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Family Notices

Family Notices

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, & DEATHS ^Gtices of Births, Marriagee, and Deaths, should be sent to ita in Manuscript, properly authenticated. W e cannot under- take tc search other papers for these announcements, whica are frequently found o be incorrectly printed, or turr out to be untrue. BIRTHS. On the 28th instant, at Hock House, Haverfordwest, the wife of Mr James Thomas, "f a son. On the 21st ins'ant, at B Ifn Street, in this town, the "ife of P.C. Daviee, No. 47 if the Pembrokeshire Con- stihuJary, of a daughter. Cct the 15th instant, at Hazel Hill, the wife of Wm. Robertson, Esq. of a daughter. 0*n the Hih instant, at Point House, Dale, the wife Of John W. Davies, EQq, of a sin. On the 18th instant, at Wj=t m, the wife of P.C. No. 33 01 the Pembrokeshire Constabulary, ofa son MARRIAGES. On the 18th inst., at the parish Chun'h, Fishguard, by Jho Rev W. Rowlands, viear, assisted by the Rev R y 'tiie), rector of St Nicholas, (by licence) Mr Thomas Jaioes, maltster, to Miss Amelia E. Roberts, both of guard. On the 18th instant, h, licence, at the Wesleyan Ollnpel, New King Stree', Ba'h, Mr Thomas Jones, of "'ne Street, Bristol, to Elizabeth Anne, vungest daugh- ter of Mr James Poolman, Frnme, Somerset. On the 11th instant, at Rhosi-r *-iher Church, near ^mbroke, by the Rev G H. So->tt, rector, Mr William **alliok, only son of the late Cap' WiHiatn Biddulph, of jjne Bengal Army, to Annie, eldest daughter of tbe late "If William Hugh Barnikel, of Pembroke. DEAlflS. On the 24th instant, at N..rth Street, Saint Martins, '2 .^8 town' Thomas Hughes, formerly of the Biiatol Trader, Milford, aged 72 vears. On Ihe 241h inst.. Mr John Evans, currier, High street, 10 this town, aged 53 On the 20th inst., at St Thomas Green, in this town, jjlisa, filth daughter of the late Mr J. D. Ribbon, *Ga<her of Music. On the 17th instant, at Barn Street, in this town, Oharles, fifth son of Mr James Llewhellin, cabinetmaker, aged 19 years. On the 23rd instant, of consumption, at H >ll) >rn, k^idon, Mr W. 0. P. Smith, eldest son of the late Mr "■ Smith, of Picton Place, in this town, aged 43. JOB the 22nd July, at the Royal Naval Hospital, ^'ymouth, after a few days' suffering, aged 21 years, »ohn Phiiipps Braine, assistant paymaster H M.S. "anopus,'fldest surviving son of R. P. Iirnine, E'«q, H.M. ^cokyard, Woolwich, and grandson of T. S. Ptiilippg, Re¡. Jeffreston, Co. Pembroke. This promising young Orgeor was beloved, as he is regre!ted, by all wboknt w 'IIro.

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