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ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall, on Satur- day, before A. B. Starbuck, E<q, and T. Roberts, Esq. NON PAYMENT OF RATES. John Penry Jones, of Sutt, n Lodge, was summoned by the Overseers, of the parish of Lambaton, for non. payment. of rates. Mr J. Crymes James appeared fur the defendant, who was not present during the time the case was before the Court. Mr James I have to ask your Worships for an ad- journment fur this reason :—I am instructed that the rates have been altered, and that leaves have been torn out of the book, and Mr Jones refuses to pay the rate until a proper one is made out. Mr Jones does not re- fuse to pay his rates, but be does not wish to pay until they are made out in a proper form. I ask your Wor- ships to allow the case to stand over that he might be able to aho if what kind of rates these are. Information will be laid this next week against the party for altering 'he rate and tearing out leaves. The Overseer, here at the request of the Clerk, pro- luced the rate book. The Clerk, in answer to the Bench, said that there was nothing defective about the rate. In reply to a question, The Overseer said the rate amounted to £3 3s 7-id, Mr James I have the money in my pocket to pay the rate, but I ask for an adjournment to enable Mr Jones to show what has been done with the rates. The Clerk If the rate is good on its face, Mr Jones must pay it. Will Mr Jones pay the costs of the day ? Mr James: Yes. The case was then adjourned for a week, the defen- dant paying the costs of the day. DRUNKENNESS AND RIOTVUS CONDUCT. Mary Cltampion was ebarged with being drunk and riotous at Neyland. Police Constable Beynon proved the case, and the de- fendant was ordered to pay a fine of 5a and costs. STRAYS. Mr J. P. Jones (who bad entered the Court during the hearing of the last case), addressing Sergeant Clarke, said Is Camrose policeman here ? There were pigs out in the road, and I took the trouble to inquire about it. Mr Price, the policeman, saw them, and the part) has not been summoned. Sergeant Clarke I have enquired into this matter, and the police constable informs me that the pigs were not on the road, but on a common. That being the case I submit, sir, we had no power to lay an information. Mr Jones: They were not on the common. You know where Lambston Churoh is, and they were forty yards from the Church. There is no common there. Clerk You may call attention to it, sir, but it has nothing to do with the Bench. It is a question for the chief constable as regards the discipline of the force. If you have any complaint to make, I would suggest that you make it to the Chief Constable. Mr Jonea I v.-ill lay the information myself. Clerk: That looks more like business. Mr Jones: If Captain Stokes does n It do so, I will do so myself. I have a witness to prove the case.