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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. FATAL ACCIDENT.—A fatal accident occurred on Monday week, to a man named John tldnms, a labourer, living at Maenclochog. He was working at the Moat W ocd, and was at the time of the accident engaged with o-hers in placing a large piece of timber on a wagon, when the chain snapped, and the timber fell on the poor feliow and killed him instantly. CHAHGE OF HOUSEBREAKING -At the Shire Hall cn Tuesday, Samuel Evans, a fisherman, of Langum, was charged, before James Bowen, Esq, with breaking into the house of David Skyrme, at Langum, with intent to steal a quantity of bacon. Mr J. Price, solicitor, ap- peared for the prisoner. His Worship, after hearing the evidence of the witnesses, committed the prisoner for trial at the next assizes. HAVERFORDWEST RIFLE CORPS-Tho shooting for the prizes given by Col. Peel for attendance at drill daring the u onth ot June took place on Monday The i ranges were 500 and 600 yards, five shots at each distance. W im bledon targets and scoring. Tho following is the MSult of the shooting 500 6(0 TI. Bergt. T. L. James (10s) 17 9 26 Private D. Phillips (7s 6d) 16 5 21 Private G. Morris (.5<). 12 7 10 Private A. Lewis (3s 6d) 16 3 19 Private T. Waters (3, Gd). 8 10 18 Sergt. T. Lloyd (2s (id) 7 11 18 Corp. Andrews (2s). 8 10 ]8 Lance. Corp. Thompson (28). 11 7 IS Private George Davies, 2ud, (2s) 9 8 17 Private T. Rogers (28). 9 8 17 THE MARRIAGE OF MISS PHILIITS, OF PICTON CATTLE.— I he tenants of the above estate in the neigh- buurhood of St Clears having been informed that the above lady's marriage was to take place on the 25th of June, agretd together to assemble on the highest field on Clogyfrane in the said parish for the purpose of ex pressing their joy at such an auspicious event. An immense pile of fire wood was collected together and also tar casks for making a bonfiie, which was lighted at seven p.m. by Miss Evans, of Clogyfrane. The fire had an imposing effect, and could no doubt be seen at twenty miles distance. A large quantity of ale was dis- tribute 1 amongst the company who assembled (about 300), and the health of Mr and Mrs Fisher drunk, also that of Mr and Mrs Philipps, and with a sincere hope of his speedy recovery from his present illness. The health of the agents was also drunk. The proceedings throughout were enlivened by appropriate music. At the close of the proceedings the two National Anthems were sung, and the company parted at about ten o'clock. NIGHT POACHING.—On Wednesday morning, between seven and eight o'clock, as some gentlemen from this tONn were going to bathe in the headwaters above the Haverfordwest M ills, they observed a net lying across the mill leet, just above the old slaugh'er-house, with several fish fast in it. On examination the net was found t) contain a fine sea trout or brochin, weighing 2-libs., and five sewin, of about a pound each, fast in the net. The net had been placed right above the opening into the sluice, and across the leet, so as to in- tercept whste-er fish might attempt to go up the river. This object was most effectually accomplished by the capture of these fish. The net was a drag net, and was so constructed as to prevent any fish from getting loose after once becoming entangled in its meshes. No doubt the net had been placed in the water over night, and had not been visited early enough by its owner to secure it before it was discovered as above mentioned. The net and fish were brought into town, and delivered to the Board of Conservators, by whom the net was at once condemned, and along with the fish confiscated. It is a pity that the person setting this net was not caught doing so, as unless such poaching is put a stop to, there w.U soon be no fish of any kind whatever in the river.




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