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Haverfordwest POSTAL regulation


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LOCAL INTE LLIQENCE. THE LATE MR EDWARD POTTER.—It is with the deepest regret that we announce the death of Mr Edward John Potter, printer and stationer, High Street, which event occurred after a brief illness on the morning of Tuesday week. Mr Potter was the fourth son of the late Mr Joseph Potter (who was mayor of Haverfordwest in 1843,) and had for the last seven years carried on the business so long established by his ancestors, who we be- lieve iatrodaced the art of printing into this county about a century ago. The deceased was universally respected he was distinguished by a liberality and a kindliness of disposition which made him beloved by his friends, and his death at the early age of 37—in the full vigour of manhood, has occasioned a very general expression of regret among his fellow townsmen. The interment took place on Friday morning at Saint Mary's Burial Ground; the coffin was borne to its final resting-place by the work- men and personal friends of the deceased. The places of business in the vicinity of High Street were closed during the interment, and the funeral was attended by a large number of the tradesmen of the neighbourhood. ROYAL PEMBROKESHIRE ARTILLERY MnjTtA.—rhis regiment will commence its annual training on the 27th instant. The staff, who have been doing duty daily for some time past as a guard for the miitia stores, are under- going exercise preparatory to the embodiment of the regiment. The recruita will master on the 13th instant for preliminary drill. HAVERFORDWEST RIFLE CORPS.- The members of this corps will make an excursion to Tenby on Easter Mon- day. It was at first contemplated to take part in the great volunteer review at Portsmouth on Easter Monday, but in consequence of some of the other companies of the Pembrokeshire battalion being unable to attend a review held at so great a distance from homo, the inten- tion was abandoned, and the Haverfordwest companies hawe resolved to visit Tenby on the day that their English brethren are engaged in a sham fight at Ports- mouth. We are informed that the whole battalion will assemble for drill at Tenby on Whitmonday. HAVERFORDWEST RIFLE CORPs.-The prizes given by Col. Peel for attendance at drill during the month of March were shot for on Monday. The ranges were 200 and 500 yards, five shots at each distance, Wimbledon targets and scoring. The following is the result of the shooting:— 200 500 Tl. 1 Sergt. T. L. James (10s) 15 18 33 2 Private T. Rogers (7s. 6d.). 11 14 25 3 "John Daviest 1st (53.) 12 12 24 4 7t W. E. Jones (3s. 6d.) ..14 10 24 5 D. P. Davies (3s. 6d.) 12 11 23 6 L.-C. S. Thompson (2^. 6d.) 13 10 23 7 Private Geo. Davies (2s.) 11 11 22 8 „ D. Phillips (2s ) 11 11 22 9 Col.-Ser^t. W. E. Jones (2s.). 11 10 21 10 Private W. Rogers (2s.) 11 9 20 PRIZES FOR MANURES.—Mr Whicher navies, the local agent for the Manures manufactured by Rurnard, Lack, and Co, has announced his intention of giving two silver cups as prizes for the best crops of swedes grown with the manures purchased at his establishment. The prizes are valuable, being worth £10 10s and tG respectively, and will doubtless excite a very spirited competition in a county where swedes are grown in great perfection. Messrs Burnard, Lack, and Co's manures have obtained a wide celebrity, and have won prizes at many of the pub- lic competitions in England. At the Wells and Somerset Central Agricultural Society, these manures won the first prize for mangolds, the first and second prizes for turnips, and the second prize for swedes. The estimated weight of the crop of mangolds was 60 tons per acre. Eight prizes, open to all manures, were offered by the same Society in 1866, and of these six were won by crops grown with Burnard, Lack, and Co's manures. The first prize for cabbages, given by the Camborne Agricultural Exchange; the three first prizes for man- golds, given by the South Devon Society, the first prize for common turnips, given by the same society, and the first and second prices for common turnips, presented by the YVitheridge and Thelbridge Association were won by the manures of this Company. In the competitions of two of the Societies named, the prizes were won three years successively. We anticipate a good competition for the prizes so spiritedly offered by Mr Whicher Davies, particulars of which are given in an advertisement ap- pearing in another column. TESTIMONIAL TO THE REV. CHARLES WHITE.—On Monday week the Baptist Ohapel, High-st, Merthyr,was well and respectably attended, the occasion being the pre- sentation of a testimonial to the Rev. Charles White on his leaving for London. Mr. David Joseph, of Ely Rise. Cardiff, occupied the chair, and was supported by the Rev. J. Bailey, of Cardiff; and in addition to these friends, most of the dissenting ministers of the place connected with the Baptists were present. The Rev. J. Bailey opened the meeting by reading and prayer, after which Mr. Joseph addressed the meeting. It was the third time he had occupied a similar position in that chapel, but he would promise that it would be the last time in which he should have a hand in sending any minister away. He then adverted to the object of their meeting, commending the Rev Mr White in the strongest manner. He had known him throughout his stay at Merthyr, and learnt both to admire and respect him; and he prayed that a large measure of God's grace would rest upon him and his labours in the great world to which he was going. Mr. Bailey next addressed the meeting, and emphatically made the speech of the evening, con- cluding with a hearty expression of goodwill to Mr White. TJ £ ie Rev. J. Davies, C. Griffiths, and others spoke to the like effect. The most interesting part oi the proceedings next took place, Mrs William Jones presenting a purse of gold to Mr White as a token of esteem from the church and congregation. Mrs. Rogers followed with the presentation of several small articles as a widow's mite. The Rev. Charles White made suitable acknowledgments, and several others having Spoken the meeting closed, PEMBROKESHIRE EASJTEB QUARTER SESSIONS.—These sessions were commenced at the Shire Hall on Tuesday before the Chairman, J. H. Scourfield, Esq M.P., and a bench of magistrates. The usual reports were re- ceived and considered. Mr Harford drew the attention of the Court to the state of the Lock-up at Maenclochog, which the Government Inspector of Police in his annual report had stated to be deficient of proper accommodation. The County Surveyor was ordered to inspect the Lock- up and to make a report as to what alterations in the building would satisfy any immediate requirements. A county rate of 3 farthings in the £ and a police rate of a halfpenny in the £ were granted on the application of the Treasurer. Several alterations in the rules of the Court in reference to expenditure by the County Surveyor, were made on the motion of Mr W. Owen.—On the propo- sition of Mr Lewis, of Henllan, the County Rate Com- mittee were requested to enquire what alterations should be made In reference to the rating o-f the county, and whether the time has arrived for making a rate upon the new assessment.—Mr O. Powell, chairman of the Board of Conservators for the Carmarthen Fishery District, presented a memorial from the Board, asking the magis- trates to authorise the police of the cosraty to assist the water bailiffs in the protection of the rivers so far as the salmon fishery was concerned. The Court granted the application. The Court then adjourned. The trial of prisoners will take place to-day (Wednesday.)



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