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•STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, MILFORD, SWANSEA, & BRISim For the Month of JUNE, 1868. rhe Liverpool and Bristol Channel Steam Navigation Steam Ships SevEREioN, Capt, Gibbs I WiNDEB\tERE,Capt. J.BswsrXS .VtoNTAou, Capt Spcakm&n Aj»NivVER.Nov,Capt JtealstSJD JANF. BACON, Capt. Old. J. KENNEDY, Capt. We3a& 4RTIZAN, Capt. Tallan. AGNES JACK, Capt. ISesnia LLEWELLYN, Capt. Beckett The above, or some other suitable vessel, is intended •!»*» with Goods and Passen M'ers, (unless prevented by any imlsarawaB >ccurrenc») follows, with or without pilots, and la&mjs*' tow vessels ;-r From Liverpool to Milford and Bristol. Landing passengers lor SWANSEA, at the Mumbles permitting.) T L Saturday June ..JO morn Saturday 20 S mora; Saturday 13,. 2J after I Saturday 27 3 tfeer. From Milford for Bristol. Landing Passengersfor Swansea at the Mumbles(weat^3 permitting) r Sunday, June 7 4 morn Sunday 21 3 istiKS: Sunday 14 9 inorn Sunday 28 9 jajsau From Milford Jor Liverpool. JeturningfromBristoleverv Tuesday, and from Swansea Wednesday. Wednesday June 3 9 night Wednesday 17. 1 «••»» x Wednesday. 10.. 2 after I Wednesday. 24 1 ¿[WI' FAR E S (Return tickets available for two voyages.) Cabm; DeeJt. ffeta-v Milf 3rd to or from Liverpool. 1 Is Od 78 Milfrrd to or from Bristol 8s 6d Is M Milford to or from Swansea (Mumbles) h Od 3s Mt — Passengers are landed and embarked at Milford (weaUln vu.- mitting) free of charge in the Steam TetKler GIPSY. For further particulars see small bill, or apply to John R»e»w and Co., Managing Owners, 14, Water-street, Liverpool; G. B- I Evans, Bristol; Charles Lamb, Swansea; John Kmiwoisltj aatf- QQ., Manchester. R. D. TtOltR. AOEUT Mrtwm

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