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ROYAL NAVY IN COMMISSION 8 T "B A M SHIPS# AboWkiv, Jamatca Fox, Btore service Pigmy, Acldtles, Channel Frederick William, Pig on, Med iter Adder, Shecrness Shannon Pioneer, .0 Adventure, China Galatea, pas. bome Plover, W. O A Advice, Quecnstown Gannett, N. America Princess Alice, Alborta, Portsmouth and West Indies vonport Algerine, China Giadiator, Pommth Psyche, Mediter- Antelope, Gibraltar Gnat, Devonport Prince Consort, Arethusa, Meditern Grasshopper, China IPylades, Pac:inc Argus, East Indies Greyhound, S. E. C.i Racer, ordered no Assuiance, Devon- of America Racoon, Cape port Griper, Queenstown Rainbow, Hull Avon, Portsmouth Handy, W .Africa Rapid, Wool*10 Banterer, China Harpy, L"UghSwilly Rattler, China Birraeouta, N Amer. Havoc, China Rattlesnake, "• and W. India Hector, Paitsmoutli of Africa Banterer, China Harpy, L"UghSwilly Rattler, China Birraeouta, N Amer. Havoc, China Rattlesnake, "• and W. India Hector, Paitsmoutli of Africa Basilisk, China Helicon, Ireland Reindeer, Pac Beacon, Brazils Ileron, Canada Revenge, Pem»- Bellerophon, C,. an- Himalaya, troop ST. Rifleman, China ne! squadron Highflyer, ord home Uinaldo,China Black Kagle, special Hydra, ord home Rodney, C ina •erviee Icarus, China Rosario, Austrfth Blanche, Australia Industry, Woolwich Royal Alfred, N' Blazer, Shannon Insolent, China America & W.Ip" Bouncer, China Investigator, W. C. Royal Brisk, ordered home of Africl town el Britomart, Canada Jackal, Scotland Royal O,\ii, Cbano jea Buzzard, Channel Janus, China Royalist, NT. A")?rf Caledonia, Mediter. Jaseur, vv.C.efAfrica and West Canieleon, Pacific Jason, N. America Royal Sovereign Caradoc, Mediter. and West Indies Portsmouth Challenger, Austrlia Jumna, troop service Salamis, China Chanticher, Pacilic Juno, Portsmouth Satel ite, East In" Charybuis, Pacific Lee, W. C. of Africa Scout, Pacific Cherub, Canada Liffey,special service Seamew, Kinggt Clio, passage home Linnet, lirazils Serapis, troop 6e Cockatrice, Danube Lion, Greenock Serpent, ord Cockchafer, China Lizard, Sheerness Sharpshooter, r{'. Constance, N. Amer. Lord Clyde, Meditn. Simoom, troop^'y and West Indies Lord Warden, Medit Skylark, Gibralta' Cordelia, ord. home Louisa, Gueen-ferry Slaney, China Cormorant, China Magnet, Harwich Snap, China gj. Crocodile, Troop Malabar, tr; op ser. Sparrowhawk,*J Service Malacca, Pacific Speedy, Jersey Cruiser, Mediter. Manilla, China Speedwell, W'.A'1 Dauae, W. C. of Af. Medusa, Channel Spider, Brazils Daphne, East Indies Megaera, store ser. sphinx, N. Am?r' Dart, Bermuda Mer-ey, Queenstown and West Dasher, Jersey Minotaur, Channel Spiteful, E- In"th, Dauntless, Hull Minstrel, N.America Sprightly, Defence, Channel and West Indies Star, E.'Indies h Donegal, Liverpool Mullet, N. America Deris, Jf America Mutine, Pacific St George, Portia aud West indies Mynuidon, \V. C. of Sylvia, 1 hina iii.tr, r Doterel, Brazils Africa Tamar, troop Drake, China Narcissus, Brazils Terrible, portsr> Dromedary, W. C. of Nassau,Straitsof Ma- Terror, Bermuda Africa gellan Topaze, Valpa1'^ Dryad, East Indies Nelson, Melbourne Trafalgar, Duke of Wellington, Newport,Portsmouth Swillv r Portsmouth Niger, N. America Trineulo, Duncan,Queensferry and West Indies Tyrian, Mediter' Dwarf, China Niobe, N. America Urgent, troop Eclipse, Shei mess and West. Indies Vestal, W. C. A',rtl Elfin, Portsmouth Nympbe, !• Indies Victoria and A' Enchantress, special Oberon, W C. Africa Portsmouth service Ocean, China Vigilant, East JBai Endymion, Medit. Octavia, East Indies Viper, 001 Enterprise, Medit. Orwell,Coast Ireland Virago, A»str»11#fi»» Erne, Lough Swilly Pallas, Channel Vivid, spesiul^ a Euphrates, troop ser Pandora, W.c. Africa Warrior,Chan.Sfl fj. Falcon,ordered home Pearl, China WaterwitchjD* Favourite, N. Amer. Pembroke, Harwich Weazel, foina t -jj: and West Indies Penguin, E. Indies Whiting Queen8; Fawn, Portsmouth Perseus, China Wildfire, Sh Fire Queen, Prtmth. Pet, rei, Cape Wizard, Mediter- Firm, China Philomel,N Aim ric;. Wivern, Coast Forward, ancou- and West Indies Ireland ver's Island Phoebe, N. America Zealous, Pacifi0 Forester, China and West Indies (Zebra, China

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