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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. HAVEKFOP.I>V,-R=T POIJOC.-At the Police Office on Wednesday, William Marlon, a tramp, was brought up by the police before the Mayor, clini-ged with being an idle and disorderly person, and wandering about without any visible means of subsistence. The prisoner was com- mitted to prison for nine days with hard labour. ROYAl. COLLEGE OP PHYSICIANS, LONDON.—At a general meeting of the Fellows held on Tuesday, the 21st instant, Mr David Kavard, IVest Street, Newport, in this county, hsiving previously undergone the ceces- sary examination and saiitfiud the college of his profici- ency in the science and practice of medicine, surgery, and midwifery, was duly admitted to practice physic as a licentiate of the College. P.EFu-exG TO woitK—At the Police Office on Tnepday, jrfarli'ta H-ynohh, an inmate of the Haverfordwest, Union Workhouse, was charged before the Mayor with refusing TO work. Miss Brown, the matron of the establishment, deposed that she told the defendant to scrub-a room, when she refused and swore at her. The scrubbing would bave occupied an hour. His Worship ordered the defendant to be imprisoned for seven days. THE TO"?TN CLOCK.—Three dials of the town clock, which bad long presented a faded appearance, have been com- pletely renovated at the expense of the Trustees of Perrotl's Charity. The work was executed by Mr G. F. Thomas, of Dew Street, and has been done in a very efficient manner. Owing to the position of the dials in the tower, the erection of the scaffolding was a dangerous operation, but it was most successfully accomplished by Mr Henry Thomas, of Quay Street. The three dials are now legible at a considerable distance, but the east dial, which is transparent, is very indistinct, and as it serves no special purpose by night—(the lighting by gas having bten for some years discontinue?)—it would he worth wikile to consider whether the improvement effected in the appcarance of the other dials ought not to be ex tended to the one facing the High Street, and so make it more legibly in the day time. CRICKET.—Tbe return match between the Haverford- west and Pembroke Dork Garrison Clubs was played at Pembroke Dock on Tuesday wpf k, and resulted in favour oi the furmEr by 51 run*. 'Ihe Haverfordwest eleven made in their first innings iSS riin, and in their second 77 yens. The Garriou scored i3 iu their first, and 41 in their second innings. The highest scores on the Haver- fordwest side were 14, made by Mr J. Williams,and 18 made by Mr P. Lewis. On the Garrison side, Lieut. Leigh ton made 15: the next best score was 13, made by Lieut. Rcignc. The following is the score: — .j HAVERFORDWEST. 1st Inningts. 2nd Innings. B'icklaud, b tfercum 0 c Townshend, b Dodson 5 E, Sautider, b Dodson 0 c Allett, b Dodson 13 €, Saunders, c Townshend, b Hercam. ;11 c Smith, b Hcrcum 8 J Griffiths, c Ilercutn, b Dod- son 0 c* Townshend, b j" Dodson 0 S. n. Hughes, c Dodson, b Hercum 3 c M'Donald, b Dod- son 0 J, Williams, b Hercnm 0 b Dodson 14 vr, S, James, b Dodson. 10 c & b M'Donald 7 T. H. fiowe, c & b Dodson 11 I b w, b Dodson. 0 E, E. grans, b Hercum 3 not out ft j .1. S. Davies, not out. 3 b w, b Dodson C P. Lewis, b Hercum 0 c Pernberton, b Dodson 18 Byes 10,1 b 5, w 2 17 b 8,1 b 1, w 2 11 58 77 GARRISON 1st Innings. 2nd, Innings. ,L:out. Loigbton, c E. Saunders b Buekland 15 c Davies b B treh- land 2 Ensign Townshend, c Davies, .Z)Griffiills 4 b E. Saunders 0 Lieut. Pemberton, b' Griffiths I c Rowe, b E. Saun- ders 7 Lieat. M'Donald, b Buckland 4 c Davies, b Buck- land 2 Ecs. Shorting, b E. Saunders 0 c C Saunders, b Eo Saunders 0 s. Allett, b Bucklard 3 c Buckland, b E. Saunders 1 Lieut. Smith, b Saunders 4 c Lewis, b Buck land 7 Corp. Hercum, b E. Saunders 2 c C. Saunders, b E. Saunders 1 Capt. Riiey, not out 6 o Williams, b Buck- land 0 Reigne,c Evans, it E. Saunders 0 c C. Saunders, b E. Saunders 13 Sergt. Dodson, I b w, b Buck- land 1 not out 5 Byes 2, lb'1 ?> b 1, 1 b 1, w 1. 3 43 •» 41 Hyes 2. Ibl. <{ b 1, 1 b 1, w 1. 3 43. 41 PRESENTATION OF A TESTIMONIAL.—A meeting was hell at the Tufton Arms, Henry's Moat, on Monday week, in order to carry out the intentions of previous meetings on the subject of pretentirig Mr Thomas with a valuable watch as a recompense for the loss of his sheep, and also as a testimonial for his exertions in the prosecution of Caleb Morris for sheep stealing. There were a great many in attendance. Thomas Harries, Eilq, of Henry's Moat, was called to the chair, and Mr John Evans, of Woodstock, acted as vice-chairman.. The chairman after making a few remarks on the nature and intention of the meeting, stated that he hoped it might be the msans of putting down dishonesty and inducing every one to aim at an honest livelihood. Mr William Ailon, of Danycoed, who bad kindly acted as treasurer and collector jointly with Mr Jonathan Perkins, of Blaenwern, after giving a full account of their steward- ship, briefly explained the meaning of the presentation, and then handed the watch over to Mr Thomas who acknowledged the gift in an able speech. Mr Allen explained that there were a few shillings left in the funds, aud proposed that they should be handed over to Mr John Davis, P.C. No. 43, of Maenclochog Station, towards defraying the expenses that were incurred by him in travelling beyond his district. Mr Hugh Harries. of Cefnydre, proposed that a collection be made towards presenting J. Davies, P.C., with a cane or walking stick with a suitable inscription thereon, as a testimonial for his good conduct and fidelity in collecting information vhich led to the arrest and conviction of Caleb Morris, for sheep stealing. At the close of the meeting several sums were at once banded over to the Treasurer for that purpose.


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