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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. WESLEYAN CHAPEL.—We have much pleasure in iaorming our readers that the Rev E. R. Edwards, WesleyalJ Minister. of Tenby, will preach two sermons in this chapel on Sunday next. The Secretaries of the Pembrokeshire nnd Haverford- west Infirmary beg to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of 99 as a contribution from the workpeople of the Hook Colliery, per Mr James Wilson. NEYLAND.—On Friday last, a now steamer, called the Meg Merrilees, Captain Stoker, sailed from here for the Danube, having put in for coals. She is an exceedingly handsome vessel, of 216 tari3 register, magnificently fitted up, built at Greenock, drawing only four feet of water, and is intended to run on the Danube. She had on board a small steamboat, intanded to ply up the clocks of the Danube. THE REV H. GRATTAN GUINNESS. —This gentleman jyreifihed three sermons in this town on Sunday last i:1 the looming at the Tabernacle, and in the afternoon and evening at Scotch walIs in the open air. The attend- ance on each occasion was very numerous, particularly ia the evening when it is estimated there were upwards of 2,000 persons present. EXCURSION TO CARMARTHEN.—A large number of excursionists wert by the Great Western Railway to Carmarthen on Monday from Pembroke Dock and Havei ford west. The company numbered 850. The weather was very fine, but the excessive beat rendered is very unpleasant for walking. Notwithstanding this, however, the pleasure seekers appeared to enjoy them- selves very highly. CAHMAIITHEN6HIRE RIFLE ASSOCIATION.—The com- mittee of the Rilla Association have announced prizes to the amount of sEluO, to be s'oot for on the :)th of August at Carmarthen. The competition will be open ta all comers, and the prizes will be as follows —1st, £ 20, 2nd, £ 15; 3rd, £ 10; three zC5, three 94, three £ 5, ski zC2, and seven £1. PEMBROKESHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS -These sessions were commenced at the Shire Hall on Tuesday, before the Chairman, J H. Scoarfield, E-q. M P, urni a Bench cf Magistrates. Tbe superintendent- and constables of the county force presented through the Chief Constable, a peti- tion praying for a revision of pay. The Chief Constable in- his report stated than one ha if of the force were now at the lowest rate, to that however well a constable might per- form bis duty, he had very little chance of his attaining a superior grade either in rank or pay for some years. A comparison of the remuneration ot t-he force and those of other counties showed that the pay to the constables, and allowances to the superintendents in the County ot Pem- broke, were on a much lower scale than in other counties. The petition was referred to the Police Committee, who were requested to make a report on the matter to the next Court.—The usual reports were received and con- sidered.—A county rate of three farthings in the X, and a polico rate of a halfpenny in the £ were granted on the application of the Treasurer.—The Court adjourned at two o'clock. The trial of prisoners (of whom there ara 11) wiiitake place to-day (Wednesday.) BRITISH SCHOOLS.—The annual examination of these schools, consisting of the B.ys' Department in Barn Street, Girls' in St. Martins, and Infants' in Prendefgast, took place on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of March last, before the recently appointed inspector W. Williams, Esq, M.A. The reports have all been received and are as follows :-Boys. 'This school is remarkably wall taught and conducted, and the scholars have passed an excellent examination in the elementary subjects, and a good examination in Geography. W. H. Davies, and David Salmon, pupil teachers in their third year, have passed a very good examination.' This report concludes by directing the attention of the managers to the neces- sity of building a good sized class room for the boys' school. Girls'. The order and discipline of this school are good and the scholars have passed an excellent ex- amination.' Prendergast. This school is in good order, and all circumstances being considered has passed a creditable examination.' An examination was held bv the managers in the Boys' School, on the 7th of May last, in connexion with the Department of Science and Art, South Kensington, when the pupil teachers, Thomas Davies, W. H. Davies, and David Salmon, presented themselves for examination in 2nd Grade Geometry. The report has just been received by which we learn that they have all been successful, Tbotras Davies having been awarded a prize for excellent.' Classes are now being formed in the Boys' School in which the children will be taught and examined in subjects of the First Grade required by the Department of Science ¡ and Art. These schools reopen on Monday July ]3th. CRICKET.—A match was played on Portfield on Thurs- day, between the Haverfordwest and Pater Garrison Clubs, when the former won by *9 runs. The Haverford- west eleven scored 70 in their first innings, and 87 in their I second. The Garrison eleven made 33 in their first innings, and 35 in their second. The highest total on the Haverfordwest side was 17, made by Messrs W. S. James and J. P. Lewis, who played exceedingly well, the former carrying out his but in both innings. The fielding and bowling were also very good on the part of the Haverfordwest eleven, and to their excellence in these departments is to be attributed the small scores made by their opponents. M r Rowe made a lively score of 15, composed of four 3's and singles, and Mr Buckland obtained 15 by some careful play. On belialf of the Garrison, Private Oranshawe played very steadily, and was caught out for 17, the highest score on his own side. The bowling and fielding were excellent, and had they not been so unfortunate in the use of the bat, the match would have been much better contested. The following are the scores:- HAVERFORDWEST. ls £ Innnhigs, 2nd Innings. Buckland, c Riley, b Turner 3 c Smith, b Dodson 15 E. Saunders, c Tamer, b Dodson 10 b Dodson 5 T. James, b Turner 0 b Turner 6 C. Saunders, b Dodson 0 b Dodson 4 J. Williams, c Allett, b Turner 0 b Dodson 9 J. S. Davies,c Dodson b Turner 5 c Allett, b Turner 1 T. H. Rowe, run out 15 c and b Dodson. 0 E. E. Evans, b Dodson 4 c Turner, b Dodson 4 W. S. James, not out. 6 not out 17 J. Griffiths, c Townsend, b Turner 8 cTownsenilbShip- ley 1 J. P. Lewis, runout S b Turner j7 Byes 5, 1. b, 5, w 1 11 Byes 8 70 87 GARRISON. 1st Innings. 2ml Innings, Lient. Leighton, c E. Saunders, b Buckland 4 runout 2 Turner, c Buckland, b E. Saun- ders 10 cRowe, bSaunders 5 Lieut. Townsend, I b w, b Buckland 0 c Davies, b Buck- land 6 Lieut. Allett, c E. Saunders, b Buckland 3 c James, b E. Saunders 3 Cransbawe, run out 4 c Lewis, b Buck- land 17 Lieut. Shorting, c Davies, b Buckland 0 not Out 0 Lieut. Smith, b E. Saunders 3 b E. Saunders 1 Cupt. Shipley, b E. Sauuders 0 c James, b Buck- laud 0 Capt. Riley, not out 3 o E. Saunders, b Buckland 0 Dodson, cRowe, b Buckland. 1 c Rowe, b E. Saun- ders 0 Lieut. Dunn, b Buckland 1 b E. Saunders 0 Leg byes I, w 2, n b 1 4 Leg byes, 1 33 35 Between the innings the cricketers partook of an excel- lent luncheon, which had been provided in the Stand, by Mr Beynon, of the King's Arms Hotel. ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS These sessions were held at the Sh ire Hall on Saturday before A. B. Starbuck, Esq, and J. P. Jones, Esq. NON-REPAIR OF HIGHWAY. John Davks, district surveyor, was summoned by Edward Bartiett for non repair of a highway called the Kogerston Road. The defendant admitted that the road was out of rr- pair. and asked for an adjournment of the case to enable litiu to get the necessary repairs effected. The Bench adjourned the case for a month. CHARGE OF STEALING A NET. Thomas Davies was charged with stealing a net, the property of F. W. Doubleday, at Broad Haven. The complainant applied for nil adjournment of the case till next sessions, to enable him to produce a witness, who was not then in attendance. The accused said he found the net, and that be re- tained it because the complainant would not pay him for rescuing it. The complainant said the defendant denied all know- ledge of the net when he sent him. The Bench adjourned the case till next sessions. HAVERFORDWEST GRAMMAR SCHOOL.—MID- SUMMER EXAMINATION. CLASSICAL DEPARTMENT. Class 1. May. Clans 2. M. M. Thomas, H. Williams, S. Jenkins. Class 3. W. O. Nares, Edward Summers, It. Summers. FIRST COMMERCIAL CIA S3. A. G. D S. E.G. lIIL. S.S. B. G. V. Saies 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Green .3 2 2 9 2 3 3 F. Thomas 7 5 2 4 6 3 2 J. Walters 5 3 9 2 5 2 4 D. Walters 4 3 6 4 4 5 5 C. Blethyn 2 5 7 6 7 7 6 S. Dawkins 8 8 2 3 10 9 10 W.Thomas 11 8 11 7 7 8 7 J.C.Dav-es. o 11 12 10 3 6 8 W. Wright 12 8 11 7 10 11 8 T.H.Evans. 8 13 10 11 12 13 11 J. A. Thomas 10 12 8 13 13 10 13 J. Palmer 13 8 13 13 9 12 12 SECOND COMMERCIAL CLASS. A. 8. E.H. E.G. D.S. G. W.R. P Owen 1111111 Ed. Williams 3 2 3 1 6 2 6 J. Thomas 2 5 4 4 6 5 2 C.Lloyd 8 4 2 3 2 12 2 Harris Williams 9 3 5 8 8 6 2 H. V. Saies 5 6 9 6 2 3 10 S. Thomas 6 9 7 7 5 3 7 Biand 7 7 10 13 13 K) 5 Mor. Thomas 11 11 8 11 9 6 9 Langley 10 9 6 10 12 8 12 Codd 12 12 12 5 4 12 13 Beynon 4 12 11 9 10 11 12 H. Rees 12 10 12 12 11 11 8 THIRD COMMERCIAL CLASS. E G. D G. G. W.R. T. Dawkins 1112 J.Evans. 2 2 1 1 H. Wiiliams 3313 A. Arithmetic. S. Scripture. E.H. English History. E.G. English Grammar. f).S. Dictation and Spelling. G. Geography. W.R. Writing and Reading. M L. Mensuration and Landsnrveying. S.S. Science and Scripture. B. Bookkeeping.