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HAV^HFOR!>WKST BoR' X GTR BILL.—This Bill was read Raecond time in the House oi Lords on Monday la^t. JOINT COUNTIB3 LUNATIC \-YI.UM. A special rcec- ing of the Committee of Visi*- was held at the. To" n Hall, Carmarthen, on the 26 inst. Present-J. L G. P. Lewis Esq, Chairman Dr D.vster, Dr Llewellyn, D.C.L., R. Pavin Davies, Esq, YV. E. B. Gwyn, E<q, and Captain Cross. Letters from the Clerk of the Old Gas Company, and from Mr W. J. Morgan, secretary of (j the Carmarthen Gas Consumer's Company, both of the 25th inst, respecting the supply of gas for the Asylum, were read. It was then resolved that Messrs Porter and Co's. plans, specification, and estimated cost of building gas works, for the supply of Gas for the Asylum shonld be laid before the next Court of Quarter Sessions for Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire, and Pembrokeshire, and Secretary of State for approval, and the Clerk to the Visitors was instructed to attend those sessions with such plans, &c. A report to accompany the plans to the Quarter Sessions was then considered and approved of, atter which the meeting of the committee terminated. PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL IN FOREIGN PARTS.— Sermons in aid of the Society fer the propagation of the Gospel in Foreign parts, will be preached in this town on Sunday next, the 7th of June, by the Rev Richard Lewis, M.A., Rector of Lampeter Velfrey,—in the morning at eleven o'clock at Saint Thomas Church, and in the evening at 6 o'clock at Saint Martin'slChurcb. A collection will be made on both occasions in behalf of the funds of the Society. WHITMONDAY was observed in this town as a general holiday. Excursion parties were very numerous, and, judging by the aspect of desertion the streets wore, the whole population appeared to have made an attempt to enjoy the holiday, A large number of persons visited Little Haven, a favourite place of resort on these oc- casions others went to Manorbier to witness the rustic sports, and a crowd of excursionists accompanied the volunteers to Tenby. The weather,'although a shower or two fell, was very favourable, and the various excur- sionists reached their respective homes without the occurrence of aay accident to mar the pleasures of the day. ASSAULTING A WIFE.—At the Magistrates' Clerk's Office on Monday, before G. Rowe, and Summers Har- ford, Esqrs, James Thomas was brought up in custody of i).C. Webb, charged with violently assaulting his wife Mary Thomas, at the parish of Llanstadwell, on the 1st inst. The complainant (who appeared in court with both eyes blackened and her face fearfully contused) described a systematic course of ill treatment by the prisoner towards her, which he did not deny, but ascribed to "drink." The magistrates, after remarking on the brutal cowardice of the prisoner, committed him to the common gaol for one month with hard labour, and ordered him to pay the costs, amounting to 14s 3d, or bo further imprisoned for fourteen days* HAVERFORDWEST RIFLE CORPs.-This corps, under the command of Col. Peel, made an excursion to Tenbv, on Whitmonday. The members mustered in the Castle Square at eight o'clock, and were conveyed by an ex- cursion train, via Neyland, to Tenby. On their arrival at Tenbv, they were joined by the volunteers from Nar- berth, and marched to the Marshes, where thay went through a course of battalion and skirmishing drill. At the conclusion of the exercises, they returned to Tenby, and were dismissed shortly after one o'clock. In the evening, the Volunteers reassembled, and returning by the same route, reached home about 10 o'clock. The other officers present were Captain Brady, Captain Massy, Lieutenant M'Murtrie, and Lieutenant Williams. The muster was very numerous, there being about 150 of all ranks on parade. We may mention that it is pro bable the Corps will be inspected on the 22nd of this month, and it is very much to be desired that every volunteer should attend the drills preparatory to the in- spection, and all endeavour to perfect themselves in the exercises which will be gone through before the Inspect- ing Officer. WESLItYAN CHAPKL, MERLIN'S BRIDGE, HAVERFORD WEST,This little chapel, which has just undergone considerable reparations, was re-opened for Divine wor- ship on Sunday last, by the Rev Mr Edwards of Tenby. The building being small, and the weather warm and remarkably line, it was wisely determined to hold the service in the afternoon and evening in the open air; and Mr James Morgan kindly lent a field adjoining the Merlin's Brook for the purpose- The spot chosen was ex- ceedingly well adapted for holding such a service, as It was immediately under the shadow of a clump of trees. The attendance at all the services was good, and the col- lections in aid of the funds for defraying the expense of the repairs were satisfactory. Mr Edwards preached three excellent sermons, and was listenrd to with marked attention. His style is very popular, and, being quite a young minister, yet ordained, promises to be a very useful and attractive preacher in after life. An accident oc- curred just as Mr Edwards was uttering the last sentence of his evening's discourse. A little boy about seven or eight years of age fell into the brook, and but for the fact that timely help was at hand, he would undoubtedly have been drowned. The lad was immediately picked up nnhurfc by Mr J. R. Jones, a clerk with Mr W. Davics, solicitor, Haverfordwest. This little unfortunate cir- cumstance disturbed the meeting to some extent, and if it bad happened at the commencement instead of at the close of the service would have been more damaging. HAVERFORDWEST COUNTY COURT. — The monthly si'ting of this Court took place on Friday at the Shire Hall, before H. R. Bagshawe, Esq, Judi;e.— W. Blethyn v. Great Western Railway Company. — This was a claim for £ 1 4s, made by the plaintiff, a cabinetmaker, against the company, for damage sustained by the break- ing of a marble table-top, in transit from Swansea to Haverfordwest. Mr W. V. James appeared for the de- fendant, and pleaded not guilty, denying the bailment of the company, and stating that the 8;h condition, (which set forth the company would not be answerable for any loss when the goods were improperly described), had not been complied with. The plaintiff deposed that he received goods from Swansea by the Great Western Railway Company last September, and that a marble top, which was included among them, was broken. He claimed jEl 4s for the damage. -In cross-examina- tion, the plaintiff said the goods were sent by Mr Thomas, of Swansea. There were four tables mentioned in the paper produced, and the marble top, which be- longed to one of the tables, was wrapped up in some carpet. He did not know that a higher rate was charged 'or ihe carriage of marble top3 than for carpeting, and that he would have had to pay more for the carriage of it if it had not been put in the carpetting. The marble top was not mentioned in the receipt for the goods.- His Honour said he could not hold the Company re- sponsible for the damage to the marble top, as it was not included in the invoice of goods, and it was not paid for at the rate charged for the conveyance of marble. His Honour thought that Mr Thomas, who sent the goods, was liable for the damage which had been sus- tained, and not the company, and non-suited the plaintiff. There were several other cases heard, but none of them possessed any featuft: of public interest.