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STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN ^ERPOOL, MILFORD, SWANSEA, & BRISTOL For the Month of MAY, 1868. JL _—_ 46 Liverpool and Brittol Channel Steam Navieation Compnny'f Steam Ships ho Capt, Gilibs WJNDKRMKRE, Capt. J. Barrett J Gapt Spcakman AK NMVKIINO N CAPt .RouMon BA.CON, Capt. Old. J. KOBNNKDY, Capt. Welsh Capt. Tallan. AONES JACK, Capt. Monis Capt. Beckett *ith r-a0ove> or BOmu other suitable vessel, is intended to sa Goods and Passengers, (unless prevented by any unforeseen wtrence) as follows, witu or without pilots, and liberty to VESSELS;— » From Liverpool to Milford and Bristol. passengers for SWANSEA, at the Mumbles, (weather. Suti, permitting.) JIily 2 6 oven Saturday 16 5 even "•Way 9 ii morn I Saturday 23 .10 morn Saturday, May 30th, 41 o clock afternoon. From MilfordJor Bristol. EndingPassengersfor Swansea AT the Mumblef (weather permitting) • May 3 12 noon Sunday 17 1' morn 10 h morn Sunday 24 4 morn Sunday, May 31st, at 11 o'clock morning. From Milford Jor Liverpool. ttroingfrotn Bristolevery Tuesday, and from Swansea every- Wednesday. WEDNESDAY MaJ' S 10 night Wednesday 20 9 night Y U. 3 after j Wednesday £ 7 2 alter fares :— (Return tickets available for two voyages.) j Cabin. Deck. Return J10 0r from Liverpool 13s Od 7 s Od 8s from Bristol 8« 6d 7s Od 18s to or from Swansea (Mumbles) 5s Od 3s Od •— ^ttSfers are landed and embarked at Milford (weather per- j,flitting) tree or charge in the Steam Tender GII'SY. J?* tnrtber particulars sec small bill, or apply to John Bacon Co.^Manaemg uwners, 14, Water-street, Liverpool; G. H. ^Qan«, Bristol; Charles Lamb, Swansea; John Ken worthy and '» Manchester. R. D. HORE, AoF.nr MILFORD.