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PEMBROKE T" PEMBROKE PETTY SESSIONS. COUNTY SESSIONS." [Town Hall, Saturday, July 4th, before N. A. ltocfi. Esq, W Hulm, Esq, and the Rev R. J. H. Thomas.] Mentha Belt was charged by Sidney Peter Gedge, maater, of he Pembroke Workhouse, with deserting her bastard child at the union gate, on the 26th ult Charge admitted This being her second'offence, she was commuted for three months hard labour. BOHOUGH SESSIONS. [Same day before H. P. Jones, Esq mtyor, W. Hulm, Esq, S. W. Hustler, Etq, and the Rev It. J. H. Thomas.] James Fitzgerald, pawnbroker, Pembroke Dock was charged by Benjamin Rudds, of London with having charged more interest than allowed by law on goods pawned on the 29th of June, and redeemed on the 30th June last, to wit, a watch and chain for 10s advance, and charged 58 interest, which was au overcharge of 2d by the act. ° Defendant admitted the charges, and was fined the sum of 40s, the lowest penalty, and 5s coats, Paid. William Baird, a private soldier in the 1st bat., Sth rogt, was charged by Joshua Nash, of the Caledonian, Pembroke Dock, with stealing one flannel thirf, one necktie, and one musliu Garibaldi of the goods and chattels of the said Joshua Nash, of the value of six shillings. Mr W. O. Hulm appeared for the prosecutor. Joshua Nash, sworn, said: I am manager to James Phillips, keeping the Caladonia. at Pembroke Dock. I was at home on Thursday when the prisoner came to our house about half-past two in the morning: he wanted a bed there. I gave him my own bed. I went up to see him about ten o'clock: be was asleep. I noticed that he had on a shirt of mine under his own. I saw mine through a hole in the sleeve of his own shirt. Mine was a plaid flannel shirt. I did not disturb him then; but I went away. I went up again about a quarter past one, and he was gone If he had gone through the front door I should have seen him. When I went up I foupd my shirt and a necktie were gone. I gave information to the Police: in the afternoon I went with Thomas, the policeman, to the Huts Bar. racks. I there saw the prisoner in military custody, and also saw my shirt, necktie, and Garibaldi jacket, be- longing to my sister, in charge of Thomas, the policeman. The Garibaldi was in the same room in which the pri- soner slept. This is my shirt and necktie. I know the sbirt by a tear in the wristband aud a tuck at the back of the neck. The necktie I know by a little fringe at the corner of it, and the Garibaldi I know by its not beiug hemmed inside the sleeve-it has bt;en torn since it had been taken away. I value the things at 6j. I did not wake him when I saw my shirt on him, because I was afraid of him, and was the only person in the house at the time. He went to bed about four or h,ilf past. We had some glasses of beer together. Three I drank. I was not drunk. The prisoner was not much worse for drink. Cross-examined by Prisoner: About three pints of beer you drank before you went to hed-three pints altogether. I had three glasses altogether, but only one glass out of the three pints. There were four men in the tap-room beside yourself when you went in. Eight quarts came in amongst the five: you did not say yol1 were too tight to go into burrncks. When you went upstairs you took your tunic off. I did not helo vou t0 undress at all. William Thomas deposed I am Acting-servant ofth0 this Borough. From information"received I apprehended the prisoner at tho Hut Barracus on Thursday last, about quarter past two in the afternoon. I searched him and found this shirt and necktie: he was wearing the shirt underneath his own, and the tie was in his pocket. I afterwards • showed the articles to the prosecutor, and he identified them as his. About 20 mindtes to three, I went with Nash to the Huts,& there another article was shown to Nash (this Garibaldi) which he identifi. d as having been taken from his house. These articles have been in my possession ever since, and are those identified by the prosecutor. John Kelly deposed: I am corporal in the 1st battalion of the 9th regiment. I was ordered on Thursday last by the Col.-Sergeant to take the prisoner to the guard- room. A private soldier searched him in my presence. He handed me what was taken from him, which was a handkerchief, a shilling, part of a woman's dross-this looks like it- I gave it to the Col. Sergeant: it was taken from his trousers pocket. Col.-Sergeant Charles Winter deposed I received this article (the Garibaldi) from the last witness on tho afternoon of the 2nd instant. I gave it to the Policeman Thomas. The prisoner pleaded guilty. Committed summarily lor seven days to the House of Correction.


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