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ROYAL NAVY IN COMMISSION STEAMSHIP P. Vboukiv, Jamaica Fox, store service Pigmy, Portsmouth Acliilles, Channel Frederick William, fig on, Mediterreaa Adder, Sheerness Shannon Pioneer, W. C.Africa Ulventure, China Galatea, pas. borne Plover, W. C Africa Advice, Queenstowu Gannett, N. America Princess Alice, De- Albevta, Portsmouth and West Indies vonport Algerine, China Giadiator, Porlsmth Psyche, Mediter. Antelope, Gibraltar Gnat, Devonport Prince Consort, Chnl Arethusa, Meditern Grasshopper, China Pylades, Pacific Arjjus, East Indies Greyhound, S. E. C. itacer, ordered home Assurance, Devon- of America Racoon, Cape port Griper, Queenstown Rainbow, Hull AVOIl, Portsmouth Handy, W.C.Al'riea Rapid, Woolwick Banterer, China Harpy, L'>ughSwilly ltattler, China Barracouta, N Amer. Havoc, China Rattlesnake, "W. C. and W. India Hector, Partsmouth oi Africa Basilisk, China Helicon, Ireland Reindeer, Pac fic Beacon, Brazils Ileron, Canada lltevenge, Pembroke Bellerophon, HimaUya, troop snr.Jltifleman, China nel squadron Highflyer, ord home Piinaldo,China Black Eagle, special Hydra, ord home Rodney, C, ina service Icarus, China ;c liosario, Australia Blanche, Australia Industry, Woolwich.Royal Alfred, Xorth. Blazer, Shannon Insolent, China lAmerica & W.Indies Bouncer, China Investigator, W. C. ltoyal George,Kings- Brisk, ordered home of Africa town Britomart, Canada Jackal, Scotland jRoyalOnk, Channel Buzzard, Channel Janus, China Royalist, N. America. Buzzard, Channel Janus, China Royalist, N. America Caledonia, Mediter. Jaseur, W.C.ofAfrica and West Indies Caineleon, Pacific Jason, N. America lloyal Sovereign, Caradoc, Mediter. and West Indies Portsmouth Challenger, Austrlia Jumna, troop selTice Salamis, China C'lanticUer, Paciiie Juno, Port>mouth iSatel.ite, East Indies Charybdis.. Pacitic Lee, W. C. of Africa'Sjout, Pacific Cherub, Canada Liffey,special service Seamew, Kingstown Clio, passage home. Linnet, Brazils Serapis, troop se Cockatrice, Danube Lion, Greenock Serpent, ord home Cockchafer, China Lizard, Slieerness Sharpshooter, r lime Constance, N. Amer. Lord Clyde, Moditn. Simoom, troop ship and West Indies Lord Warden, Meclit Skylark, Gibraltar Cordelia, ord home Louisa, Gueensferiy Slaney, China Cormorant, China Mfgnet, Harwich Snap, China Crocodile, Troop Malabar, tr.jopser..Sparrowhawk.PacfH: Service Malacca, Pacific Speedy, Jersey Cruiser, Mediter. Manilla, China Speedwell, W. Africa Dauue, W. C. of Af. Medusa, Channel Spider, Brazils Daphne, East Indies Megsera, store ser. ^phiv. x, N*. America Dart, Bermuda Mersey, Queenstovrn au West Indies Dasher, Jersey Minotaur, Channel Spiteful, E. Indies Dauntless, Hull Minstrel, N. America Sprightly, Portsmth. Defence. Channel and W'est Indies Star, E. Indies Donegal, Liverpool Mullet, X. Amcric Staunch,Portsmouth Deris', N. America Mutine, Pacific St George, Portland Deris', N. America Mutine, Pacific St George, Portland and West indies Myrmidon, W". C. o: Sylvia, i hina Dot.erel, Brazils Africa Tamar, troop ser. Drake, China Narcissus, Brazils Terrible, Portsmth. Dromedary, W. C. of Nassau Straitsof Ma- Terror, Bermuda Africa gellan Topaze, Valparaiso Drynd, East Indies Nelson, Melbourne Trafalgar, Lough. Duke of Wellington, Newport, Portsmouth Swilly Portsmouth Niger, N. America Trineulo, Mediter. Duncan, Que ens ferry and VVesi Indies Tyrian, Mediter. Dwarf, China Niobe, N. America Urgent, troop ser. Eclipse, She rness and West Ind:es Vestal, W. (J. Africa Kliia, Portsmouth Nympho, K. Indie-. Victoria and Albert, Kliia, Portsmouth Nympho, K. Indie-. Victoria and Albert, Enchantress, special Oberon, \V. C. Africa Portsmouth scrvico Ocean, China Vigilant, Eas' Indies Endymion, Medit. Oetavia. East ladies Viper, Liverpool Enterprise. Medit. Orwell,Coast Ireland Virago, Australia Erne. Lough Swilly Pallas, Channel jVivid, special service Euphrates', troop ser Pandora, W.c.Africa!Warvior.Chan.Squad Falcon,ordered home Pearl, China jWaterwitch.Dc vnprt Favourite, N. Amer. Pembroke, IIarwich|Weazcl, hina and West indies Penguin, E. Indies iWhiting Queen^twn Fawn, Portsmouth Perseus, China Wildfire, Sh-erness Fire Queen, Prtmth. Pet rel, Cape Wizard, Mecliter. Firm, China Philomel,N.Amirica NVivern, Coast of Forward, ancou- and West Indies Ireland ver's Island Phoebe, N. AineriealZeaious, Pacific Forester, China and West Indies /Zebra, China THE CRISIS IN SPAIN". — The news from Spun, although meagre, does a tend to rliminis i the aravity of the situation. The Duke de Montpensier was ar- rested on Monday list, and ordered to leave Spain. Ac- cording to the latest advices be was to have left f>r Eng- land on Sunday. More ihan three hundred fficers, be- sides the generals, have been apprehended. Only three of the important personages first arrested will be con- veved to the Canarv Islands. These are the Duke do la Torre, General Dulce, and General Serrano. The others will be imprisoned in various parts of the king- dom. No form of trial has been gone through in any case, as the laws which regulate the Spanish army place all officers in active service entirely at the disposal of the Government, which can imprison as a simple disci- plinary measure. The Constitutionvcl says the pId was to have broken out on the 9th. It was concerted be- tween the generals of the Progressive party and the Liberal Union. Different versions as to its ohje .t are current. One gives the overthrow of the Ministry as the chief aim of the conspirators another goes further, and maintains that a change of sovereign, to the profit of the Orleans family, was contemplated. The latter hypothesis, at all events, explains the lively interest in the matter said to be manifested at the Tuileries. The number of military men arrested shows at least how dangerous was the position of the Government. Numerous changes have also been mede in the personnel of the army, particulaily with regard to the generals resident in the provinces. The telegraph, however, bas taken up its customary story, and 'general tranquillity* once mere prevails. CHARGE OF PERSONATING A BRIDEGROOM.—At the Warwick Assizes on Friday, Ma.ry Ann Shaw, otherwise Osborn, aged ,15, straw bonnet maker, was indicted for causing a false entry to be made in the register of marriages of St. Andrew's Church, Bir- mingham. There were also counts charging her with conspiring with some person unknown that he should personate James Brittan, in order that they might be married to each other, so that she might become possessed of the property of James Brittan. The prisoner pleaded I -N'ot guilty.' Serjeant O'Brien, with Mr Beasley, conducted the prosecution Mr Digby Seymour, Q C and Mr Cave were for the defence. The prisoner had lived as .housekeeper with James Brittan, who was a nailer at Stourbridge, and had accumulated freehold and personal property worth £3,000 at the time of his death, in October last. She resided in a cottage near, and Brittan, and it was not until the death of Brittan, who was of reserved habits, )ined aJópe, in October last, that any of his relative^ heard anything of the alleged marriage stated to have taken place at St. Andrew's Church, Birming- ham. The prisoner was undoubtedly married to a man at that Lime and place; but the point at issue was to whom. The evidence bearing upon it was to a great extent circumstantial. In the marriage regis- ter Brittan's name was spelt Briton,' his age was incf rrect, and his father was decribed as a nailer, whereas he was a miner, and his name was given as William, instead of Samuel. Neither the minister nor the clerk of St. Andrew's could identify either the man or woman married; but they both saw Brittan after his death, and could not recognise him. When Brittan died, the prisoner called upon Fisher, the clerk of St. Andrew's, gave him four govereigns, and asked him to remember some peculiarity about Brittan. He replied he should not swear to him unless he knew him, and she said, I 'm a ruined woman.' A Mrs Jordan, the wife of a master builder in Birmiagham, declared that she saw the prisoner and a man married at St. Andrew's Church on the 21st of February, 1867, and that that man was Osborn, her present husband, to whom she was married a few weeks after Brittan's death. A man named Shields deposed that in December, 1866, the prisoner solicited him to personate Brttan and. marry her, but he refused. The day Brittan died he met the prisoner, and remarked to her that his death was a bad job for her, when she produced a marriage certificate, and she said that, as he refused to per- sonate Brittan, she had got some one else to do iso, at which she laughed heartily. Richard Scott, Benjamin Scott, and John Little deposed to Brittan having been at home at the time he was alleged to have been married to the prisoner. Some docu- mentary evidence was also adduced in confirmation of their evidence. Mr Digby Seymour addressed the jury for the defence, and evidence was adduced to show that the prisoner had really married the veritable James Brittan. The jury acquitted the prisoner.