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STATIONS OF THE BRITISH ARMY [Where two places are mentioned, the last-named is hat at which the Depot of the Regiment is stationed.] Cavalry. 1st Life Guards—Windsor 2nd do—Regent's Park Royal Horse Guards — 2nd do—Regent's Park Royal Horse Guards- Hyde Park 1st DragoonGuards-Alder- shot 2d do Bombay; Canterbury 3d do Bombay; Canterbury 4th do Aldershot 6th do Aldershot 6th do Dublin 7th do Colchester 1st Dragoons, Longford 2nd do Dundalk 3rd Hus-Chichester 4th do Bengal; Canterbury 5th Laiteers-Bengal; Can- terbury 6th Dragoons—Manchester 7th Hussars—Bengal: Can- terbury 8th do—Edinburgh 9th Lancers—Cahir 10th Hussars-Aldersbot 11th do—Bengal; Canter- bury 12th Lancers-Dublin 13th Hussars — Canada Canterbury 14th do—Newbridge 15th do-York 16th Lancers—MadrasjCan- terbury 17th do-Woolwich 18th Hussars—Madras ;Can terbury 19th do—Bengal; Canter- bury 20th do-Bengal; Canter- bury 21st do-Bengal; Canter- bury Foot Guards. Grenadier Guards [1st bat] Wetlington Rarrack* Do l2nd bat] Wellington Barracks Do [3rd bat] Dublin Coldstream Guards [lstbat] i Windsor Do [2nd bat] Chelsea Scots Fusiliers Guards-r>[lst bat] Tower Do [2nd bat] Chelsea Infantry. 1st Foot, 1st bat-Madras, Chatham Do [2nd bat] Bombay; Chatham 2nd do [1st bat] Aden Chatham Do [2nd bat] Athlone 3rd do [1st bat] Bengal Shorneliffe Do [2nd bat] Bristol 4th [1st bat] Abyssinia; Parkhurst Do Find bat] Nova Scotia; Purpurea 5th do [1st bat] Bengal; Shorneliffe Do [2nd bat] Dover 6th do [1st bat] Bombay; Sheffield Do [2nd bat] Edinburgh 7th do [1st bat] Bengal; W aimer Do [2nd bat] Bury 8th do [1st bat] Malta; Chatham Do [2nd bat] Aldershot 9th do [lstbat] Cape; Pem- broke Do [2nd bat] Japan Pem- broke 10th do [1st bat] Japan; Chatham Do ['2nd bat] Madras 11th do [1st bat] Bengal; Parkliurst c Do [2nd bat] Cape 12th do [1st bat] Devonpori Do I 2nd bat] Bengal; Gos port 13th do [1st bat] Gibraltar; SI)orneliffe "j Do [2nd bat] Poland 14th do [1st bat] Malta, Chatham Do [2nd bat] Melbourne I5th do [1st bat] Bermuda; Chatham 1 Do[2dbat] Gibraltar j 16th do Canada, Colchester Do [2nd bat] Barbadoes 17th do [1st bat] Currauh Do [2nd bat] Canada, Dub tin 18th do [1st bat] Edinburgh ] Do [2nd bat] New Zealand j j Colchester ] 19th do [1st bat] Bengal; Sheffield Do [2nd bat] Burmah 20th do rlst bat] Aldershot I Do [2nd bat] Cape; Shorn- clilfe 2 21st do [l<tbat] Enniikillen 3 Do[2ndbat] Madras; Prestor 4 22nd do [1st bar] New C Brupswick; Chathsim C Do [2nd batt] Newcastle E 23rd do [1st bai] Bombay; Walmer ♦ F Do [2nd bat] Newport ■J4th do [1st bat] Malta. Sheffield Do [ 2nd bat] Burmah 25th do [ht bat] Glasgow Do [2nd bat] Bengal; Pres- ton 26th do-Abyssinia; Preatoa 27th do-Dover 28th do-Belfast 29th do-Canada; Chatham 30th do—Canada; Chatham 31st do-Malta; Chatham 92nd do-Mauritius 'Col- chester 33rd do Abyssinia; Gos- port 34th do—Portsmouth 35th do—Portsmouth 36th do-Bengat; Pembroke 37th do—Bengal; Pembroke 38th do-Bengal; Gosport 39th do—Kinsale 40th do-Aldershot 41st do—Benya!; Colchester 42nd do—Stirling 48rd do-Jersey 44th do—Kilkenny 45th do—Abyssinia; Chat- ham 46thdo—Bombay ;Pembroke 47th do-Nova Scotia; Pem- broke 43th do-Fermoy 49th do-Bombay;Colcbester 50th do—N. S. Wales; Chat- ham 51st do-Aldershot 52nd do-Limerick 53rd do-Canada;Shoroclitfe 54th do-Aldershot 55th do- Bengal; Sheffield 56th do-Wattrford 57th do—Aldershot 58thdo—Bengal; Pembroke 59th do—Ceylon; Gosport 60th [1st bat] Canada; Winchester Do [2nd bat] Bengal Do [3rd bat] Madras Do [4th bat] Canada 61st do-Bermuda Gosport 62nd do—Cork 63rd do—Curragh 61th do-Malta; Parkhurst 65th do—Kinsale 66th do—Dub! !m 67th do—Portsmouth 68th do—Manchester 69th do—Canada; Preston 70th do—Ashtoti-undr-Lyne 71st do-Dublin 72M do-Dublin 73rd do-China; Sborneliffe 74th do—Gibraltar Fort 75th do—Gibraltar; Shorn- cliffe 76th do—Madras Shorn- cliffe 77th do—Bengal s Gosport 78th dor-Canada; Aberdeen TSth do — Bengal Fort George 80th do—Aldershot 8lst do-Buttevant 82ncldo-,Bom bay;Chatham. 83rd do-Gibraltar Col- chester 84th do-Jamuica; Colches- ter 85th do—Bengal Shorn- cliffe SCth do—Mauritius ;Gosport 87th do-Malta; Walmer 88th do-Bengal; Parkhurst 39th do-Duhnn 90th do—Bengal; Preston 91stdo-Madra' FortGeorge 92nd do—Bombay; Aberdeen 93rd do—Bengal; Aberdeen 94th do—Dover 95th do —Bombay;Pembrobe 96th do-Bombar;Colchester 97th do-A ldersbot 98th do—Aldershot 99th do—Cape; Preston lOOthdo—Canada,-Colchester ¡OIst do-Bengal; Walmer 102nd do—Madras; Walmer 103rd do—Bengal Shorn- cliffe 104th do—Bengal; Walmer li'oth do-Bengal; Shorn- cliffe 106th do—Benca) ;Chatbsm I07th do-Bengal; Preston 108th do—Bombay ;Gosport 109th do — Bengal; Chat- ham Rifle Brigade [1st bat] Canada, Winchester Do [2nd bat] Devonport Do [3rd bat] Bengal Do [4th batt] Chester Colonial Corps. 1st West India Regiment— Sierra Leone !nd do—Bahamas !rd do—Jamaica 1th do—Barbadoes Jeylon Rifles-Ceylon 3ape Mounted Rifles—Cape [loyal Canada Rifles—King- ston loyal Malta Fencibles Malta \rmy Hospital Corps — Netley -Oik- A VERY RARE OISEASE.-There exists on record in medicine up to the present day only one case of enor- mous overgrowth of all the bones of the body with wasting of the muscles. It was observed by Saucerotte. The second has been recently observed by Professor Friedreich, and is now described at length in Virchow's Arclm. bd. 1868. Saucerotte's case was that of a man, aged 29, the weight of whcse body rose, in the space of fouryearf, from 1191bs to 1781bs by the increase of hia bones, the muscles all the while wasting. The bead of this man was inonstro-is, the eyes being pushed forward to the level of the forehead, and the lower jaw having attained an enormous thickness. Attacks of insensibility and difficulty of breathing characterised his complaint. At. Friedreich's patient, aged 26, is one of six children, f whom all are healthy except the youngest, who has a minor form of the same affection. At 18 he began to Bad his feet and ankles growing largo and heavy then the hands and fingers. The lower and upper limbs are of enormous size ('he measurements are given), due entirely to the growth of the bones, the muscles being wasted. Standing, walking, and lying are all difficult. He finds comfort from cold baths. His internal organs appear hesltby, and there is no disturbance of the biain. Medicines have been ineffectual, but latterly the disease has ssemed to be static nary.Medical Journal.