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f« PEMBROKE. t PEMBROKE FARMEP.'S CLUB.—The quarterly rnee,titlf of this Society will be held on Saturday, the 30tb Jp when tbo Annual Sheep Shearing will take PlB"e' kind permission of Mr G. Thomas, at the Priory to tnence at eleven o clock. All candidates for the must give notice (in writing) to the Secretary, on °r before Wednesday, the 27th inst, after which, no can be accepted. Each competitor to Shear three sueep, fold the wool neatly, and when finished, state the to the Secretary, who will attend to keep the time. The Ordinary will be at the Lion Hotel, at Three Subject for discussion (continued from last meeting)"Jj The best season of the year for the occupation of tenant farmer to expire, for the mutual advantage 0 landlord and tenant.' B.OROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. [Town Hall, Saturday, May 23rd, before H. P. J°neS' Esq, Mayor; J. B. Bryant, Esq, W. Hulrn, J. Dawkins, E?q, S. W. Hustler, Esq, D. A. #el' Esq, and the Rev R. J. H. Thomas.] Mary Duer, of Pembroke Dock, was charged "1 Esther Brown, of the same place, with an assault. Case dismissed. Complainant did not appear. Thomas Lloyd, of Monkton, carter, was charged J Superintendent Evana, with allowing a horse to stray0 the highway. Case dismissed. • George Thomas, of Cresswell Quay, was crargcd tb same with furiously driving a horse and cart throllS 0 this town on the 19th inst. at Police (Constable Benjamin Eynonv deposed AbOv eight o'clock on Tuesday evening the 19th inst, I 9!j-j defendant driving a cart and horse furiously throuvlb town. There were about 100 cbildren coming out t the Assembly Rooms at the time: the horse he going at a full gallop, too fast for me to stop him iL pulled up on a trot near the Bush, and when by the Tree started off at a gailop again out of my sight. Fined 5s, and 9s 2d costs. Paid. M Ann Bees, of the Mains, Monkton, was charged James Cole of the same place with an assault on the 21" instant. Fined Is and Ss 6d costs, or seven days. Paid.. Charles Grinham, seaman, of H. M's. Ship R was charged by George Warlow, of Pembroke P°C seaman, with an assault on the 21st inst. Complainant deposed I am a sailor living at street, Pembroke Dock. On Thursday night about b* past ten o'clock, I and one David Rowe, were £ through Queen Street. Defendant came and struck blow in the eye with his Sat without any cause. pgt said it is a good job you had somebody with 7°u' ec you would never know who struck you.' I had seen the man before. He never said anything to £ I never exchanged a word with him. I asked r it was for. He said I'll kill you if I had my He was sober and I waj sober, but had had » beer. David Rowe corroborated this evidence. jo For the defence, Mary Ann Evans deposed: I e 11 company of defendum on the night in question. ^g, we passed complainant he used disgraceiul iangu Csirmot say towards whom it was used. Fined 10s, sjnd 9-* costs Paid. „a$e, George Warlow, the complainant in the former uit was charged by Superintendent Evans with tieing and riotous on the same night. t last, P.C. David Griffiths deposed On Thursday nig» pegj- ahout half-past 10 o'clock, I was in Q-a lotLIes broke Dock. I saw tbc defendant there with "isfn)ijled off, wanting to fight, and about. 30 or 40 people assen about him. He was swearing and using very guage, and wanting to fi.nht any one who I His clothes were off to his shirt, lie was very dru g0 requested him to go homo quiet. He told 'a0 to -— and mind my own business. motM*' For the defence, Jane Warlow, defendants butvvso deposed I saw him stripped: he had some beer, o not very drank. gbortiy Fined 5s, and 7s costs, or seven days, law after being removed out of court in custody. Ann Barries, ot the Black Horse, Pembio > charged by the same with keeping her^ hou.-e v half past twelve o'clock on Sunday morning- Defendant did net appear, but a medical was-put in to show she could not attend. _rna P.C. Eynon proved the service of the sonally on the 21st iastauti