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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. KJIGERRAN FAIRS were hrld on Tbursdur and Friday the 11th and l'2tli instant. There was a largo attendance of purchasers, and the show of horses and horned cattle was good. There was a large demand for horses and superior animals realised high prices: most of the horned cattle were sold at former rates. The second day the pigs and sheep were very numerous, and there was a large attendance of pig drovers from the adjoining counties Pigs exchanged hands at a very high price: sncklings two mouths old fetched from 15s to 20s each. The she p were more numerous than at tormer fairs, but very litile business was done. MORAVIAN CHAPEL FUND.—Tbc annual sermons in a:d of the above fund will be preached in the Brethren's Chapil, on Sunday next, by the Rev John England—in the morning at eleven o'clock, and in the evening at six o'clock. On Monday evening, the Rev gentleman will deliver a lecture at the Shire Hall, on High Days nnd Holy Days,' the proceeds of which will be applied in aid of the same object. The chair will be taken at seven o'clock by W. Owen, Esq, cf Withybush. Tickets of admission to the lecture may be obtained of the Rev J. A. Eberle, Moravian House, and at the Post Office, Haverfordwest. EARLY HAY HARVEST.—Two fine crops of hay, the produce of two fields, on Portfield, in the occupation of Mr Whicher Davies. wererickedon Wednesday last. The crops were an usually heavy, and were in aremarkably fine condition. This is, we believe, the first crop harvested in this neighbourhood, but a few weeks of the present very favourable weather will make hay making general. The crops in the Bristol district, where hay making has commenced, are reported to be light, and in the English Connies, particularly the fit lauds, the hay harvest is said to be less than umal. In South Wales the yield is reported to be unusually plentiful, and a very profitable season is predicted for the Welsh farmers. TBS SUMMER CIRCUITS OF THE JUDGES. The days for holding the South Wales Circuit were on Tuesday morning fixed by Mr Justice Montague Smith, the judge <)n that circuit—v a, Haverfordwest, July g. Cardigan, Julv 13; Carmarthen, July 15; Cardiff, July 20; Brecon, ii Presteign, August 4; and Chester, August. 6 where his loriship will be joined by Lord Chid Justice Bovill. HAVERFORDWEST PETTY SESSIONS. Those sessions were held at the Shire Hall, on Thurs- day, before J. W. Phillips, Esq, .Mayor, and S. Haiford, Esq. DRUNKENNESS, &C. Michael Burns was charged with being drunk and riotous at the Castle Square on the nigtit of Sunday, the 7th of June. The defendant did not appear. IVJ. Simpson proved the case, and the defendant having been previously convicted for a similar offence, the Jench fined him 20s and costs. THE GAS ACT. Several persons were summoned for non-payment of gas rates. Some of the cases were settled out of court, and in others orders wero made for the payment of the pums due in a given period.


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