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PEMBROKE. COUNTY PETTY SESSIONS. [Town Hall, Saturday, May 2nd, before J. Adams, Esq, N. A. Roch, Esq, William Hulm, Esq, F. L. Clark, Esq, H. Leach, Esq, and T. Mansd, Esq.] Benjamin Hay was charged by Col. Sergeant Charles Winter, with having in his possession Regimental ac- cessaries, viz, two shirts, one towel, one pair of boots, value 15s 5d. P. C. George Morris, No 36, deposed I am a Police ConstaWe stationed at Penally. I searched the defen- dant's house under a warrant. I found the things pro- duced in the defendant's house, and took possession of them. Fined 10s and treble value of boots, &c, amounting to 46s 3d, and 12s 8d costs, in default two months in the House of Correction. Henry Jones was charged by Mr Superintendent G. Evans, with allowing two horses to stray on the high- way. Fined la each horse, and costs 7a 2d. Paid. BOROUGH CASES. [Same day before H.P. Jones, Esq, mayor, Wm. Hulm, Esq, and T. Mansel, Esq.] James Knott, private in the Royal Marines, was charged by Walter Moon with stealing a shawl on the 30th of April, his property. Complainant deposed I am a hawker, and lodging at the Bell and Lion, Pembroke Dock. I was at the Bombiy Hotel on Thursday evening last. I went there at half-past three o'clock. The prisoner Knott came in at the same time. I remained in the bar until half-past seven. I bad a pack in the parlour, containing cloth goods and shawls, and other things. The bar is on the right hand side of the passage and the parlour the left. The bar door is nearer the front door. I bad been showing my goodd in the parlour to the servant of the house. I fastened up the pack by strapping it up, and ■went into the bar. I left*Knott in the parlour. He ▼as there when I was showing the goods. This was about five o'clock. After I left theparllur Mrs Chappel, the landlady of the Bombay told me to look after my pack for it was loose. I went into the parlour and found that the pack was fastened up roughly but not as I had left it. I opened it and missed thre-3 shawls from it. £ nott and the other marines had gone out then: I saw one of the ihawls, a printed tissue shawl, at a public house in the possession of Stephens the policeman. It was then about half-past seven or a quarter to eight. The prisoner Knott was then present. This is one of the ehawlft that was taken from the pack, and is the shawl that was given by the landlady to Stephens the policeman in the presence of the prisoner and myself. The value of the shawl is 10s. Ellen Powell deposed: I am the landlady of the Castle at Pembroke Dock. I saw the prisoner Knott. He came into our house on Thursday about half pa/at eight. He bad a big coat on his arm and thsew it down on the floor in the bar. I picked up the coat ani saw 'a shawl in it. As I picked it up the aVmwl feil on the ground. I said Knott, where did you Ret tibia shawl?' He said I don't know.' I asked him. if h-e had taken it from any shop and be said 4 no: I said if you have tell me, and I will take it back, for you mill get into trouble,' He said 4 No I have not.' I said' I shall take possession of it,' and I folded it up and put it in a drawer, As those wnrds were spoken, the policeman Stephens came in aud in coflsequeoce of his enquiries I brought out the shawl and gave it to the policeman. I pointed out Knott as the man that I had received it from. To the beet of my belief this is the same shawl. I ob- ser,red,tht ticket had nothing on it. This ticket has none. Police Constable Thomas Stephens deposed: I am stationed at Pater. I had certain information on Thurs- day which led me to go to the Castle- I saw, the pri- soner fhere. The prosecutor was with me. From what I -said 1o Mrs Powell she produced a shawl. The pro- secutor identified it as his. I took the prisoner into custody for stealing it. This is the shawl Mrs Powell gave me, [shawl produced]: it has been in my possession ever since. ttt-s$e Chappel deposed: I am landlord of the Bombay Hotel, at Pater. Knott and the prosecutor were in my house on ihursdaylast. They were there from about three or four until about seven o'clock. Committed summarily for six weeks hard labour. Thomas James, in the employ of Mr Abraham, Sim. cock, earthen-ware dealer, was charged by Silme com- plainant with stealing a silver watch and chair from his person on the 30th April. Walter Moon deposed I am a travelling hawker, and staying at the Ball and Lion, Pembroke Dick. I was at the Bombay Hotel, on Thursday evening last, from half- pa&t three till about half-past seven. Whilst there I accused some marines of stealing some things from my pack. I was in the bar then and the prisoner also. On my saying so the prisoner said, 'say the marines robbed you.' I said • yes,' and he got up and struck me in the face with his fist. I fell from the blow on the floor through the door into the passage. I was on the floor about two minutes. About five minutes after I got up I missed my watch from my %aistcoat pocket: it was fastened to the button hole in my waistcoat. The chain was broken. I did not see the watch until I saw it with Stephens, the constable, the same evening. This watch and chain are my property, which I missed on Thursday. I saw the bar belonging to the chain with Stephens. The value of the watch, is JEL Jesse Chappel deposed I am the landlord of the Bombay Hotel, Pembroke Duck. On Thursday evening last, M jon the prosecutor and the prisoner were at my house. I remember Moon coming into the bar, and sayirg the marines had robbed him. The prisoner got up and collared the prosecutor Moon. The prosecutor was knocked down by the prisoner in the passage. I went to take prisoner off prosecutor, but was not able. Prosecutor was on his back on the floor and the prisoner upon him. After they got up, I saw a Corporal of the Engineers pick up this bar of the chain off the ground, and he asked me if it was mine. 1 took it and gave it to the constable Stephens. The prosecutor before this said be had lost his watch. Police Constable Thomas Stephens deposed: I took the prisoner into custoday on Thursday for assault and robbery. On going to the station, I noticed the prisoner with his hand on his left breast pocket which was out- side tbe coal- as he pulled it out he said 4 here is the watch, a marine put it in my pocket.' I took posses- sion of the watch. There was a chain attached to it: this is the same watch and chain. This bar was given to me by Chappel previous to having the watch and chain. The prisoner was committed to take his trial at the next quarter sessions. TOW.V HALL, PEMBROKE. [Tuesiay. May 5tb, before H. P. Jones, Esq, mayor."] John M&Gauley was charged by Police Sergeant R. Irving, with being a deserter from the 85th JEtegt. of foot. Committed to Haverfordwest prison to await an escort. [At 4-30 p.m. same date before H. P. Jones, mayor, Esq, and T. Mansel, Esq.] Thomas Marks, coachman to Mrs Ferrier, of Tenby, was charged by Thomas Phillips, A.P.S., with furiously driving a carriage and pair this day at a quarter past two p.m. S. W. Hustler, Major Leach, and Rev R. J. H. Thomas proved the charge, and the defendant was fined 20s, and costs, and in default one month. [Town Hall, May 6th, before H. P. Jones, Esq, mayor, S. W. Hustler, Esq. and the Rev R. J. H. Thomas.] William Clark was charged by Mr Superintendent G. Evans, with being drunk and riotous and assaulting a Police Constable at Pembroke Dock. Ordered to be committed for seven days hard labour, unless the costs 4s be paid in two hours. Paid.