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TO THE ELECTORS OF THE ^ITED BOROUGHS OF HAVERFORDWEST, NARBERTH, AND FISHGUARD. QtNTL:FlIIEN, I lameDt that the approaching retirement of Mr Scoorfield from the Representation of your Boroughs has imposed upon you the necessity of seeking another Candidate to supply bis place. The Requisition I have had the honour so unex- pectedly to receive from a large number of intelligent influential Electors, demands as prompt and a°k an acceptance on my part, as the support has freely and handsomely offered to me. The task, I feel, is great to follow one, who has for so years zealously and efficiently discharged his ^ies as your Representative his unceasing and de- attention to your local interests, & his readiness attention to your local interests, & his readiness times to devote his time and talents to the pro- ton of your welfare, have endeared him to those who agreed with him, & caused him to be respected by those on some points differed from him. Should I be so ^Uriate as to attain the honourable position of repre- you in Parliament, I shall endeavour to follow "k example. liJ attl a Conservative; entertaining at the same time views towards all good measures that commend ^tselves to my judgment, come from whichever side ^'he House they may. On the great question of the^total Disestablishment Disendowment of the Irish Church, I think it right 0state that my opinions are decidedly opposed to it; at the same time I am most desirous to consider and in remedying all evils that may be shewn to exist. > shall endeavour also to extend the usefulness and IeS8ings which accompany our Reformed Church. of "hall offer the strongest opposition to the endowment the Church of Rome in Ireland. rejoice at the removal of snch evils as were the j^8e of offence and wrong to the great body of our ^conformist Brethren, and I wish to see the further ^bo°Val an^ un<^er wkich they may still continue to 1 am very anxious to see the large increase in jn a*ion which has taken place of lata years, especially Military and Naval Departments, much di- luted. and indulge the hope that the policy of non- rference which Lord Stanley has so happily ^f^Urated will, in the end, lead to a considerable Pean Disarmament. My constant aim will be to °'e the success of measures that may conduce to Eduction of Local Taxation. en"eavonr to press forward the Reform of the an^ °ther beneficial measures, which have !° °^en hindered by so much valuable time being 14tat the end of each session in unimportant party 8eions. It j8 ^e« j 'ntention to wait on each of the Electors, Hy *11 be prepared to answer any questions that 6 to me, and to explain my farther political have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your very obedient Servant, *iclo SAMUEL PITMAN. c»6tle, 3l8t July, 1868.