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CIIltES AND comfort FOR the…




S T \ T1

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S T T1 <J"S S <J F T H E B it I T I S H A K~BO" [Where two places are mentioned, the hat at which the Depot of the Regiment is stationed Cavalry. Do 12nd feat] Burmwb 1st Life Guards—Windsor l>.Tth do [lift bat] Glasgow 2nd do- llegen t's Park Do [2nd batJBftBgal^ -Prs& Royal Horse Guards — ton il yde Park 26tii do-Abyseiai2 1st DragoonGuards—Alder- 27th do- Dover shot 28th do—Belfast 2d do Bombay; Canterbury 29th do—ganada; ChathaiL, 3d do Bombay Canterbury 30th do—Car^da; Clulma, 4th do Aldershot 31st do—Malta; Cbaiitsira. 5th do Aldershot 32nd do- Manritio. IJ&B- 6th do Dublin chester 7th do Colchester 33rd do-Abyssinliw; 6c3- 1st Dragoons, Longford port 2nd do Dundalk 34th do-Portsmouth 3rd Hus-Chichester 35th do—Portsmouth 4th do Bengal; Canterbury 36th do—Bengal; Pez;s7bmta, 5th; Can- 37th do—Bengal; terbury 38th do—Bengal; Gcspwft 6th Dragoons— Manchester 39th do-Kinsale 7th Hussars-Bengal: Can- 40th do-Aldershot terbury 41st do—Bengal; Colchester Stli do-Edinhurgli t-2nd do -Stirling 9th Lancers—Cahir 43rd do—Jersey 10th Hussars-Aldershot 44th do—Kilkenny llth do-Bengal; Canter 45th do-Abysbinta; Cist- bury ham 12th Lancers-Dublin 4f)thd»-Bombay ;Perali?t4:a? 13th Hussars — Canada 47th do—Nova Scotia Canterbury hroke 14th do—Newbridge 43th do-Fermoy- 15th do-York 49th do—Bom bay ;C o]e)> t^lrr 16th Lancers—Madras;Can- 50th do—N. S. W alea terbury ham 17th do—Woolwich 51st do-Aidershot 18th Hussars— Madras ,Can 52nd do-Limerielt terbury 53rd do— Canada;Sbo*ffl«iif5si.- 19ih do—Bengal; Canter-,54th do—Aldershot hury 55th do —Bengal; She-ffteM 20th do-Bengal; Canter- 56tb do—Waterford bury 57th do—Aldershot 21st do-Bengal; Canter- 58thdo—Bengal; PefiiWtsX^ bury 59th do—Ceylon Go«po3S Foot Guards. 60th [1st bat] Canwl!tz- Grenadier Guards [1st bat] Winchester Wellington Barracks Do [2nd bat] Bengal Do [2nd bat] Wellington Do [3rd bat] Madras Barracks Do [4th bat] Canada Do [3rd bat] Dublin GIst do-Bermuda. Gospel Coldstream Guards [1stbat] 62nd do—Cork Windsor 63r^ do— Curragb Do [2nd bat] Chelsea 64th do—Malta; Parlsksisss Scots Fusiliers Guard s-[Ief 65th do-Kinsale bat] Tower 66th do-Duhlin Do [2nd bat] Chelsea 67th do—Por;smontb Injahtry. 68th do—Manchester 1st Foot, 1st bat—Madras, 69th do-Canada; Piregtraj Chatham 70th do—A*hton-uudr«l.jE.5? Do [2nd bat] Bombay 7ist do-Dublin Chatham 72nd do-Dublin 2nd do [1st bat] Aden 73rd do-Cliina; Chatham 74th do-Gibraltar;. Fiats Do [2ndbat] Athlone George 3rd do rist bat] Bengal; 75^ ,j0—Gibraltar; SlisraK— Shotncliffe cliffe Do [2nd hat] Bristol 76th do-MadrilS Shoris- 4th do [1st bat] Abyssinia; cliffe Parkhurst 77th do—Bengal: GoSWr.: Do F2nd bat] Nova Scotia; 78th do-Canada; Aberdet,,r,, Parkhum 79th do Beiigal *Dqt 5th do [1st bat] Bengal, George Siiornrlifte g0tll do—Aldershot Do [2nd bat] Dover 81st do-Butfevant 6th do [1st bat] Bombay j^nddo—Bo?nV-ay ;Chai&j»ss Slwffield 83rd do-Gibraltar Do [2nd bat] Edinhurgh Chester 7th do [1st bat] Walmer ter Do [2nd bat] Bury 85th do-Bengal Sbojs- 8th do [1st bat] Malta; cliffe Chatham Do [2nd bat] Aldershot 87tb do-MAlta; Wftlmer 9th do [1st bat] Cape Pem- 88til dg-Bengat; Parfcfes&jsfc broke 89th do-Duhlin Do [2nd bat] Japan Pem- 90th do-Bengal; Preetas broke 91stc!0 — Madra-; Fort 10th do [1st bat] Japan; 92nd do—Ho in b ay; Aber<J« jx Chatham 93rd do—^Bengal; Abe?^&»3 Do [2nd bat] Madras 94th do-Dpver llth do [1st bat] Bengal; 95th(lo-Bombay;Pemb3t54» I-, ProkliUJSin n 96th dor-Bombay;Colc&ms3- Do [2nd bat] Cape 97th do-A)dershot 12th do [1st bat] Devonpor' 98th do-Aldershot Do I 2nd bat] Bengal; Gos 99th do-Cape; Prestoip n twi p:h„w«r 100thdo—Canada;CoJelses-tST 13th do [1st bat j Gibraltar; l01st do—Bengal; W»l»es- n«iorn.ChTt p. ,1 102nd do—Madras;Wafera«»- ?A,yY rfl.3 f°ola« H l03rd —Bengal 14th do [1st bat] Malta, ciiffe 6 n^ro'jTn \i 104-th do—Bengal; Do [ 2nd bat] Melbourne lo5th rlo_ Bengal .5th do [1st bat] Bermuda; clitre Chatham E06th do—Beneal ;Chft»haaat Doridbat] Gibraltar r.()71ti do-Beiigal; 16th do Canada, Colchester 108th do—Bombav itio&jpQTrz Do [2nd bat] Barbadoes 109th do — Bengal. CJfesafc^- 17th do [ 1st. hat] Curraeh hnm Do [2nd bat] Canada, Dub Rifle Brigade [1st fin Canada, Winchester 18th do [1st bat] Edinburgh Do [2nd bat] Devonposfc Do [2nd bat] New Zealand Do [Srd batl Bengal Colchester Do [4th batt] Chester 19th do (It bat] Bengal; Shdfldd Colonial Corps, D [2nd bat] Burmah 20th do [1st bu] Aldfrshrot Wt West India Regicasai— Do [2nd bat] Cape, Shorn- Sierra Leone <• 2nd do—Bahamas 21st S1 h" ] Rnnbkiller. 3rd do-Jamaica Do 2nibat]Madras; Prestoi 4th do—Barbadoes 2.'n do [1st ba ] New Ceylon Ritles-Ceyloa Br ;iswiok Chatbam Cape Mounted Rifles— Do [2nd batt] Newcastle Royal Canada Rifles—Kisgr- 2:3rd do [1st bat] Bombay ston Walmer Royal Malta FenciNaa- — Do [2ndhat] Newport Malta 24th do [1st bat] Malta; Army Hospital Corpa> — Sheffield Netley