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DRAGON'S BI0TEIVE is certainly the best Jftedy known for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, ^UliHS, BRONCHITIS, and all diseases of the n^st and Lungs and is invaluable in cases of Debility. fi°;d by Chemists, and wholesale only of Pearce & Co., 'id^e Street, Bristol. JJ OINTMENT AND PILLS.—Cramps—Neuralgia— ij.'jlis.—These severe nervous affections are hippily moderated their intensity and duration by the soothing and purifying fn «ers ot" these inestimable prepartions. Whether the cramp be the stomach, legs, or toea, it yields with, equal facility to the jfpllcation of the Ointment; and the recurrence of these dis- isordei's is effectually prevented by a course of Hollovay's Pills, uioh so regulate the stomach and bowels that perfect and eas) ;S?estion is ensured, and spasms avoided. The Ointment gives, °cal, the Pills general relief. Enlargement of the glands, ob- jected or defective circulation are likewise soon corrected by Sese invaluable preparations, which purify and strengthen the 'lood, and impart tone to every organ in the body. INTERESTING TO J.ADIES.-At this season of the year. ke important process of bleaching and dressing Laces 'ttld Ltnens for Spring and Summer wear commences, *e would therefore particularly call the attention of '"r fair readers to the GLENFIILLD STARCH, an article of ?*«nary importance in the getting np of these articles FHE GLENFIELD STABCH is specially manufactured fo. a^ily use, and such is its excellence that it is now. delusively used in the Royal Laundry, and Her Maj- *.sty's Laundress pronounces it to be the finest Starch ever used. Her Majesty's Lace Dresser says it is best she has tried, and it was awarded two Prize j 'dais for its superiority. The GLENFIELD JJTARCH ^S.old injaaekeis only, by all Grocers, Chandlers &c. "So)d in Daekets only, by all Grocers, Chandlers &e.

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