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COR RE"s P O NDRN CE. e^° Mo'consider ourtelvesresponsible for the opinions and sentÏ1nent. of our Correspondents SIR T 4 hand k-iT38 ra^ber amused the other day by receiving Nioutw w^icb haa been printed for circulation, tj]e a meeting to be held at the 'Tufton Arms,' *tothA« inst> *or tlie express purpose of consulting Mr f j "est uodo of obtaining subscriptions to present *aer»P j„aia8 with a testimonial for his courage and *ti(3 pa Prosecuting Caleb Morris for sheep stealing," of JnU- y requesting the attendance and asaist- 4t)(|8jfi who (eel any interest in an honest principle," ^4'the "William Allon." My first impression was "ake *)rf)/ri?ter8 °f the testimonial had made a slight fioalrt meeting (to harmonise with the object) [1st, keen beld on the 1st and not on the 2nd asoon mas may,.for aught I know to the contrary, M to as-1,; >9 possible for any man to be, but doubt ener £ y' 'n 'his particular instance, I have happened to be present at the magisterial f^ also 1° u at Cross ^nn on 'h0 ^lst February, as«ia Shire Hall when the case was tried at the Wp88' and I remember perfectly well that the Har er* stated as having been missed on the 5th of eif los'a anc? no' a wor<l °f information was given of 5 Wer UiD^' morn'ng °f the 22nd.—17 days after Nce wee 08t—so much for Mr Thomas's energy The *Orjj re then informed of the occurrence, and set. to t" Caleb MCe .t'lem possible. Suspicion fastened ^8 h" r'8 as the thief, and days were spent in j^sdinffM, t^lrou^b the country for the three weeks Part of 22nd, an<* only by untiring 'energy' on y their J! County Police (assisted by a carte de visite Th0nran) was he arrested and brought to justice. as» of the Tufton Arms,' gave no assistance tfeQ^er a tlle °^cers who were i" pursuit of the t ^agist8 f3r as can ascer'a'n»an^ his evidence before lo hear i„rates was about as flimsy as ever I happened Positi* a °f Justice. The only man who gave Le Publin h ev^ence 'n the matter was the landlord of {if ^°rris se iR Cardigan where the sheep were sold {. ey Were '° butcher about three or four days after it not and I have no hesitation in saying that, j acqn en ^or ')'s evidence, the prisoner would have h av6'^r Thomas's 'energy' notwithstanding. Nay b the pleasure of Mr Thomas's acquaintance: C»Q A/ER.Y estimable character as a neighbour, but r'6tids'' m^y honestly say "save me from *f»Verf FAIR PLAY, ""ordwest, April 2nd, 1868.

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