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-._----_.-------^ LOCAL INTELLIGENCE.

Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. ARCHIDIACONAL VISITATION.—The Rev. Archdeacon Clarke delivered his annual charge to the clergy and church wardens of the district at St. Mary's Church on Wednesday, Prayers were read by the Vicar, the Rev. J. H. A. 1Jhilipps, after which the Archdeacon delivered a very interesting charge, which occupied upwards of an hour and a half, and was listened to with the most marked attention by a numerous auditory. WESLEYAN HOME MISSIONS.—The annual sermons in behalf of this society were preached at the Wesleyan chapel in this town on Sunday week, by the Rev J. J. Sarjent of London, a gentleman who was for some years engaged as a home missionary in some of the worst parts of London. The following evening the annual public meeting was held at the same chapel, and was presided over by Mr W. P. Ormond, who made some pertinent remarks at the opening of the meeting. The Rev W. D. Walters, one of the ministers of the chapel, was then called upon to read the report, and as he bad himself been a home missionary in Builth for two years, he was able from personal experience to speak of the necessity there exists for such a society, and the good which it is accomplishing in many parts of the country. The Re-v James Hartle, the superintendent minister of the circuit, next addressed the meeting in a stirring and ex- cellent speech, after which the Rev J. J. Sarjent spoke for upwards of an hour, giving an account of his own labours among thieves and profligates in the metropolis. Collections were made at the close of each service, and the amount realised was larger than on former occasions. HAVERFORDWEST UNION. The following is a list of the guardians of the parishes within this Union:- Parishes. Name, Qualification, Sf Residence. Ambleston Wm Evans, farmer, Ambleston Brawdy .Essex Griffiths, farmer, Pointz Castle Boutston.Robert Morris, farmer. Hanton Brides, Sa;nt., Wm Roberts, farmer, Rippeston Camrose John Llewellin, farmer, Barnsley Castlebythe William Lewis, farmer, Henna Dale Hugh Davie-, farmer, Longlands rsavrd'q /William Martin, farmer, St David's, iSl. Williams, gentleman, Penarthur Dogwell's, St Dan Jones, minister, Wolfscastle e Edrin's, St Wilkin Beynon, farmer, Walterston Elvis, St James Walters, farmer, Saint Elvis Fishguard /Wm Vaushan, chemist, Fishguard, ( Hugh LI Harries, farmer, Cefndre Freystrop Enoch Barrah, farmer, Cranham Furzypnrk and ) Thomas Whicher Davies, Victoria Portfield j Place, Haverfordwest Grans ton Harroldston West.John Jenkins, farmer, Stembpr Hasguard .Stephen Brown, clerk,StrawberryHill Hayscastle John Nicholas, farmer, Hayscastle Henry's Moat Thomas Harries,farmer,Henry's Moat Hebrandston .Benjamin Davies, farmer, Neeston Hubberston Octavius Leach, clerk, Hubberston ( Rectory Ishmael, Saint .P. H. Hitchings, farmer, Bicton losels, harrolston I Seth William", farmer, Derby Johaston .n Carrow, gentleman, Johnston Hall Jordanston David James, farmer, Pantyeoch Lamhston C. T. Hayes, farmer, East Hook Langam David George, farmer, Nash Lawrence, Saint .David Vaughan, merchant,Fishguard Letterston Essex Nicholas, farmer. Garridwyrain Llandeloy .W. M. Lewis, farmer, Tyllwyd Llanhowell John Reynolds, farmer, Treglemais Llanllawer Thomas Harries, farmer, Trellan Lianrian$^or^an> gentleman, Cartlett i House, Trevine Usury than John Harries, firmer, Lianrythan Llanstinan C. E. Bowen, gentleman, Llanstinan Llanwnda_ .Wm P. Williams, fanner. Trehowell Llanfair-Nantygof W H. Jenkins. yeoman, Pantyphilip Lianyeiiaer Wiiiiam Symmons, farmer, Llandwr Manorowen .David Francis, farmer, Trebithin Marloes .James Thomas, farmer, Philbeach Martin, Saint .Rd Evans, butcher, Glos'ter Terrace f W. Llewellin, draper, High Sireet, .Mary, Saint ( Haverfordwest ( John Phillips, druggist, Castle Square Mathry .D. O. James, clork, Matliry Vicarage Morvil .Lewis Davies, farmer, Vagwrlas Newcastle, Little.John Reed, farmer, Little Newcastle Saint John Beynon, farmer, Carsegan Nolton David Canton, farmer, Nolton Haven Pont/aen Wm Evan; farmer, Pontypridd Prendersrast (Thomas John, farmer, Prendergast,1 ° Haverfordwest Puiwbbsten Da,vi88' °lerk' RoSe CottaSe> (. Fishguard Koch Richard Wade, farmer, Roc!) Robeston West W. H. 1-ligcon, clerk, Castlehlgh Rudbaxton .George Devereux, farfner, Kilhartb :Spittdl Joliii Llewellin, fanner, Spittal ^fpvnton Hughes, ?ehuolma;ter, Milford (Gecrge Scale, farmer, Capeston Skokholm Island. Skokholm Island. Talbenny Thomas Rosser, farmer, Howelston Thomas. Saint. •[Joi)n Le^s- ban,k manager, Hill (. Street, Haverfordwest Trefigarne .J. Watts, tanner, Trefigarne Village Uzmaston VV Collins, farmer, Arnold's Down W alton East Thos Phillips, farmer. Walton Mill Walton West .J. Llewellin, farmer, Walton West "Walwyn's Castle .Jacob James, farmer, Coldstone Whitechurcb John Vn.iiams. merchant, Solva $'istoa William Morris, farmer, Comer HAVERFORDWEST RIFLE CORPS.—The Haverfordwest Companies and a portion of the Narberth Volunteers mustered in the Castle Square on Monday, under the command of Col. Peel, and marched to Portfield for bat- talion drill. The drill embraced a great number of battalion movements, in which several rounds of blank cartridge were fired. and was executed in a satisfactory manner. The battalion was put through a course of skirmishing drill, and the same exercises were also done by the companies independently. At the termination of the drill, the volunteers returned to Castle Square where they were dismissed. HAVERFORDWEST COUNTY COURT.—The usual monthly court was held on Friday week, before H. R. Bagshawe, Esq, Judge.—Mtyrick v Davies —Mr Lascelles, instructed by Mr Price, made an application to His Honour in this case, which had been adjourned from a previous court. The action had been brought by the plaintiff to recover double the value of certain premises which be alleged had been held over by the defendant, and was adjourned pending the result of an action for ejectment which had sine been tried at the Pembrokeshire Assizes, and decided in favour of defendant. His Honour made and order for payment of costs by the plaintiff, who was not repre- sented in Court.Davies v. Reynolds.—This was an action for damages for an assault committed by the defendant on the plaintiff—Mr Lascelles (instructed b) Mr Price) appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr W. John for the defendant The assault had been committed at the Greyhound Inn, Haverfordwest, on the 22nd of January. The plaintiff stated that while he was engaged in selling a mare to Mr Phillips, the defendant interfered, and on his telling him that he had no business to inter- fere, the defendant struck him with great force on the forehead, A witness named Phillips proved that the defendant struck the plaintiff twice, and other witnesses were called to prove the extent of the injury received. The defendant deposed that the plaintiff called him a liar, rogue, and blackguard, and that he then struck him twice, but not very hard. His Honour ordered the defendant to pay £10, and costs on the higher scale. ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall, on Satur- day, before A. B. Starbuck, Esq, O. E. Davies, Esq, J. P. Jones, Esq, J. M. Jones, Esq, S. Harford, Esq, and Capt. Child. DRUNKENNESS AND RIOTOUS CONDUCT. John Thomas, butcher, of St. Thomas Green, was charged with drunkenness and riotous conduct at Mil- ford on the 17th instant. The defendant denied the charge. P. C. David Evans deposed that about six o'clock in the evening of the 17th he was sent for from the house of John Thomas in the Front Street, Milford. He saw a crowd before the bouse, and the defendant was making a noise. He asked hira why he made the noise, and he said he wanted his wife. He reques'ed him to be quiet, when he replied he would not for 20 policemen. The defendant was nearly drunk, and very much excited He (witness) assisted in putting him out of the house, when he attempted to strike him with a stick, and he locked him up in the Police Station. The defendant denied that he was drunk. He was very much excited, because his wife was withheld from him and he went to Milford to demand her restoration, when he was seized by the policeman and put in the Lock-up. The Bench fined the defendant 5s and costs. Thomas John and George Jenkins were charged with drunkenness. Both cases were withdrawn on the defendants consent- ing to pay the costs. INDECENT ASSAULT. John Young, of Portfield Gate, was charged with as- saulting Julia Rees, wife of Thomas Rees, a moulder re- siding at Carmarthen. Mr Price appeared for the defendant, who denied the charge. The complainant deposed that she was then living at Prospect plsce, and that she sold knitting work. She knocked at the front door of the defendant's house at Portfield Gate, when the defendant came to the garden wall, & told her that there was no one in the house but an. old man. He said there were servants at the back, and he called out Eliza,' but no one answered. He then tried to pull her inside the door, and placing his hand over her mouth he bebaved indecently towards her. He went away, but came back again, and remarking that she had not gone, he struck her twice, and ill-treated her. In cross-examination, the complainant said she did not know her husband was called Carmarthen Tom.' Her husband had been in trouble, but had paid for it. He had come to Haverfordwest to join the Militia, and being a few days before the training, she was endeavour- ing to earn something by selling knitting work. She did not refuse to leave the house the defendant never asked her to do so. She did not fall over the mat while the defendant was putting her out of the house. The defendant did not find her in the house, nor did she tell him that she was waiting for the mistress who had promised to give her a penny. Mr Price said that unfortunately there was no one pre- sent when the affair occurred, and the whole case rested upon the evidence of the complainant whose antecedents would not bear examination. The defendant positively de- nied the charge, and his version of what took place was simply this: — He was in charge of the house for Mr Skone, and his wife being gone to market, the doors were locked. Observing that one of the doors was open, he went in, and found the complainant there. He enquired her business, and she stated that she was waiting for the mistress, ,who had promised to give her something. He requested her to leave, and as she would not go, he en- deavoured to turn her out of the house, and in doing so the complainant stumbled over the mat and fell down. The defendant bad beeu married for some years, and had always borne a good character. The defendant asserted that the charge was trumped up, and all that he could do was to produce witnesses who would speak as to his general character. Mr Skone, the defendant's employer, deposed that the defendant had been a married man for 15 years, and had bepn employed by him for 14 years. His moral character was good: be had never heard anything against him. Mr W. Phillips, of Market-street, and Mr Thomas, of Portfield Gate, gave the defendant a good character. The Bench were of opinion that the case was proved. They did not think the complainant had come there to perjure herself, and they should fine the defendant £1 and costs. BREACH OF THE PEACE Ann Wallers was charged by William Davies, of Goadalope, with using language towards him calculated to produce a breach of the peace. Mr Price appeared for the defendant. The complainant deposed that he sent a message to the defendant requestine her to keep her fowls out of his field of hay, and since then the defendant had continually abused him, calling him by very offensive names. William Hooper deposed that he beard the complainant call the defendant by very offensive names. The Bench dismissed the case. NON-PAYMENT OF BATES. Philip Hire Hitchings was summoned by the Overseers of St Ishmaels for non-payment of rates. Neither party appeared, and the case was struck out. STRAYING ON THE HIGHWAY. Several persons were convicted for allowing animals to stray on the highways.



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