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TuE ^saofTVKNGER OF KELSON.—Another of the veto. Hiand y^falgar has been taken from us. Com- Hftej. p ^°hn Pollard, Ii.N., died on the 23rd inst., Qr a ,no severe illness, at his' residence in be een wich Hospital. Our readers will like to t|j r something of the service of this interesting neglected old officer, who was born on the | of July, 1787, and entered the navy on the hat of November, 1797, as first-class volunteer on .c^4fd the Havick, 16, in which sloop, after haying a larS° conv°y an^ three armed vessels tith t^)e batteries Malo, and been for some 6 Warmly engaged with the enemy, he was > on t^10 ^ovember, 1800, in St. Vuln's Jersey. He next served in the Cam- ti (J ep,14 Hercule, 74 Culloden, 74 and 80, and thence was transferred to the the tg?* bearing the flag of Lord Nelson. On Wied fl1*11 ^ee': fr°m Pursv,i^ com- ^ets to the West Indies, Mr Pollard was af- r signal midshipman, an opportunity of that oc, in the action off Cape Trafalgar. On Z) Struck b '0tlJ while standing on the poop, he was n ,° be 8plinter on the right arm, and chanced 1 °fficer who was there hit. A musket 1 e hi through of his spy glass Ntch ,"and, and a second one shattered the B ^een -S P^ket. Some time after the Victory doutal ]ln act^on wilh the French 74-gun ship ^1tiino. e> the officers and men around him be- S arr 'a'^ ^dSt' t^ie attention of Mr Pollard a number of riflemen crouching in >l!Ucti f Hedoutable, and directing a de- j'ctLVe ^re °n the poop and quarter-deck of the y* He immediately seized a musket, and, Supplied by the signal quartermaster with 1% A'ticm left by the Marines (who from being V,off S° feArfu"y were ordered by Nelson rom tIie poop t0 ,tbe starboard gangwav), Non d firin= at the men in tlae e,,emy's tops till SK \as to seen>. the act of handing the *lejarcel of ball cartridges the quartermaster was ^tjQ 011 the spot, leaving Mr Pollard when the Mi0, ^rininated the only olficer alive of those ,\s" a.(^ie6i'i originally stationed on the poop, and V f^&iaated (he belief that it was he who gave Nth blow to the man who shot Lord Nelson, h |}js foot was shortly after the action confirmed Si j^^Ptain, Sir Thomas Hardy, who sent for tk efs'° l^e warc'-roon! anc^ 'n Preseure of the 'Jjo^gratulated him upon having avenged iX,?,01 their immortal chief. On leaving the h 'VQ blowing month he served successively K l)e a.een, 98, Dreadnought, 98, and Hibernia, liT'LE RESPective flags of Lords Colling- «eUtelan?I,vhesk' and St- Vincent' and was made CVi,1S x • uVember 14th» 180(5' au^ continued O' 0r?^ an intermission of 16 monthSj (ij'ce. 'j uri"a which time he saw much war |3i°1]s Was engaged in many .cutting-out ex- (Wt° r^tuUni'' ^&Ptember of that year, when he ^oliln§UiSKrii "ome sick, and, notwithstanding such \n-as as we have narrated, Mr on ,a, owed to remain unrewarded, and ed for t7alf-Pay tiU 1828, when he was ap- of icif^ years, still a lieutenant, to the V ^'thl pheeruess- JProm 1836 to 1853 he N l'eCo<,ni^0aStS'U"d' and the Iatter year, as a ^"erv^ce0 aun 0^ '"s ionS services both in war \>ch'H!as: as a lieutenant, appointed to r wh sP'^a • t is hard to conceive how the Vi tt00d Such a murderous fire on the NuL dcl hani; at Trafalgar' and who' if lhe hid 1 "orl ne. ln these days would have been S<5 KdvahcVictoria Cross. or. at least, Sit he° he attained his fla^» should S fiv hleh he S"}i to Plne awa>' in the same tiSih^Ption nfM year after action, with ■« '& o, n e nominal title of retired nt coffiUr readers will agree with us, that Illled bv r^6r' now Passed to his rest, vva »v Promotion.'