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SEIZURE OF MEAT UNFIT FOR HUMAN FOOD At the Police OlHceon Saturday afternoon, John Lewis, a butcher, residing at Ltangotman, was charged before J. VV. Phillips, Esq, Mayor, wi'b exposing for sale that. day in the Have) ford west Meat Market, the carcase of a calf unfit for human food. The defendant said the calf waR a small one, and if it was not a month old he would give it for nothing. He could get the man of whom he bought it to prove its ago- Mr Cecil, Inspector of Nuisances, said: About half- past nine this morning my attention was called to the defendant's stall. I saw a carease of a calf cut in two, hanging up in the stall apparently for sale. I considered it was not a week old. ( searched for the skin, and found what he admitted to be the skin concealed under- neath some others in the same stall. Attached to the skin was the head of the calf. From its general appear- ance, I have no hesitation in sayina that in my opinion it was not a week old, and quite unfit to he eaten by man. I seized the meat, nnd brought it away, and it was con- demned. It was ordered to be destroyed, but I have not had time to do so. Mayor: It was condemned by me, but I did not rely upon my own judgment alone. I asked my brother, who from his note to me appears to be an occasional customer of the defendant. My brother came here, inspected the meat, and had not the s'ightest hesitation in saying that it was unfit for human food. William Howell, called by the defendant, deposed: I sold the dl fenbnt it calf which would he a month old next Tuesday morning. It was a black calf. In cross examination, the witness said that he was unable to say whether the calf seized was the one he had sold the defendant The one he sold him was a small black calf: he could not tell whether the defendant bought other calves the same week: he lived a long way from him. The Mayor: What is the particular objection to meat ? Mr Cecil: It was so yourg: it had not reached raatu ritv, and was generally bad. I washed the feet, and I found they had been blackened, and had not lost \VI,fI' called the yellow stockingspretty goud evidt n<-<- o its youth. Mayor: What price do they get for such meat in tfr market? Mr Cecil: I have seen joints bought, for 8d. They -e l fhem for 8d in a lump, and for 9d or l.s,—for what ihcj they can get rather than take the meat away. I seen four joints much better than th,se sold for 4s (id. Upon one occasion I saw five joints so'd for 4s Gel. Defendant: I had a call more than two mouths old, and-it weighed only lilts a quarter. In answer to the Mayor, Mr Cecil said I have had occasion to caution the de- fendant twice before, but I have never previously sum moned bim. Mayor: It so happens that upon this occasion the medical gentleman to whom I spoke, as soon as he saw the meat said it was quite nntit for human food. The act of parliament, gives the Inspector power to seize meat if it appears unwholesome or unfit for the food of man It does not depend upon the age of the animal, so that it would be no use for you to prove that it was a month old. if it appears on inspection that th» nooonoOA .#1. ■or human food. The carcase has been inspected, ani declared to be unfit for human food; and upon ground I have condemned it. In my opinion the de. 'endant is guilty of the offence with which he is chargeoj but as this is the first information that has been against bim, i shall not deal with him very severely, j cannot pass a thing of this sort o\ er because it is the po"' who suffer by the exposure for sale of unwholesome meat' and these proceedings are really proceedings for the Pr0' tection of the poor, who cannot afford to buy the cboica and these proceedings arc really proceedings for the Pr0' tection of the poor, who cannot afford to buy the cboica joints and more expensive articles of the market. sentence is that you pay a fine of jgl and the costs o« these proceedings. I hope this will bo a warning you. I may tell you that I have the power to inflio'4 fine of £ 20, or to send you to prison, without a fine a'' for a term not exceeding three calendar months. 1trU this will be a caution to you and other butchers that y0" must bring sound wholesome meat to market, and t>0' things which are not fit for human food. () The defendant paid the fine and costs, amounting t £ 112s 6d.