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TENBY CORPORATION. At an adjourned meeting on Monday the 18th inst. the discussion on the proposed Tenby Iron Pier was again adjourned. The following Report of the Committee appointed to,. inquire into the practicability and necessity of construct- ing a Harbour of Refuge for coasting vessela at Tenby was then read:- That there is no adequate shelter for the vast num- ber of coasting craft in the Bristol Channel during easterly gales between Milford and Penarth Roads. I That Caldy Roads during these winds are crowded in a dangerous degree, and if the wind shifts to the west- ward, as is of frequent Occurrence, the whole of these vessels are on a dead lea-shore, and wrecks are the consequence. I That having obtained a chart of the last survey of the bay, they consider that a pier or jetty run out from the Castle Hill, in a slight semicircular direction, with its head terminating at a distance of 400 yards due nortb (true) would give the required shelter from all winds for a very large number of vessels. That such pier will inclose a space giving at its head ten feet of water at dead low water spring tides, which is sufficient depth for all vessels which can approach Tenby Roads at low water, as sandbanks, with but ten feet on them at that time, exist outside the Castle Hiil and St Catherine's Island. I That sufficient rise and fall of water is found in Carmarthen Bay to enable any vessel frequenting tb» locality to enter the proposed 1 arbour at half flood. The committee therefore report that, in their opinios, an application to the Board of Trade should be made by the Mayor and the Council for a grant of public monej to make fUch Harbour of Refuge. (Signed) Thomas Rees. 'Charles C. Wells, e W. M. Harries.' Resolved,—That the foregoing report be adopted and entered in the minute book. The names of the Mayor, C. Allen, Esq, G. White, Esq, and Mr Mason, were added to the Harbour of Refuge Committee. The meeting was then further adjourned until Monday the 25th instant. We have frequently advocated the formation of such A harbour and we have therefore great pleasure ib placing this report before our readers. We believe that from the point mentioned the foundation of such a pier is not only practicable but comparatively easy. The wrecks that take place in consequence of the want of a Harbour of Refuge at Tenby are doubtless numerous = many known losses of life and property are thereby occasioned, and the casualties unknown. Ships and crews missing it is impossible to number, but in all probability they rept esent a great loss of life and property. Fr(,m the great number of vessels that in ordinary weather make use of Caldy Roadstead insecure ash is under certain circumstances, we mav infer that a very large sum would be leviable for a Harbour of Refuge and a very creditable per centage annually returned for the outlay. When, however, such a harbour is known to be formed the number of vessels would be most materially increased. Most of the wrecks that have taken place between Milford Haven and Penarth have resulted from the want of such a harbour in such a situation with it the risks of the channel would be greatly lessened if not annulled. We only hope tho proposed memorial will meet with the success it really merits.