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iNAK BERTH. LMHA»»GE FELONY.— On Thursday evening week, while Mrs Griffiths, of Reynoldston, near Begelly, and her family were present at a meeting held in her .granary about twenty yards from the house, she lost a piece of bacon about 13lba weight. An alarm was given, and Police Constable Rees, from Jeffreston, and Benjamin Morgans, a neighbour, were soon on the spot, and at once discovered some salt dropped here and there. Having suspicions, they asked permission to search some' premises which was granted. In consequence of the night being dark, Rees and Morgans remained on the premises until daylight. They were not long before they found the bacon buried in the earth about ten or twelve inchei deep. Police Constable Rees took William Barnett and Joseph Barnett, father and son, in charge for stealing the bacon. They were the next day taken before J. L. G. P. Lewis, Esq, of Henllan, when Joseph Barnett made a full confession of the theft. Both were CQm. Bitted to take their trial at the Qqarter Sessions, | I Cot-'dteafilaB Morris Morgan, Broadlay, farmer I William IX Phillips, Crunweai Rectory, clerk Crinow. William Lewis. Crinow, farmer Castledyran Thomas James, Fynon, Brodir, farmer Cyme .John Voyle Morgan, Castle Ely, farmer Cilraaenllwyd John Jame", Coedllys, farmer East vV illiamston .James Protfteroe, Cold Inn, farmer Eglwysfair-a-cberig.Lewi« Phillips, Pencelly, farmer Egremont Benjamin Nicholas, Gellyole, far- mer Eglwyscnmoain .Henry Thomas, Red Rosa, farmer Grondre Henllan Amgoed .George Thomas, Parke, gentleman Jeffreston Alexander Smith, Jeffreston, farmer Llandissilio (Pom.) .Morris Thomas, Brynairon, farmer Llanvalteg (Pcm.) William Lloyd. Penderry, farmer Llawhaden .Thomas Griffiths, Llawhaden, farmer Ludchurch John Lewis, Blaencilgoed, farmer Llandilo William Melchior, Llandilo,farmer Llangolman John Jone". Pengawse. farmer Llandycefn Josiah Nicholas, Gilvach-isha, farmer Llandewi Velfrey Daniel John, Pentroydin, farmer Lampeter Velfrey William Henry Shield, Gilfacb, landed proprietor Llysyfrane John Bowen, Llysyfrane, farmer Llanvalteg, (Carm.) .Thomas Jones, Wertilygos. farmer Llandissilio (Carm) Maurice G. Davies, Thornvile Grove gentleman Llan glidwen. David Gibbon, Forest, farmer Llanboidy James Morris, Wcrnberney, farmer 9% Phillip Davies, Pistillevrith, farmer Loveston Henry John, Loveston, farmer Llangan David Thomas, Barley mour, farmer Llangan Hamlet ..George Phillips, Sarnlas, farmer Marros William James, Pulth Marros, farmer Mounton John Lewis, Lower Mountain, far- mer Minwear Thomas Davies, Broome Hill, far- mer Martletwy Isaac John, Landshipping House, farmer Maenclochog .John Howell, Maenclochog, farmer Monachlogddu .Daniel Phillips, Cwmgarw, farmer Narbarth North.John Roblin, Market-square, Nar- berth, currier i, .John Griffiths, Noble Court, auc- tioneer Narberth South. H. 0. Martin, Great Molleston, eolicitor New Moat .George Davies, New Moat, farmer Newton .George Protheroe, Newton, farmer Pendine Richard Evans, Big House, Pen- dine Reynoldston Daniel Williams, Payots Nest, far. mer Robeston Wathan .J. W. Blathwayt, White Hall, free- holder Slebech .Thomas Phillip Lewis, PictonFarm, farmer Saint Issells Isaac Thomas, Hop's Hill, farmer Yorlan Enoch Jenkins, Vorlan, farmer Yerbeaton James Palmer, Yerbeston, farmer The Rev W. D. Phillips, was elected chairman, and the Rev R. B. Jones and Thomas Griffiths, Esq, vice- chairmen, for the ensuing year.