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Haverfordwest POSTAL regulation




"T E N B Y.



TENBY CORPORATION. At a special Meeting held on Wednesday, present—-Tbo Mayor; LIdermei) Wells, Mason, and Rees; Councillors C. Allen, G. White, J. Gregory, G. Mends, J. Cifibrdf and W. W. Rees, It was resolved to request the Mavor to fix Monday next for the election of a Town Councillor in the place of Mr Morris Phillips, whose resignation of that office bad been accepted. The following letter was then read :— 14, Park Street, Westminster, March 27, 1867. TEN3KT GAS. Dear Sir,—I hope it it! not improper for me to ask the- date when the gas was taken for analysis, the mode adopted, and the result. If the illuminating powerwa9 tested during the short period when Dunvant coal was being used, I have no defence to offer, except the very simple one that I was misled in the quality of the coal. and that immediately the fact of its bad quality waS COOl- municated to me, I discontinued its use by obtaining good coal by railway. I am now using Powell's Llantwit coal. which is-the best in South Wales for gas purpose'* If the Corporation desire to take the gasworks into their own bands, i shall be most firppy to facilitate their vieffSt for at present they are a considerable loss to me. Yours faithfully, G, W. STEVENSON. John GwynDP" Esq" Town Clerk, Tenby. From the, discussion that followed, it nppearsd that the quality of the gas at present was tolerably satisfactory. It was resolved that the Town Clerk write to Mr Steven- son, stating that under the circumstances, the tormer bad quality of gas would be overlooked, on the understanding that in future the quality should be equal to that con- tracted for. The subject of the Corporation Finances was then dis- cussed, when it appeared that, there had been bills ordered to be paid, amounting to £ 176 Us 6d ditto on Gas,$$. 3s 6; on Water account, £ 13 7s; and by the Board of Health, X359 Is lld. During the discussion a member stated tbat the poM" tion of the Corporation had greatly improv ed since b0 had been a,member, as they had paid off debts, and made permanent improvements on the Sewers and on tM Water Works to the amount of full 17,500, so that there was no occusion to take a gloomy view of their financed and that, with prudence, good management, and avoiding law-suits, they would shortly be out of debt. After some discussion on the form of the case for the opinion of counsel on the Iron Pier, the raeemigjjroke^