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Haverfordwest POSTAL regulations



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STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, MILFORD, SWANSEA, & BRISTOL For the Month of JUNE, 1868. The Liverpooland BristolChannel Steam Navigation Comnanv's Steamships Sovbrctoh, Capt, Qi!»bs Winbkrvbrk,Capt• J.Bamtt MO.NTASU, Capt Speakman AXNIJ.-VKR.S-ON,Capt.Itoul^.on JA-K BACOK, Capt. Old. J. KBKNKDV, Capt. Welsh Capt. Tallan. AGNES JACK, Capt. Hon is Llewzlz-sh, Capt. Beckett •iu oaD?ve' ?r 80rae °tlier suitable vessel, is intended tosa Witts OOous and Passengers, (liilcsaprevented by any unforeseta MeutTcnct) as follows, with or without pilots, aud iibertj to tow Ycasels From Liverpool to Milford and Bristol. Laj\ciM)g passengers for SWANSEA, at the MumMe? (-reather Saturday June <? ..10 morn Saturday 20 9 morn Saturday 13 2i after I Saturday 27 S after From Bristol. banding Passengersfor Swansea at the V-uirb,e-lfweatter pei flitting) june 7 4 mora • Sunday 21 morn y 11 9 rnorn J Sunday 28. 9 morn From Milford far Liverpool. jteturMngfroia Bristolevery Tuesday, and from Svar. s?a every Wednesday. Wednesday June 3 9 Eig'hl. j Wednesday.17.. 7 even Wednesday 10.. 2 a!t?r | Wednesday 24 I after F A KK8:— (Return tickets available for two voyages.) Cabin. Deck. Return ihlt ml to ov from Liverpool 13s Od 7s' nd 's Mill., r; to or from Bristol 8s 6d 7s Cd Miii'i-i'd to or trom Swansea (Mumbles} 5s Od 3s Od — Pas?e:;i:ers are landed and embarked at Milford {weather per- n'.illinsl free ot charge in the Eteam Tender GIPSY. For tuitaerpartieutttrs see small bill, or apply to John Baccn and Co., Managing Owners, H, Water-street, Liverpool; G. J3. S'in?, Bristol; Charles Laiab, Swansea; John Knnworthy ard qu., M.tRc.I.f.st.er. 1, R. D. HOSE, AOL.-«V ?.'iL?oaD.