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CIIltES AND comfort FOR the…


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^YAL NAVY IN COMMISSION STBAM SHIPS. it e(ta 7,l:eeustown j%eriii!, °itsmouth WlZ> China AtetlHis»' Gibraltar p' Med'.tern Hi ,'J^ In dips 11*0 n Devon- iS r> Ster«°ri8m°uth 'China. Wli»k n- -dla V.Cai"a He"'Era2iU n> Caan- \u?dr°n ^rv £ gle' BPecial Australia Kce,Srh?nn0rl »k ei' ^hma ordered home Canada Channel Sn ?n'a, Mediter. Mon' racifl0 s°nc. Mediter. V^Ser, Austriiii ^\KCi-fcr' Pacific &${*«. Pacific ,Vh'Canada H^sage home [Skch Jce, Danube *^tan China (JN \v°' N- Amer. Neli» 1 tidies SSo^' ?rd' Iwme eodil ,iiia Iroop ^«aeV'iIediter. Wo\C" <lf Af- h.7><) America ft ^dies Vke,'cv'azils >>e,uhl!1a &^ y,W"C- of Vofe1 Indies' <cVf, 'Su.eensfei-ry speciaI ^,l'Oi'cW<0nP Ber Amer. >i>, PQW 'r"lies KWr, ?0«th %^Pnmh- Fox, store service Frederick William, Shannon Galatea, pas. borne Gannett, N. America and West Indies Gladiator, Portsmth Gnat, Devo.iport Grasshopper, China Greyhound, S. E. C. of America Griper, Queenstown Handy, W.C.Africa Harpy, L"UgbSwilly Havoc, China Hector, Pal tsmouth Helicon, Ireland Heron, Canada Himalaya, troop ser. Highflyer, ord home Hydra, ord home Icarus, China Industry, Woolwich Insolent, China Investigator, W. C. of Africa Jackal, Scotland .Janus, China Jaseur, Africa Jason, N. America and West Indies Jumna, troop service Juno, Portsmouth Lee, W. C. of Africa Liffcy, special service Lmnet, Brazils Lion, Greenock Lizard, Sheerness Lord Clyde, Meditn. Lord Warden, Medit Louisa, Gueensferry Magnet, Harwich 'Malabar, truop ser. Malacca, Pacific Manilla, China Medusa, Channel Megsera, store ser. Meivey, Queenstown Minotaur, Channel Minstrel, N.Americi and West Indies Mullet, N. America Mutine, Pacific • Myrmidon, W. C. of Africa Narcissus, Brazils Nassau, Straitsot' Ma- gellan Nelson, Melbourne Newport, Portslllon tb Niger, N, America and West Indies Niobe, N. America and West Indies Nymphe, 11. Indies Oberon, W. C. Africa Ocean, China Octavia, East Indies Orwell,Coast Ireland Pallas, Channel Pandora, W.C.Africa Pearl, China Pembroke, Harwich Penguin, E. Indies Perseus, China Pet< rel, Cape Pet' rel, Cape Philomel,N .Ami rica and West Indies Phoebe, N. America. and West Indies Pigmy, Portsmouth Pigeon, Mediterrean Pioneer, W. C.Africa Plover, W. C Africa Princess Alice, De. vonport Psyche, Mediter. Prince Consort, Chnl Pylades, Pacific Racer, ordered home Racoon, Cape Ruinbovr, Hull Rattler, China Rapid, Woolwich Rattler, China Rattlesnake. W. C. ¡:- of Africa Ileindeer, Pac'fic Revenge, Pembroke Rifleman, China Rinaldo, China Rodney, C^ina Rosario, Australia Royal Alfred, North America & W.Indies Royal George,Kings- town Royal Oak, Channel' jRoyalist, N. America and West Indies Royal Sovereign, Portsmouth Salamis, China Satel.ite, East Indies SJout, Pacific Seamew, Kingstown Serapis, troop se". Serpent, ord home Sharpshooter,or hme Simoom, troop ship t Skylark, Gibraltar Slaney, China Snap, China Spavrowhawk, Pacfic Speedy, Jersey Speedwell, W. Africa Spider, Brazils Sphinx, N. America and West Indies Spiteful, E. Indies Sprightly, Portsmth. Star, E. Indies Staunch,Portsmouth St George, Portland Sylvia, China Tamar, troop ser. Terrible, Portsmth Terror, Bermuda Topaze, Valparaiso Trafalgar, Lough Swilly Trinculo, Mediter. Tyrian, Mediter. Urgent, troop ser. Vestal, W. C. Africa Victoria and Albert, Portsmouth Vigilant, Has! Indies Viper, Liverpool Virago, Australia Vivid, special service Warrior,Chan.Squad Waterwitch,Devnprt Weazel, China Whiting, Queenstwn Wildfire, Sheerness Wizard, Mediter. Wivern, Coast of Ireland Jealous, Pacific Zebra, China



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