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< r i wt., t*t gfsjisawp STEA. COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOUTH OF IRELAND. rPHE New Milford (Milford Haven) and Waterford X Daily Service (Sundays excepted). The Milford Haven and Waterford Steam Ship Com- pany's Royal Mail Steamers will sail, weather per- JIIitting- FROM NEW MILFORD, At 7.45 p.m, on arrival of the 9 15 a.m. Express, and GO IL-M. third class trains, so as to enable passengers to Proceed by the 6.0 a m. train to Limerick, Cork, &c. FROM WATEKKOKD, At 8.30 p.m,on arrival of the train from Cork.Limerick.&c 60 as to enable passengers to proceed by the 8.35 a.m, r!tst and second class Express train, reaching London about 60 p.f), and third class, arriving in London St 9.45 p.m. For further particulars apply to any of the Railway Stations, or to Messrs Jackson & Co, New Milford, South Wales. .See Bradshaw's and Irish Guides, and Railway Time Tables. -r- J^ROWNand POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, FOR I Children's Diet. JjROWNand POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, FOR All the uses to which the best Arrowroot is applicable. j^ROWN and POLSON 'S COIUN FLOL R BOILED WITH MILK, FOR B R E A K F A S T. B HOW N and POLSON'S CORN FLOUR. BOILED WITH MILK, FOR SUP PER. j^ROWN and PO LSON IS CORN FLOUR, TO T H I C KEN SOUPS. 13 ROW N aud POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, TO T 11 1 C E E N__ S APCES, ROWN and L)OLSON'S CORN FLOUR, TO THICKEN BEEF TEA R 0 WN and P 0 L S 0 N' S. C O R N FLOUR, F OR B L A N C M A N G E. j^ROWN and POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, CAUTION-To obtain extra profit, by the sale, tier qualities are sometimes audaciously substituted JDstcad of BROWN and POLSON'S. t K ft "i .t1 y lift THE GRAND PROMOTERS OF HEALTIl. HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. H I, grand secret of attaining- happiness is to secuu good health, without which life is stripped of all pleasures. The fii'3t irregularity of any function &ould be checked and set right by an appropriate dose Of these fine purifying Pills, which strengthen the system thoroughly cleansing the Wood from all impurities, hey balance disordered action, remove the cause of jj'sturbanee, and restore its norma! and natural power to ^'y^organ, without inconvenience, pain, or any other Determination of Blood to the Head. This is generally occasioned by some irregularity 01 the stomach and bowels, which if not quickly attended *°> frequently terminates fatally. A few doses of these Pills never fail to give tone to the stomach, regu« Jarity t0 the secretions, and purity to the fluids. Vertigo, Qirnnosa of sight, and other indications of approaching RPoplexy, are entirely dissipated by a course of this admirable medicine. Scrofula and'all Skin Diseases. For all skin diseases, however inveterate, there medi- cines are a sovereign remedy. While the Pills act upon the blood, which they purify, the Ointment passes through the pores of the kin, and cleanses every struc- ture, as water saturates thesoit.orassaltpenetratesauat, The whole physical machinery is thus rendered healthy. regular, and vigorous. Coughs, Colds, and Asthmas. No medicine will cnre colds of long duration, or snoh 5s. are settled upon the chest so quickly as these famous Pills. Even in cases where the lirst stage of asthma has aPpeared, these Pills may be relied on as a certain and lever-failing remedy, particularly if the ointment he simultaneously well rubbed into the chest and throat bIght and morning. Indigestion.—Bilious Headache. These complaints are sometimes considered trifling, but it should be borne in mind that, by inattention and neg- lijot, they often end most seriously. Give early thought to a deranged stomach, take Holloway's Pills, rub his Celebrated Ointment over the pit of the stomach, and you shortly perceive a change for the better in your Jf'gestion, spirits, appetite, strength, and energy. The Improvement, though it may be gradual, will be thorougl lasting. Nottoway'si ills are the best remedy known in the worldfortll following diseases Ai*J.e Dropsy Liver com- Ticdouloureux sthina Dysentery plaints Tumours 'l0«» com- Erysipelas Lumbago Ulcers ^.Plaints Femalcirregu- Piles Vencrealaffec- on larities Rheumatism tions U ttte skiu Fevers of all Retention of Worms of a) *e.l com- kinds urine kinds ciF^ts Fits Scrofula, or Weakness, Con Gout King's Evil from what ^"Ipationof Head-ache Sore throats ever cause C0n bowels Indigestion Stone&Gravel &e &c. Inflammation Secondary Jaundice symptoms at the Establishment of PROFESSOR IIOLLOWAY, 2-i Jwan,i. (near Temple Bar,) London, also by all respectub X»oirjJlst8 an(* Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilise •iiri tlle following prices:—Is ljd, 2s 9d,4s6d, lis,22:- 338 each box. K J Tbereisiinonsiderablesavingbytakingthrtargc^ izes. •—Directionstor theguidaneeofpatients in ever; tt;orO.( j, ore affixed to each Box. »JJJ*It°11°way's Pills and Ointment can be had of all, Urussists, witu Welsh Directions without extra expense. VISITORS TO H A V E R F 0 R D W E S T, AND OTHERS WHO WlSlL TO EXPEND THEIR MONEY TO THE BEST ADVANTAGE ARE RESPECTFULLY INVITED TO CALL AT P. P. E L L I SS a ROC, EKY E STAB L I S II M E N T✓. BIGH-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, WHERE they can select goods of choice quality, at suitable prices to meet their requirements. The Teas and Coffees now on sale are unusually good. Reduced Pricos charged on quantities. Orders by letter have particular attention PLEASE OBSSEVS—LOWEQ. DOOR FOR RETAIL DEPARTMENT. i ESTABLISHED 1812. I I? -TL H. & T. PROCTOR Invite the attention of Agriculturists to their SPECIAL BONE MANURES, Which are of a superior quality,, and the most economical that can be used. PROCIOB/S TURNIP MANURE I PEOCTOR'S WHEAT MANUEE PROCTOR'S MANGOLD MANUEE PROCTORlS BARLEY MANURE PROCTOR'S TOTATO MANUEE I PEOGTOE'S GRASS MANUEE II BOX-K SrrjPERPJHQSPlIATJS OF LIME- FULL PARTICULARS SENT FREE BY POST ON APPLICATON TO MESSRS. PROCTOR OR I THEIR AGENTS. ADDREss,—H. AND T. PEOCTOE, ARTIFICIAL MANUEE WOEKS, CATHAY, BRISTOL. WoR-s,-B I Rill INGHAM, CHESTER, WARWICK, AND BRISTOL. AGENTS— Mr W. VAUGHAN, Fishguard I Mr JOHN N. EVANS, Aberayron Mr D. P. SAEIi, Seedsman, Pembroke Dock Mr C. MORGAN, Ltandewi-brefi Mr T PARKER, Cardigan ) Messrs. DAVIES BROTHERS, Drefach, Llanybylher PHIZES OPEN TO THE AGRICULTURALISTS OF WALES. T. WHICHEE DAVIES BEGS TO ANNOUNCE THAT HE HAS JUST RECEIVED A LARGE CARGO OF BURNARD. LACK, & GO'S. CELEBRATED MA NURES which are unequalled for high agricultural value, and'which daring the past year have carried off the principa prizes at the leading public competitions in, England. These Manures, which consist of the COR NAN D ROOT M A N U R K, AND DISSOLVED BONE MANURE, have been received in excellent condition, and are now ready for immediate delivery, at moderate rates for cash. T. W. D. begs to state that he intends offering TWO VALUABLE SILVER CUPS for competition by the Purchasers of the Manures sold by him. These Prizes will begiven for the best Crops of Swede Turnips grown In pieces of not less than five acres in extent. The Cups have been purchased atf'firsi hand in one of the principal manufacturing establishments in the Kingdom FIRST PRIZE, value £10 SECOND Ditto, value £6 qs A constant supply of the Manures will be kept at North Hall, St Ishmaels, as at the Warehouses in Haverfordwest* Deliveries to the Railway Sfa'ion free of charge. AGRICULTURAL SEEDS of all kinds on Sa'e, and warranted to be of the best quality. TEA So supplied wholesale and to families, in chests, half-chests, and 201b caddies, not to ha surpasssed by any house in the trade. ENGLISH^ALES"& IRJSH PORTERS OF THE FiNEST FLAVOUR. BEST WILTSHIRE AND GLOUCESTERSHIRE FLOUR, PURE AND UNADULTERATED. .M:r1Jl' STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, MILFORD, SWANSEA, & BRISTOL For the Month of JULY, 1868. The Liverpooland Bristol Channel Steam Navigation Company's Steam Ships SOVEREIGN, Capt, Gibbs WIXDHIT-IF.RE, Capt. J. Piarrett MONTAGU, Capt Speajcman A:<>•• ikYkrno,Capt.T\on!ton JANF. BACON, Capt. Old. J. KKKXEDY, Capt. Welsh \RTIZAN, Capt. Tallan, AGNES JACK, Capt. Monis LLEWELLYN, Capt. Beckett The above, or some other "uitable vessel, is intended to sa with Goods and Passengers, (unless prevented by any unforeseen jccurrencu) as follows, with or without pilots, and liberty to tow vessels:— Jtrom Liverpool to Milford and Bristol. Landing passengers for SWANSEA, at the Mumbles, [ weather nermitting.) Saturday July 4. 9 mora Saturday 18 8 morn Saturday 11 lA after | Saturday 25 l.| after From Milford for Bristol. uandingPassengersfor Swansea at the JUurablec( permitting) Sunday, July 5 3 mom Sunday 19 2 morn Sunday 12 8 morn-1 Sunday 26 8 morn From Milford for Liverpool. ieturningfrom Bristolevery Tuesday, and from Swansea every Wednesday. Wednesday July 1 8 night Wednesday 15 5 even Wednesday 8.. 1 after Wednesday 22 12 noon Wednesday, July 29th, 6 o'clock evening. P A R ES (Return tickets available for two voyages.) Cabin. Deck. Return vli!f>rd to or from Liverpool. 13s Od 78 Od 8s Milferd to or from Bristol 8s 6d 7s Od IEs Milford to or from Swansea (Mumbles) 58 Od 3s Cd Passengers are landed and embarked at Milford (weather per- mitting) tree of charge in the Steam Tender GIPSY. For further particulars see small bill, or apply to John Bacon 'HI Co., Managing Owners, 14, Water-itreet, Liverpool; G. H. vans, Bristol; Charles Lamb. Swansea John b'enworthy and -)., Manchester. R. D. HOB.E, AGKAY MII.FORD. MR. EDWARD RIBBON, PIANO-FORTE, VIOLIN, AND VIOLONCELLO TEACHER, PIANO-FORTES TUNED, ORGANS and HABMONItTJIS tuned and repaired by ex. perienced workmen. RESIDENCE -6, MERLIN'S TERRACE, HAVERFORDWEST WILLIAM H. BAMKIN, TEACHER OF NAVIGATION AND NAUTICAL A S TR 0 NO M Y, H A KIN, MILFORD, DENTISTRY. It TR E. L. JONES (of the Firm H. M. Jones & Son, IYJL Surgeon-Dentists, M O.D E., 1,9, Northampton Place. lwfitisfa-Etablilied 1809) attends TmmY- J'hp last consecutive Tuesday and Wednesday in each month, at Mr J. M. Hentori's, 5 & 6, HtRh-street", front Ten to Five o'clock. Next visits Juty 28th & 29th Aupust, 25th & 26th, HAVKUFORDWEST—The last Thursday, at Mr Wry, Griffith f, Bootmaker, High Street, from Ten to Fivi o'clock. Next visits Julyguth; Aupust 27th. PEMBROKK DCCK- The last Friday, at Mr Wm. Cook's. Rush Street, from Ten to Five o'clock. Next visit.* July 3ht, Allr ust 2Sth. Artificial Teeth upon the newest and most approved principles. Children's Teeth simply, but successfully regulated Operations performed without pain, by a New tiud Saf, System. One of the Firm Daily in attendance. A VACANCY FOR A PUPIL. 19, Northampton Place, Swansea. BUTT E R. WANTED, from GO to 100 pounds of Fresh Bntter t ? every weak.—Apply to MIs Puuchard, Post Office, Swansea. '|HE MISSK- WAR!) beg to announce that the 1 duties of their School will be resumed on Monday, July 20th. Vacancies lor Boarders. Hill-street. Haverfordwest, July 14, 1868. MILFORD BREWERY. R^ARMERS and others can be supplied with good 1.: Harvest Beer at IOd. per gallon, in quantities of not ie-s than 4J gallons A reduction of 2d per ??anon to those t.aking it away In their OWN CASKS, and paying cash. Fresh yeast at ail times. STAR BUCK & CO. PEMBROKESHIRE AND H A VERFOliDW EST INFIRMARY. CONTRIBUTIONS, 1 S G 8. frfle Honorary Secretaries beg most respectfully to L acknowledge the receipt of the following Mi;as, and would at the same time iespectfully urge upon ilia atten- tion of those Clergymen and Dissenting Ministers in the County, who have not yet made collections in behalf of this Institution for the present yenr, the pressing and many claims which it has on their sympathy and support. £ s. d Collection in Jefferston Church, per Rev. J. D. Palmour 2 3 0 Ditto i?i Manorhier Church, "Offertory," pur Rev J. H Lamb 1 1 0 Ditto in Nurberih and Robcston Wathan Churches, per Rev J. Morris 6 16 10 The workpeople at Hook Colliery, per Mr Wilson 9 0 0 A.C. HAVSEPORDF E S T M A SL K R T. Saturday, July 11, ISflS. Beef, 6d to 8d Mutton, 0d to 7Ad; Lamb, Cd to Td; Veal 5d to 7d, Pork 0d to Od; ijiRuT, ]r- {);! to Is 3d; Eg:*s, for Is; Fowls, 3s Od to 4s Od per cmplc; Ducks, os Cd to 4r Oi3 ditto; Geese, Os Od to Cs Od, l\irl;e\>, Os "d to Us Od each; ClK'es'1, 3d to 4gd n^-r ib; Bacon Pigs, Os Od to Os d per score; Potatoes If lbs for is. tS. A V E ii F O R D W E S T POSTAL REGULATIONS Postmaster—MR BRYANT EVENIS. UP MAIL TO LONDON. Box Closes* I Late letters with addi- | Departure of 4,34 p.m. I tionalstamp, 5.5. | MailS.15 p.m. MAIL TO Box Closes | Late letters with addi- I Departureof 10,15 a.Hi. tionalstamp, 11.10 Maill!.27a.m. KBST sown MAJl TO «MSE9KE, PEMBlI.OIO:-J.¡CCK, MILFOSr 4.HD IRELAND. Box ClwtMi j Late letters with addi- | Departure of 9.50 p»m. | tio»al stamp, 10 p.m. ^Mrsil P a.m. MWHBBAWK UAII TO PBMBIiORB, «0.» IRKLAKJ?. Boa Cieasea I Late letter:- with addi- i JJepai -uve "j nal Stain 1 .1;0. 1.10p.a. tiS P. Down Mailarrives 6.¡¡1i lI..rn. Letters delivered 7.35 s».i?a. North Down Mailarrives 1.50 p.m. Letters delivered 2.0 p.m. First Up Mail from Milford, &c.,arrives 11.33 a in. 2.30 p.m. Second Up.\Inil from 5.30 .J.m. Letters delivered. 6.0 p.m. The public arereebmraended when applying foi .o _>ney Orders, to use priilted Application which saveu.jtie, and afford greater security than ver ba, messages against niistfakes. These forms are supplied gratuitously at all offices to any one requiring money orders. The commission on inland money orders is as follows: 'o On sums not exceeding £2.u. 3(1. Above £ 2 do do £ 5 6d. „ £ ) do do £ 7., M. £ 7 do do £ 10 Is. The commission en Money Orders, payable in Canada, Cape o Good Hope, New South Wales, New- Zealand, 'Queensland is fourfold these bums, and on Money Orders payable it Gibraltar or Malta threefold. No single order can bj granted for more th an £10. A letter, book, or other packet, on which the postage has been prepaid in stamps, ean be registered to (lny part 01 the United Kingdom lor a fee of four pence. All letters posted containing coin are now taxed with the educed registration 9 nf ,\<1, and an a(lclitiOl¡á tine of 1d..