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Haverfordwest POSTAL regulation




"T E N B Y.





NARBERTH. 'e' On Monday week, at the Narberth Union ivorLbo of before J. L. G P. Lewis, Esq, John Williams, mastef-f the said wo?khouse, charged Francis Brown, a with tearing up his clothes while an inmate of vagrant ward. Committed to the house of correcti0jLa Haverfordwest for one month with hard labour. 1 prisoner was immediately marched off to his spriIig te dence in a new sail, namely, a sack. NARBERTII IRITJSH SCHOOL.—The annual in?PeC|g £ [, of this school took place recently. D. R. Fearon» her Majesty's Inspector, examined the children 111 subjects prescribed by the Revi3ed Code, and the f0" f|j0 ing is his report, which has been communicated committee during the past week from the Council 0'!0 s LondonThis School is in very good order, and vvas passed an excellent examination.' The upper class tb6 examined in an extra subject (Geography) under ti." minute of February, 1867, and passed to the entire So bl1 faction'of the inspector. The gsaiit exceeds.collslderl1 that of any former year. NARBERTH PETTY SESSIONS were held on ult., at the Police Station, before J. Lk G. P. Lowi^ chairman, and ihe Rev T. H. Dunn.— William supervisor of excise, v. Morgan Miens, for keeping a J. without a license. Edward Ballard, being sworn, I am an Inland Revenue Ollicer, stationed at Nar. 1 On bçingUnformed that Mr Morgan Miles kept a Llog, r visited him for the purpose of ascertaining ifsuC the case. Miles was standing at the door of his (,we.fbo house, and the dog was with him. I asked possessed a license for the dog. He replied, '^prjce» dog belongs to my son, and it was now gi»en if the barber.' I then visited Mr Price, and ask'-d the dog was his, or had it been given bin* erof replied, "No,' and denied any knowledge w'kate 9g 0 the matter. I told bim that the dog I alluded t09j8t of dog in the possession of Morgan Milos. Oil files' at tb0 this month, on seeing the same aog with i cecss' door of his house, I asked him if he possessed a'1 He replied, 'No, that the dog belonged to J 0 barber. and that he (Gay) had had it from Mr Price, the o g„ I at once saw Price, who stated that he had neV ith it. sessed the dog, neither had he anything to do o0f Cross-examined by Mr Miles: I "saw the dog 1 0(j, possession. I asked you if the dog belonged ^rd8 I did not see the dog come from Gay's house t fall/ your house. Their Worships considered the c tlef proved, and fined the defendant £ 0, which wa o0- wards reduced to a quarter, viz., £ 1 5s.—The sai # plainant charged John Williams, John Water ^&c}x Miles, and John Beddoe, with a similar offcnC < yjg.» fined £ 5, but it was alterwards reduced to a j' £ 1 os. Each pleaded guilty.—Overseers of L>u §ett\e Thomas Murray, for non-payment ot poor rate- galls' —Overseers of Lampeter v, Martha John, paisi*" offence. Settled.—Overseers of Lampeter v. for a similar offence. A warrant of distress to order Of Martha Williams v. affiliation. Defendant was ordered to pay l8 Costs 15s, and os for midwife.—John Ufli011' clerk to the Board of o( the