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TO THE INDEPENDENT electo r s OF THE COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. GENTLEMEN, Although the Dissolution of Par- liament will not take place until nearly the close of the year, still the regretted announcements of the intended Resignation of your present esteemed Member, Mr Bowen, and of the Retirement of Lord Emlyn from bls candidature for the representation of the County, "ill make it necessary for you to give your attention to the selection of a Representative in the next Parlia- ment. Having received Numerous and Influential offers of Support, I have been encouraged to believe that my services might not be unacceptable to you, and I there- fore venture to put them at your disposal. As Ihave represented Boroughs situate in your County for Inore than 16 years—I feel tbat:in forming a judg- tnent of any claim to your confidence, you will be Suided more by the Experience of the Past than any declaration I could make respecting the Future. It is impossible within the limits of an address to Jefer to the many subjects which must occupy the at- tention of the next Parliament; One of the First Questions will rrobably be that of the Established Protastant Church in Ireland. I have already re- cOrded my vote in opposition to its proposed Disestab- lishment & Diseodowment and I still adhere to the pinions expressed by that vote, though willing to aid 111 applying Practical Remedies to any well-proved Cases of Grievance which after careful examination may be proved to exist. Should you confer on me the honor of electing me as Your Representative in Parliament, every motive Hich both a sense of duty and all social and personal cOnsiderations can inspire, would prompt me to exert Myself, to the utmost of my power, in promoting your general and local interests. I remain, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obedient Servant, J. H. SCOURFIELD. Williatnston, August 1st, 1868.