was fined Id and cotls. BREACH OF THE PEACE. ^fariha Lleivellyn, of Johnston Kilns, was charged lh a breach of the peace by Martha Rees. The case was dismissed. ASSAULT. •MM Stephens, shipwright, of Neyland, was charged th assaulting Mary Nicholls. The defendant, in answer to the charge, said that the ^plainant thrust her face against him, and be shoved and she being drank fell down. *he complainant said that on Sunday evening the de- cant and one James Jone3 abused her. Jones corn- iced the abuse, and if it had not beun for his inter- with her, she thought the defendant would have 'd nothing. The defendant, at length, came up to her, asked what she hod to say to bim. She told him .? had nothing to sav to l.im, but (hat if -,I> wan'ed a ^be could have one 'te defeudau ir:cn L' ^in the breast, knocking her down. Her earring wa- ^°ken, and her elbow skinned in the fail. She spoke of e skirt, because the defendant had some time before *i v°D wom £ m'3 clothes, and knocked at hSr window 3 ihe object of frightening her. tThe complainant's evidence was corroborated by t lIltna John j and two witnesses were examined in de- rant's behalf. j *«e Bench, remarking that the defendant had been of a very cowardly assault, fined him 10s and tL.6^)amounting to £ 1 Gs. Mr Harford dissented from judgment. ch Thomas, a^ed 13 years, residing at Hakin, was th Sed witn assaulting Thomas Henry Lynn, aged years. defendant was fined Is and costs, amounting

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