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Family Notices

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¡¡J. VALUABLE INSECTICIDE.—It is stated that petroieu^ oil possesses the highest efficacy as a destroyer of kinds of insects injurious to plants or animals, and 1 less purified, and, consequently, the cheaper it is1 j better. Thirty parts should be mixed with l,00y water, and applied where required. The Medical 1lh} states that vermin of houses mav be destroyed by trodueing into the holes or cracks a fev7 drops of Pe: troleum. THE ARMY RESERVE ACR.—The Army Reserve Fof^ Act oi 1867 ha* ir.g come into operation, active recruit' 8 is going on at Woolwich and tbe different recruiting st^ tions throughout the kingdom for the enrolment -50,000 army re -erve men, who may be called out at a ? time, in aid of any civil power, on the requisition o^ justice of the peace while in time of war or wivaS|;c- they can be culled out for permanent service by P clamation. This new branch of tho service appeajs.j. be extremely popular, and Iar&e numbers are being sworn in before Messrs Maude and Patterson, Woolwich Police-court, under the tuperintendenco Colonel Tenet., wall'olSccr of pensioners yg NARROW ESCAPE —The Western Morning „ 0t that as a yacht named the Ida, during a match a ^et two since, was passing about ten yards west of the at Bovisand, »t which a party of men belonging t w Royal Aniib-ry were firing, a shell burst quite c 0^D„ut her, and a piece of iron, supposed to have been eight or nine pounds weight, struck her boom» g( it completely tv,r ug'i, and carrying away a pr>r ot, the mainsail. Ono of the crew, named Pen2 £ T"rai9e'' served the piece of r.hell coming towards them, «n_ an alarm. The o wner of the yacht, Mr Hoekmgi^elJ on board, and was lounging on the P^a^orCueariog Pengelly sang out that a shell was coming, on otjjer- which he immediately jumped off the pldtji?rn,'Bien o° wise he w<>u!d probably have been killed- .ut they board the yat;' t signalled to those at the fort, 0?er- to-k no n tice of it. There must have been gre« _arty sight on tne part of those in charge of the firing^ at Bovisand, as it appears that tbe men who s ou been on the 1 juk-out could be distinctly observed. of the Ida lying on the grass, and not taking any tj-e what was transpiring. The Ida was beca Q foC time, and had been in very much the same p- more than two houra,