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PEMBEOKE-DOCK PEMBROKE PETTY SESSIONS. COUNTY SESSIONS. [Town Hall, Saturday, June 6th, 1868, before L. Mathias, N. A. Roch, W. Hulm. J. R. Bryant, Esqr.°, and tbe Rev R. J. H. Thomas.] i George Howell, of Saundersfoot, seaman on board the Good Hope, of Newnham, was charged by Rernard Sam- ways, head gamekeeper to the Earl of Cawdor, with trespass upon certain lands in the parish of Stackpole Elidor, in the occupation of the Earl of Cawdor, in tll0f daytime, in search of game and rabbits, on the 19"1 °' May last. Mr W. O. Hulm appeared for the complainant.. John Canton deposed I am game watchman on Lord Cawdor's estate. I remember, on the 2nd of Ma v, setting two traps for vermin. I missed them the next day abot» nine o'clock. I afterwards found one in a rabbit bole, F watched it. I did not see the trap again until fkbl)ut six a.m. on the 19-11 of May. I stayed there then till about one a.m., and returned there about halt past fout o'clock, and watched till between eight and nine o'c'ocj tbe same evening. 1 jaw defendant coming—he conW not see me. He went through to where the trap was In the Park, and drew it up. When I saw him pull it uP with his hand I went up to him. He said, 'John, see. what I found pushed into this rabbit hole.' I said, .Yet you knew where to find it, for you had put it there.' 1 told him that he took it from the furze back about a fort' night ago. He said he did not. He came with me to Mj Samways the same evening. He s*id to Samway". j am come to beg your pardon-for what I have done.' 1 have cautioned him before, once in particular, not to come about the ground. a Bernard Samways said: I am gamekeeper to for Cawdor. I remember the night of the 19th of }III)" About ten o'clock Canton and defendant came to IDe. Defendant said, I am comc to beg your pardon for wbat I have done.' I told him 'J would have to report it to Lord Cawdor* Francis, the police constable, was Pte' sent. Where Canton found the defendant was about three hundred yards from the public path through tbO Park. There are rabbits and other game there. Fined 15s and lIs 5d costs: in default one month 111 thj house of correction. Fine and costs paid. Thomas Scuurfitld, of Williamston, Pembroke, "a9 charged by P.C James Rees, with trespassing upon cer- tain land in the parish of Carew, in the oconpation oI George Ormond, of Williamston. in the daytime. 111 eeaicji of game and rabbits. on the 16gi ol May last. Mr W. 0. Ilnlm appeared for the complainant.. Evidence in support of the charge was given by Georae Ormond and a boy named Henry Perkins. The defendant had a gun in his possession, and was beard firing once. The charge was proved to the satisfaction of the Bench, and the defendant was fined 15< and 14s costs, in def«°'* one month in the house of correction. Fine and paid William Gay, of Rawrfon, was charged by Richards, of the same place, both fellow servants, Wltl1 an assault on the 1st inst. —Settled out of court. James Gwyther, of Slaae, Manorbier, 'was charged by Superintendent Evans with allowing two heifers to »tr»f on the highway at the parish of Hodeeston, on the 1*'? of May.—Offence admitted. Fined 3d each head »°a 4s 6d costs. Paid. 's John Evans, a servant at Newton, Bosbeston, Vril charged by the same with riding on a cart without re'Dj' at Bosheston, on the 20th of May.—Offence adudic Fined, 6d and 411 6d costs. $ George Boweu, a servant at Hermigate and Thon^ai Morris, of Carew Newton, were charged with bein £ drunk and riotous on visage.—Both admitted the offence, and werc. fined 11: each and 8s costs, in defauit of immediate payment days' imprisonment each.—Paid. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. [On the same day, at 1.30 p.m., before H P. Jones, Eilq, Mayor, S. W. H uSller, D. A. Rfid, T. Mansel, J- Bryant. Esqrê, and the Rev R. J. H. Thomas.] Bryant. Esqre, and the Rev R. J. H. Thomas.] John Neagle, a private in the 9th regiment, stationed nt Pembroke-duck, was charged by Superintendent Evans with stealing a silver watch of the goods chattels of Lieut William L'Estrange Walsh, of the value of Zi as, on the 14th of May last, at Pembroke-dock. Mr W. O. Hulm appeared for the prosecution. William I/Estrange Walsh deposed: I am a lieutenant in the navy, on board her Majesty's ship Revenge. 0'J the 14th of May last I lost a silver watch. I was ordered away in charge of a funeral party on the afternoon Of tile 14th inst, about three o'clock. I landed at Hobbs Point, and went towards the cemetery with the party. Soon after passing the Barrack gate I missed my watch. swivel of the chain opened and the watch slipped out* This is my watch. It bad an inscription inside of" which has been erased I did not see it again until the policeman brought it to me five or six days ago. The value of the watch is about 2Js. There was inside Ihe case 1 R. Walsh, 10th Hussars, transferred to his brother William,' and on the inside East Indies, 1846.' This was scratched or marked with a pin. This in:cript|oD was legible when I lost the watch. John Davies deposed: I am a boatman at HobM Point. I walked up us far as the Barracks gate with tbO funeral party, with Thomas Lloyd, and the prisoner and another soldier overtook us as we were going back to our boats. I saw the prisoner pick up a watch. This is the same watch. I was close alongside of the prisonet when lie had it. About five or six minutes after tbØ funeral party had gone on I saw the prisoner pick up watch. He went away with it. I asked him what soft of a watch it was, and he said it was only a penny toy. Cross-examined by prisoner I a bed you what 1011 picked up, and you said a penny toy. You did not offer what you picked up to me for a pot of beer. Thomas Lloyd deposed: I am a boatman at HobbS Point: I was with John Davies on the 14th of May- 1 saw the funeral party. I saw Mr Walsh there. I 63r the prisoner there. I saw the prisoner pick up the watch clown by tho Pier Gate. I did not speak to I heard Davies say something, and the prisoner repl'c( it was a penny toy. This is the same watch illS a little darker at the back the prisoner went away with it.. Charles Winter. deposed I am a Sergeant Iin the bat., 9th regiment. I had the prisoner in custody about the 22nd of May, on the charge of having a watcn belonging to Mr Walsh. The prisoner was taken be, fore Colonel Chichester, and in answer to a question prisoner said he had not picked up a watch it was old tobacco box, and he had never seen the watch. waa afterwards taken b'jLre C^Lcei Moore and I him make the same statement. e William Butler deposed I am Colour Sergeant In the 46'.h Regiment of foot. The prisoner was given in g my charge on the 2nd inst on a charge of drunkennes in the streets at Pembroke Dock. I caused him to searched in tbe guard room. He resisted, I put. hand in his pocket and found a silver watili. This the watch. He snatched it from my hand and to give it to mo again until 1 allowed him to go to t closet in the rear of the guard house. I had to call to hoM his hands and took the watch from him a se00/je time by force. I gave tho watch over- to the the next morning. I was with the prisoner on t'-e of June, when he was before Colonel Moore. s? he was out walking on the Pembroke Road the before, and he there saw a party of civilians with wateh in question, selling it or trying to sell it ti- et weerl themselves, and he said that he bought it at that time of those civilians for 12s. T J P. S. Robert Irving deposed On the 3rd of "n received the watch produced frjrn Colour Serge Butler: it has been in my possession ever since. Committed for trial at next Quarter Sessions. BOROUGH SPECIAL PETTY SESSIONS. [Town Hall, Monday, June 8th, before H. P*»'°a