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PEMBROKE. NARROW ESCAPE FROM DROWNING—About twelve o'clock on Sunday morning, the 19th inst., two young men, named Sumuel John and William Scoae, of the East End, went to bathe in the Mill Pond, in the culvert stream, under the railway embankment, Pembroke. John got into deep water and was nearly drowning when Scone went to his assistance. John caught hold of Scone, and both were seen in a dangerous position, when Mr Isaac Hearnshaw, coach painter, plunged in and rescued both. John laid for some time apparently dead. Dr Morrison was soon in attendance, and John was restored in about two hours, but is still very weak. Scone is very ill, ana not yet out ot danger from fright. EARLY HARVESTING.—On Saturday last, the llth inst, Mr Thomas Drinkwater, of Cbevralton, Rhoscrowther, near Pembroke, commenced cutting oats. The crop is pronounced to be in very fine condition. NEW INDEPENDENT CHAPEL.—This handsome and com- modious place of worship, situate about fifty yards to the south-west of the Wesley Chapel, was opened for divine service on Tuesday, upon which occasion the Rev. Dr. Spence, of London, preached two sermons, one in the morning, the pther in the evening. In the afternoon the Rev. Mr Edwards, of London, preached. Upon each occasion the chapel was filled. Collections were made at the close of each service, which, in the aggregate, amounted to the munificent sum of above JE301. A diuuer was provided in the large sohool room beneath the chapel^ at which the Rev. D. Salmon, minister of the chapel, presided. This beautiful ecclesiastical struc- ture, in the Gothic style, which is one of the chief ornaments of the town, was commenced in August, 1867, a he architect being the Rev. T, Thomas, of Swanse » whose chaste and elegant design, especially the nob 0 spire (which attains a considerable elevation), does hi infinite credit. The building is formed of dresse and scavelled lime-stone, the dressings of Bath s^°°e' ft will comfortably seat six hundred persons, anc. IjL heen erected at a cost of £ 1,840. The builder was- W. Allen, of Pembroke Dock, whose completion of t *Fork, and the excellent manner in which it has finished, has given great satisfaction to the architect, miruster, who may be justly proud of his chapel, 80 als>. to the gentlemen of the committee. The api'el constructed of lime-stone and freestone alternately-