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e'Ved with the moat hearty cheering, which was kept f I Without ceasing until the whole party entered the v Jf1^* In the Church porch, were drawn up in two 1 a lumber of pupils from the G irl's School at Pic- dressed in white, who in twos preceded the proces- A'nto the Church, strewing flowers as they went. "e altar was approached, the little girls stepped aside e «8 °n each hand, and allowed the procession to pass fl >gfc. While the procession passed along the i uTeh, the organist played Mendelssohn's-Wedding (Sr<sh with very great ability. The marriage service jj88 Performed by Sir'William Dunbar, assisted by the v Jr Stapnas, and Archdeacon Clarke, the bride being c n >'en away by Mr Pitman. The completion of the t (,t £ Wouy being announced to those outtide the Church, e was considerable cheeiing. cannon were fired, and J ^8 bells rang out a merry peal. The reappearance of the c 'PPy pair outside the Church was the signal for a e 'Jje*ed outburst of cheering, and bouquets were thrown |?nS the party in plenteous profusion. After some f ^"8delay the procession of carriages was returned, and l off amid the most enthusiastic demonstrations, lieli were continued along the entire route to Picton ] Here they met with a hearty welcome, and as pieYentered the hall, the Wedding Mawh was again I '^ed on the fine organ in the Castle. The grand old t was decorated with a very handsome j jte5th, designed by Mr Fletcher, and formed of | J, 'a8> geraniums, and a vasiety of beautiful and above the entrance was a combina- ii-i'11 one sentence of the mottoes of the two J^'ieg, with the coats of anna constructed of ever- %18 at the sides of the design. The rejoicings in the jiQity of the Castle were subdued as much as possible, (ja there was a general apprehension that a loud mightViccasion discomfort to the respected Prietor, for whom the kindliest solicitude was evinced, u'^hose absence was deeply felt and regretted through- ^'tlie day. liad he been able to have been present on s;Occasion, the demonstration could ri t have been more jl?ere» but. it would have been given without restraint, to lhe universal feeling would have found expression in n/e T'gorous outbursts. We are sure we speak the senti- t, of every one present, when we state tha\ the only tj9(l of sorrow which crossed the day was the illness and "sequent absence of the Vicar, for if there bo any con- of circumstances in his private life in which he IjWars to greater advantage than another, it is the zest with which he endeavours to promote the Jobless and enjoyment of those about, him, and the ^faction which be must feel at the happy celebration Va"? evenk so closely connected with his own home, 10 JJ'd have been enhanced had his health permitted him *ji, nn eye witness of the sincere demonstration ofgood J] towards him and his family on the part of his friends "J neighbours. in ly a'ter Iour o'clock the happy pair left the Castle 5t ?n open carriage for the Hhver'ordwest Railway v'lon, wliere they took their departure for Aberystwith jj- ^ail train. As they left the Castle the band of the ^♦errordwest Musical Society, under the leadership of It), Harding, played the 'Prayer and March' from 'oorah.' There were many wishes expressed for their (u.e'kre happiness, and the old mode of invoking 'good upon their paths was observed in the throwing tl, cm of the usual quantity of slippers and boots. ladies took an active part in the slipper throwing, O0 8t>me of the gentlemen followed the carriage and 'he l'10 throwing of the boots until it got beyond L'rrange. The reception of Mr and Mrs Fisher at the *3' Station was not one whit less gratifying than {»? ,bey experienced during the day. A fine arch of {moreens was erected in Cartlett, and the vast, multi- L e cheered till the welkin rung, and amid these and |jw r?(l manifestations they commenced their journey Pie|a''> In the evening large bonfires were lighted at °u» Kilgetiy, Maenelochog, Creamston, Haverford- a' »nnd Bolton Hill Beacon, whose blaze could be seen J?e distance of several miles. tj e gifts made to the bride, (with the exception of of j. Pre8entrd by the tenantry),were laid out in the Hall of ^astie, snd formed a magnificent collection. Some WsuaM art^c'ea Nvere rare specimens of art and very i,;d »h\it all now possess a value far beyond their ^eta 81tLlvortb, because of the associations connected >aa photo-casket, presented by Mr Soourfield, Sae gre*tly admired, as was also the geld goblet-a ph! 'P('Cimtin of the goldsmith's art-prpsentod by Mr bird IPP8, Of Broom Hal!, Yorkshire. A case of stuffed the gift of Mr James, a mason, residing at Picton, *«r addl,lonal interest from the fact that the birds V collec'ed by him on the Picton Estate, and j' preservation is the work of himself, an amateur ^,lderniiet. The present of books was also very valu- and partly consisted of beautifully illustrated Wrv0118 80me the works of the Poet Laureate. The M ai}ts at the Castle also displayed great taste in the 5os.Ctloa °'tkeir present, which consisted of three pretty The centre one was a silver palm tree, krjll rat a cut glass dish. The others were branches of y sPringing out of the sea (in which there was a « "ntatioa of Neptune astride of a dolphin), and °rtlr'S nautilus shells of cut and ground glass, great number of the gifts makes it impossible 'e. a detailed notice of each one, but the W;,wi.l form some idea of their magnificence from $iive °W!ng list, which includes the whole of them: — ^c|.| dressing.case (complete); large diamond bracelet, ce, brooch, earrings, in case, (the gift of the ?«ivetry); ditto amethyst stones, pearls and gold; large ^lw^.aiver, (the gift of the tradesmen); tea urn, silver v°ry and large plate casket, mother of pearl ink- Qiito Paper macbie writing de^k, bronze antique iuk set, Pf54(n!,)lendid gilt and bronze urn, set of writing table i'la kni>!llt in armour, silver gilt candlestick, •tiiQfl budded gilt jewel box, Dresden China flower W Pair of _Chinese va-e^, three cushions and >8S.\ beautilul carved papier-machie knife with large Chinese vases, three feet in height, IT fruit a feru vases, fish knile and fork, pair Ntern fP00"8! elegantly embossed; pair of Indian Jsjflower vases, nautilus ditto, silver; biscuit %|^e,'Peri work and glass, silver salver and cake *>Hta » two tea sets; case of most elegant silver Pt)stle spoons tpergne w ith pheasants under a vine p ■ 'w0 claret jugs silver egg stand; case of mother ^9 handle dessert knives and forks silver card case 6'ft of St Mary's Schools); liqueur cabinet giit Sin8' e,e £ ar,t rose table and glass for flower,1?; large 'nlaid with gold beautiful gold goblet; a s*r of beautifully illustrated books: and a gold > ^ted riding whip. \I8|)onld add that the event passed off without the Hfj fence of any accident. We are also informed that Nn»n0Xt montht an entertainment will be given to the %!rt y at the Castle, when nearly 1,000 guests are ex- X^J^b^present.