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T E N B Y.


T E N B Y. —A conccrt of sacred and secular music took p'ftcin H"19 Royal Assembly-rooms, on the 16th insf, 8bl» amateurs of the town. The concert was ■j. y 8"coessfal. iRox PIER.-On Monday week the bill. for t9 the order of the Board of Trade, authorising iv1 ding of this Pier, passed through committee in »0!eofLord8- p 4 »j. week a young man, wishing to wh •' er,deavoured to get up into one of the coal WP in motion !n doing so he slipped, and the fo5;8 n *?t 0ver his foot; fortunately for him tha trams SsD 0aded« or tbe consequences might have been SiVBMAI^-We wish to draw attention to the C^Us ^eed» which appears in another part of our <Sr Of a 'j ann°uncing the discovery of some fossils, possi- the n, ar^e of a sauroid oharacter, at the junction limestone with the old red sandstone on H l'8 Island. COLLEGIATE IXSTITUTION, LLANDOVERY.—THO h^rsd examination of this school came to a close Kk \»Kay W( ek. We Lave great pleasure in seeing that ] 111!"Pri»rSOn' 80n Of our townsman, was awarded the 11 thtt8 well as the classical prizt\ Mr J. D. Mason j °rd Or pCn 8uccess^u' in winning a sebolarthip for Cambridge, We wish him every success. j first ball of the season came off at the { fe'Pgf o ^kly Rooms on 18th inst, under the steward- » ^'9Ud n len» Laws, Esq, W. H. Richards, j Y ^ap'ain Kidsdale. The officers of the Castle- 0,aanry Cavalry gave those who attended an r tuG8t"jPe.r* need scarcely add that the ball 'of'S^tful one, and well supported by the 4!f 6 town and neighboarhood. hVQ I i °^Wh met with aa iustance of the cooling f "KewasU wh«a applied to the roofs of houses, t One day last week wo were in an office at 10 o'clock a.m, when the thermometer gave 76 in the qhade; between that time and 2 p.m. the roof was washed with lime, and the temperature was lowered to 68: thus by this cheap and cleanly looking application the heat was reduced eight degrees. We think that during the hot weather the efforts of punitory reformers can be scarcely better employed than by whitewashing the roof of cottages. and thus lessening the chances of fever and other aitments that flesh is heir to, ACCIDENT.-One day last week a serious accident befd Mr Isaac Thomas, farmer, of Hopshill. It seems that he was riding one of his horses, when he observed another of them loose running up a lane; be rode after it with the intention of turning the animal back. When, how- ever, he got up with if, and was about passing, the horse kicked out. the kick taking effect on the lower pnrt of one of his lees, inflicting serious injury. Dr. Richards, on examining the limb, found, wo believe, that both the hones were broken, and the leg otherwise fearfully con- tused. Wo hope soon to hear that Mr Thomas is out of danger. SINGULAR OCCURRENCE. — On Thursday morning Mr C. Allen, photographer, Tudor Square, had placed his large solar camera and enlarging apparatus in his en- larging room, and on going into the room again, after the lapse of about fifteen minutes, found the apparatus in a blaze, caused by the concentration of the rays of the sun by the lenses (as in a common burning glass). The instrument is quite new, and of the value of about £ 35. If the accident bad not been discovered at the time, a few momenta more would have put the premises on fire. MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT.—On Saturday week there was an inquest held at the Prince of Wales Inn, Stepaside, before J. C. James, E-q, Deputy Coroner, and a respecta- ble jury, touching the death of a young man, named John Hughes. It appears from the evidence triven that the deceased, in company with other young men, went out. to a pbice called Cupid's Hall: to bathe, end. being L, unable to swim, went out a little beyond his depth the tide was fast ebbing at the time, with a strong swell: he was not lost- sight of at all, A^sistan^e was on the spot in a few minutes, and likewise Dr Richard*, of Sanndera- foot, who pronounced him to be quite dead. Verdict 'Accidentally Drowned,' He has left a mother who was dependent on him for a livelihood. 'God will provide for the fathetless and the widow.' VESTRY.—The annual vestry for auditing the ac- counts of the parish was held on the 18th inst, the recb r in the chair. The accosts were minutely examined and compared with the vouchers, and unanimously passed, showing a balance of over Y,20 in favour of the parish. The outgoing churchwardens handed over also a most carefully prepared inventory of all the property belonging to the Church, compiled by Archdeacon Clark, the late rector, and presented by him to the parish, with the request that it might be placed in the parish chest. The Mayor proposed that the thanks of the parish be tendered to the Archdeacon fcr so valuable a record and book of reference, which was seconded by the rector, and carried unanimously. SAUNDEKSFOOT PETTY SESSIONS.—June 23, — Before Dr Dyster, Captain Child, Rev T. H. Dunn, and R. H. Buckby, Esq.—Susan Phelps charged David Edwards with being the father of her bastard child. The evidence was conclusive, and he was ordered to pay £1 2s Gd, costs, and Is 6d per week from the date of application. -The complainant again charged the same defendant with assault. He was convicted, and fined 2s Gd, with 8s 9d costs, or fourteen days' imprisonment with bard labour. The defendant went to jail in default. The pre- ceding cases exhibited a perfect cesspool of shameless profligacy, which was strongly commented upon by the magistrates.—James Griffiths was charged with drunken- ness. Pleaded guilty, and fined 5a, with es 63 costs, or seven days' imprisonment. TEXBY CORPORATION. At a special meeting of the Town Council, held on Monday, the 22nd inst, pnsent-the Mayor AWlerfnen Wells, Reett, nnd Mason; CouncillorsC. Allen. G. White J. Gregory. W. W. Rees, W. Gibbs, and J. Gifford, The Mayor stated that the lessee of tho tolls of the Market had bolted, after having paid a little over £59, since then his sureties had paid £9, leaving a balance due of £36, the year's rent being £150, an increase over the former year of £ o0. A letter was read from Harrison's sureties admitting their liability to pay X12 10s (a month's rent), which they maintained was all that they were responsible lot- by the terms of the bond, which stipulated that the rent should be paid monthly, and they had received no notice of Harrison being in arrear until after he had left. They hoped, on their paying a month's rent, the Corporation would relieve them from further responsibility and trouble in collecting the tolls. Pioposed by C. Allen, Esq, seconded by Mr Gibbs, and carried. That the Council cannot entertain the pro- position of the sureties of Robert Harrison, the lessee of the tolls, and that they hold them to their agreement. After the collector had been ordered to collect the arrears of the General District Rate, and the Water Kate for the present year, the meeting broke up.






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