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STATIONS OF THE BRITISH ARMY [Where two places are mentioned, the lasUnamed is hat at which, the Depot of the Regiment is stationed.] Catnlry. Do | 2nd bat] Burtnah tst Life Guards—Windsor 2.5th do [ht bat] Glasgow 2nd L10. Regen t's Park Do [2nd bat] Bengal; Pres- Roval Horse Guards — ton flyde Park 26th do-Ahyssinia, Preston 1st DragoonGuards—Alder- 27th do—-Dover shot. 28th do—Belfast 2d do Bombay; Canterbury 29th do—Canada; Chatham 3d do Bombay; Canterbury 30th do—Canada; Chatham 4th do Aldershot :Hst do-,Malta; Chatham 5tfe do Aldershot 32nd do Mauritius Col- 6th do Dublin Chester 7th do Colchester 33rd do-—Abyssinia; Gos- 1st Dragoons, Longford port 2nd do Dundalk 34th do—Portsmouth 3rd Hus—Chichester ]35th do—Portsmouth 4th do Bengal; Canterbury !36th (lo-Benpal; Pembroke 5th Lancers—Bengal; Can-j37th do—Bengal; Pembroke terbury 38th do—Bengal; Gosport 6th Dragoons— Manchester SOthdo—Kinsate 7th Hussars—Bengal: C&n- 40th do—Aldershot terbury 41st do—Bengal; Colchester 8th do—Edinburgh 12nd do -Stirling 9th Lancers-.Cahir 43rd do—Jersey 10th Hussars-Aldershot 44th do—Kilkenny 11th do —Bengal; Canter-45th do—Abyssinia; Chat- bury ham 12th Lancers—Dublin IGthdo— Bombay ;Pembroke 13th Hussars — Canada 47th do—Nova Scotia; Pem- Canterbury broke 14th do—Newbridge 48th do—Fermoy Canterbury broke 14th do—Newbridge 43th Qo-Fermoy 15th do-York 49thdo—BombayjColchester 16th Lancers—Madras;Can-jjOth do—N. S. Wales; Chat- terbury ham 17th do—Woolwich joist do—Aldershot 18th Hussars—Madras ;Can 52nd do-Limnlck terbury ;53rd do-Can,.¡du; Shorncliffe 19th do—Bengal; Canter- 54t)i do—Alden<liot bury 55th do- Bengal; Sheffield 20th do—Bengal; Canter Sfith do—Wat.-rfWrd bury 57th do-Al,ler,liot 21st do-Bengal; Canter-158th do-Bengal; Pembroke bury 59th do-Ceylon; Gosport Foot Guards. 60th [1st bat] Canada; L Grenadier Guards [1st bat] Winchester Wellington Barracks l>0 [2nd bat] B-ngal Do l2nd bat] Wellington Do [3rd bat,] Madras Barracks IDo [4th bat] Canada Do [3rd bat] Dublin 161stdo—Bermuda; Gosport Coldstream Guards [lstbat] 62tid do—Cork Windsor 63rd <it> — Curragh Do [2nd bat] Chelsea 61th do—Malta; Parkhurst ScotsFtisiliersGaards—[1st 65th do —Kinsiile bat] Tower :(j(jth do-Dublin Do [2nd bat] Chelsea 1(17th do—Portsmouth Infantry. |68th do—Manchester 1st Foot, 1st bat Madras,do —Canada; Preston Chatham jJOth do—A^hton-undr-Lyne Do [2nd bat] Bombay, 71st do-Dublin Chatham 72nd do-Dublin 2nd do [1st bat] Aden 73rd do—Chin«; ShornclifTe Chatham 74tt do—Gibraltar Fort i)o [2nd bat] Athlone George 3rd do fIst bat] Bengal; 75th clo—Oibraltar; Shorn. Shomclitfe chffe Do [2nd hat] Bristol 76th do-Madras: Shorn- 4th do [1st bat] Abyssinia; clifle Parkhurst 77thdo—Bengal: Gosport Do [2nd bat] Nova Scotia; 78thdo—Canada; Aberdeen Parkliursc 79th do — Bengal Fort ?}th do [1st bat] Bengal, (George Shornehffe 80th do—Aldershot Do [2nd bat] Dover gjgj do-Hutfevant 6th do [1st bat] Bombay g2nddo—Bombay ;Chatham Sheffield 83rd do-Gibraltar Col- Do [2nd bat] Edinburgh hester 7th do [Ist bat] Bengal J 34^ JQ—Jainaica; Colches- Walmer I tf,r Do [2nd bat] Bury 85th do-Bsngal Shorn- 8th do [1st bat] Malta; ('\llfe Chatham 86tbdo—Mauritius ;Gosport Do [2nd bat] Aldershot 87thdo-Malta; Walmer 9th do [1st bat] Cape Pem- gg(.j, {j0—Bengal; Parkhurst brolH) 89th do-Dublin Do [2nd bat] Japan rem- 90th do—Bengal; Preston broke 91stdo — Madra* jForiGeorffe 10th do [1st batj Japan 92nd do—Bombay;Aberdeen Chatham 93r(j do—Bengal; Aberdeen broke 91stdo — Madra* jForiGeorffe 10th do [1st batj Japan 92nd do—Bombay;Aberdeen I Chatbitm 93rd do-Bengal; Aberdeen Do [2nd bat] Madras i94th do-Dover 11th do [1st bat] Bengal; 9,5th do—Bombay;Pembroke Parkhurst \16th do- Boinbay;Colchester Do [2nd batj Cape 97th do—Aldershot 12th do fist bat] Devonpor: 98th do-Aidershot Do I 2mf bat] Bengal; Gos 991h do-Cape; Preston Port lOOthdo—Canada;Colohester 13th do 11st batj Gibraltar; >oist do—Bengal; Waimer rfborue^tfe. '102nd do—Madras; Waimer Do [2ncTbat] Portland 103rd do-Bengal; Shorn- 14th do [bt bat] Malta, clitIa Chatham inithdo-BsngaI; Waimer Do [2nd-bat] Melbourne I.o5th do—Bengal Shorn- 15th do [1st, oat] Bermuda; cjjfje Chatham LOGth do—Eencal ;Chathani Bo [2d bat] Gibraltar L07th do—Bengal; Preston 16th do Canada, Colchester iot}th do—Bombay ;Gosport Do [2nd bat] Baibadoes 109th do—Bengal; Chat- 17th do [1st bat] Currash |)ain Do [2nd bat] Canada j Dub- Ri(le Br:g £ l]e [1st bat] ,in „ Canada, Winchester 18th do [1st bat] Edinburgh f)0 bat] Devonport Do [2nd bat]New Zealand; u,, [3rc] bat Bengal Colchester I)o r4th batt] Chester 19th do [1st bat] Bengal; Sheffield Colonial Corps. Do [2nd batl Burmah 20th do [lst bat] Aldershot 1st West India Regiment- Do [2nd bat] Cape; Shorn- Sierra Leone cliffe 2nd do—Bahamas 21st do [1-t bat] Enniskillen 3rd do—Jamaica Do[2nd bat] Madras; Prestor 4th do-Beirbadoes 22nd do [1st baf] New Ceylon P.iSes—Ceylon Brunswick Chatham Cape Monattd Rifles-Cape Do [2nd batt] Newcastle j Royal Canada Ritles—King- 23rd do [Ist bat] Bombay ;| ston Walmer |Royal. Malta Fencibles — Do [2nd bat] Newpor; Malta :54th do [1st bat] Malta;IIArmy Hospital Corps — Sheffield Nctley I I A HAUNTFD Mouse IN AMERICA.—The haunted house at Muchelney is one of those extraordinary cases which puzzle the scientific, furnish food for the superstitious, and excite the sneers of the supercilious and would-be-knowing. The farm house, an old sub- stantial one, stands alone at the entrance to the village of Muchelney, about three miles from Lang- port. Its only occupants are Mr Traves, his house- keeper, and a young servant girl. Soon after Christ- mas last a slight shock of a earthquake, as supposed, was felt in the neighbourhood, and since then the farmhouse has been the scene from time to time of I the noises and manifestations before described in these columns. The most common form is noise resembling at first the running of fingers over a hollow partition, or as if passing rapidly up stairs, and always ending abruptly with a kind of discharge, as loud as that of a rifle, but with no reverberation whatever—merely a dead thud — often followed suc- cessively kept up at intervals for days together, and then becoming silent for weeks. For some time the tin cover of the copper in the kitchen was wont to be thrown violently off upon the floor, and the bells about the house to be set ringing. But these are at present quiet, and the newest manifestation is in one of the passages, where a clock stands, with a table near, against the wall, and over it some bridle bits hung upon nails. About a fortnight since, during Mr Traves's absence in the hayfield, the housekeeper and servants were terribly alarmed by the table being suddenly turned violently upside down, and the bits thrown off the nails upon which they were hung. The females immediately summoned Mr Traves, who came in, and expressing his determination to judge for himself, took a seat near the table and watched. He had not been seated five minutes ere the table was again suddenly dragged, as it were, along the floor. and dashed down. We plainly saw the break- age which resulted, and heard the story from Mr Traves's own mouth. It was only one of several stqries of an equally startling nature. The mysterious part is that the walls are entirely unshaken and the floors undisturbed.—Pulman's Weekly News•


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