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PEMBROKE. PEMBROKE PETTY SESSIONS. COUNTY SESSIONS. Hall, Saturday, June 20th, before J Adams, Eaq, ^•Roch. Esq, W. flulm, Eaq, &the Rev R. J. H. Nm.] ijn Griffiths and John Evans, both servants at ,J"> Boaheston, and John Stephens, a servant at' /Pool, Bosheston, were charged by Sarah Nash, of jj ,lo«, with assaulting her on the 9th and lOih e cbarge was withdrawn again "t John Stephens evidence on behalf of complainant. Nash deposed I work at Mr Roberts, of Lp and live at Bosheston. I was coming on CT night week from my work at about nine o'clock, u Griffiths, John Evans, and John Stephens, L^spool road. John Griffiths and John Evans i^'hold of me, and fied to pull my clothes over my Ln^phn Stephens pushed them off. The next night Griffiths and Evans near the Post Office about lips time, and they took hold of me each by the N Evans swore and said 4 you will get a sum- me will you?' They pulled and dragged me jjthe road twenty or thirty yards, and off the road lv*ay into Nicholas Garden. They threatened to 6 through the pond with a horse chain; then they C.: it lasted about ten minutes. They threw stones Ak 0T°. w Stephens deposed: I am a farm servant at Mr of Buckspool. The two defendants and 1 of Buckspool. The two defendants and 1 Wetting up and complainant coming against us. 'Ik hold of her and went down ou the road y^'led Up her ci0thes, and Evans caught hold of her Q' was committed for six weeks with bard Vu' and Evans committed for one month hard L BOBOTJOH SESSIONS. C,d*y, before H. P. Jones, Esq, Mayor, and S. W* Kf e*i Esq ] v Sa' Jones> of Monkton Hill, wag charged by Eliza \ofthe same place, with using abusive lJbguage. Pftrty appeared. ti^ ROROUGH SPECIAL SESSIONS. j<n Monday, Jnne 22nd, before H. P. Jones, !'«»»(>«!&^or> <*• Hawkins, S. W. Hustler, and W. Esqs, and the Kev R. J. H Thoinaa.] ftcj. w ^aviti Peppard, of Pembroke Dock, cabinet- it Wageblxrged by Superintendent Evans. with being tijpi.. jn cbarlton-piace, Pembroke Dock, on '?han t,le 20th inst. A.P.S. Thomas and P.Q. \j Proved the charge, fined Is and 7s 6d costs. 7) • SS inf" High-street, Pembroke Dock (who fe, !lllitln her anna) was charged by same with N sn s';et contai"inS 14rlbs of potatoes and half a V, aP- <»n 'he 22nd inst, the property of John Pennar Sufficient evidence wag talien for a W»*nd the prisoner was therefore remanded on bail £ etfy sessions on Saturday next.


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