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TENBY CORPORATION. A quarterly meeting was beld on Monday, the 11th instant, Present,—The Mayor Aldermen Wells, Kees, and Mason Councillors G. White, J. Gregory, G. Hughe*, W. M. Harries. G. Mends, H. Birkin, W.GibUs, J. Gifford. and W. W. Rees. A letter was read from Mr Roberts, offering to give C60 and to make the road to the station from the Green Hill Road, for the plot of land in the front of his house at the Green Hit!; or, without making the road, he would give at the same rate per yard as Mr C. Allen did for the land he bought in the Pill Field. Alderman Wells spoke in favour of having a road to the station through the Corporation field, (Saint John's Croft,) as, while it would form the best approach, it would also increase the value of their property for build- ing sites. Mr Mends desired to know why the original arrange- ment to settle the amount to be paid for the land by arbitration bad been departed from. The Town Clerk said that the off;r made to Mr Roberts by the Corporation was without prejudice, consequently 3id not supersede that arrangement. Mr Birkin maintained that tin Corporation should look forward to the future improvement of their property. He instanced how the Pill Field had increased in value since a road to the station had been made through it. The same result no doubt would follow from making the principal road to the station across Saint John's Croft, which road would, he understood, be carried on along- side the railway, and thus form a pleasing drive to the South Sands. Mr White said that the Railway Company had incurred i considerable expense in placing the station where it now is to oblige the Corporation, who then undertook to Lake down the cottages, and make the road across Saint John's Croft, a plan for which road had been made by Mr Compton before he left Tenby. Alderman Rees stated that the proposed approach to the station would be a great advantage to the Norton and Croft Terrace. Alderman Mason said that he was one of the Committee who, on behalf of the Corporation, met the Secretary, Engineer, Surveyor, and Contractors of the Pembroke Md Tenby Railway Company, and arranged with them ;hat the Railway Station should be placed as near as practicable to the Infant School, and that then the Cor- poration should make a road across Saint John's Croft, and take down the cottages on the Green Hill. He trusted that the Council would act honourably towards :he Company, and carry out what was then promised. rhey need not sell the land, as he saw no reason why ;hey should do so. unless they got a good price for it. Mr W. M. Harries said that he was in favour of larrying out the arrangement made by the Committee with tho Railway Company. Moved by Alderman Wells, seconded by Mr G. White, That the verbal agreement entered into by Mr G. White, the then Mayor, and part of the Town Council, on behalf of the Corporation, with the Railway Company, in relation to the removal of the cottages on the Green Hill, and making a public road to the station be carried out; but that the Railway Company complete the road to the station before the cottages are removed; the Cor- poration undertaking not to let the adjoining land for building purposes." Proposed as an amendment by the Mayor, and seconded by Mr Mends, That Mr Roberts be offered the land on the Green Hill for<gi20, coupled with the condition that he make and complete a new road to the Railway Station, this offer being made without prejudice." For the amendment,-The Mayor, Councillors Gifford, Mends, and W. W. Rees for the motion,-Aldermen Wells, Mason, and Rees, Councillors White, Gregory, Harries, Gibùi". Hughes, and Birkin. The following letter from the Mayor was read, and ordered to be entered in the minute book:— Sir,-Be so good as to communicate to the Town Council that I formally make over to it any property I may have in the fountain I have recently erected by per- mission of the Council in the Castle- Square. Yours truly. r F» D. DYSTER. John Gwynne, Esq., Tenby, May 11, 1868. It was ordered that Mr Parcell be allowed to nnderlet & part of the Rope Walk Field to Mr Chater, for the purpose of making a battery for the use of the Volun- teers. The consideration of the memorial to the Board of Trade and Trinity House, for making Tenby Harbour a harbour of refuge, was adjourned to the next meeting. The Council then sat as a Board of Health, when the following letter was read Surveyor's Office, May 11, 1861. To F. D. Dyster, Esq, Chairman of the Local Board of Health. Sir,-In accordance with your instructions a survey has been made of the water taps in this town, a report of which I herewith beg to hand you, also a statement. showing the number of houses which have not as yet been supplied with water. I beg to inform you that Knightstor reservoir has been walled or lined, the back part of which is well puddled with clay in order to make the work watertight. Since that has been completed, the water from Knight- ston has been on the town, by itself, for twenty houre daily, and the water out of the town reservoirs is turned on but four hours daily, in connection with Knightston -water. It appears to act so well that to lay down the pipes as proposed will only incur a large amount of outlay for no purpose. I have the honour, &e., WM. GRIFFITHS, Surveyor to the Local Board of Health. It was reslved that no further water maias should at present belaid down. The Town Clerk laid on the table the following :— 1IST OF PERSONS WHO HAVE TAKEN OUT LICENSES. ffcwure Jioat, William Tasker, Quay Hill; Thomas Tnomas, Quay Hill; William Rees, Quay Hill; William fhomas, Quay Hill; John Richards, Serjeant's Lane; fames Howells, Crackwell-street; David Price, Quay Robert Graimicliffe, Quay John Hampson, Bridge- street; John Reee, Quay; C. Creese, Bridge-street; Thomas Rees, St Julian-street; H. Parcell, Serjeant's Lane. Carriages and Saddle Hor.ses.-Henry Birkin, Frog- atre t; George Smith, Crackwell-street John Phiilips, The Green George Davies, Serjeant's Lane John Phillips. Machines, Bathing Women and Drivers.—All. LIST OF PERSONS WHO HAVE NOT TAKEN OUT LICENSES. Pleasure Boats.-John Lewis, Green Dragon Thomas Thomas, Chimney Park; Robert Ashman, Bridge-street; Joseph Wickland, Serjeant's Lane; David Williams, Chimney Park. Carriages and Saddle Horses.—'Thomas Griffiths, Gray Horse; William Richards, Gate House; William Rees, St Julian Street; Thomas Griffiths, Frog Street; Ann Cadwallader, Bank Lane; Henry John, Frog Street; William Jenkins, Three Mariners. The police were ordered to proceed against all persons having pleasure beats or carriages who might apply for hire, not first having obtained a license to do so from the Local Board. The meeting was then adjourned until Monday next.