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VISITORS TO HAVERFORDWEST, AND OTHERS WHO WISE TO EXPEND THEIR MONEY TO THE BEST ADVANTAGE ARE RESPECTFULLY INVITED TO OALL AT P. P. ELLIS'S G ROC E RY E STA B L I S R M E N T, HIGH-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, WHERE they can select goods of choice quality, at suitable prices to meet their requirements. The Teas YT and Coffees now on sale are unusually good. Reduced Prices charged on quantities. Orders by letter have particular attention PLEASE OBSERVE-LOWER. DOOR FOR RETAIL DEPARTMENT. ESTABLISHED 1812. H. & T. PRO 0 TOR Invite the attention of Agriculturists to their SPECIAL BONE MANURES, Which are of a superior quality, and the most economical that can be used. PROCTOR'S TURNIP MANURE I PROCTOR'S WHEAT MANURE PROCTOR'S MANGOLD MANURE PROCTOR'S BARLEY MANURE PROCTOR'S POTATO MANURE I PROCTOR'S GRASS MANURE BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME* FULL PARTICULARS SENT FREE BY POST ON APPLICATON TO MESSRS. PROCTOR, OR THEIR AGENTS. ADDRESS,—H. AND T. PROCTOR, ARTIFICIAL MANURE W O IR Isi S CATHAY, BRISTOL. WoRES,-BIRMINGHAM, CHESTER, WARWICK, AND BRISTOL. .A. G E N T 8- Mr W. VAUGHAN, Fisbguard I Mr JOHN N. EVANS, Aberayron Mr D. P. SAER, Seedsman, Pembroke Dock Mr C. MORGAN, Llaridewi-brefi Mr T P ARRER, Cardigan i Messrs. DAVIES BROTHERS, Drefacb, Llanybyther PRIZES OPEN TO THE AGRICULTURALISTS OF WALES. T. WHICHER DAVIES BEGS TO ANNOUNCE THAT HE HAS JUST RECEIVED A LARGE CARGO OF BURNARD, LACK, & COIS. CJELEBRATED MANURES which are unequalled for high agricultural value, and which during the past year have carried off the principal prizes at the leading public competitions in England. These Manures, which consist of the C C) R N A N I) ROOT MANURE, AND DISSOLVED BONE MANURE, have been received in excellent condition, and are now ready for immediate delivery, at moderate rates for cash. T. W. D. begs to state that he intends offering TWO VALUABLE SILVtR CUPS for competition by the Purchasers of the Manures Bold by him. These Prizes will be given for the best Crons of Swede Turnips grown in pieces of not less than five acres in extent. The Cups have been purchased at first hand in one of the principal manufacturing establishments in the Kingdom FIRST PRIZE, value in, SECOND Ditto, value £ 6 0s. A constant supply of the Manures will be kept at North Hall, St Ishmaels, as well as at the Warehouaes In Haverfordwest. Deliveries to the Railway Station free of charge. AGRICULTURAL SEEDS of all kinds on Sale, and warranted to be of the best quality. T EA S. supplied wholesale and to families, in chests, half-chests, and 201b caddies, not to be surpasssed by any house 4 in the trade. t ENGLISH ALES & IRISH PORTERS OF THE FiNEST FLAVOUR. BEST WILTSHIRE AND GLOUCESTERSHIRE FLOUR, PURE AND UNADULTERATED. PENDRAGON'S BIOTEINE is certainly the best remedy known for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, and all diseases of the Chest and Lungs and is invaluable in cases of Debility. Sold by Chemists, and wholesale only of Pearce & Co., Bridge Street, Bristol. HOLL OWAY'S OINTMENT AND I'ILLS.— Marvellous cures of scsatica, stiff joints, paralysis of the limbs, and other crippling di eases of the bones, sinews, and muscles, have been accom- plished by Holloway's Ointment. It is the only unguent which produces any impression on these complaints. The Pills also work wonders. The ointment and pills should be both used at the same time, for the action of the one is greatly assisted by that of the other. Why should any human being suffer from the abovementioned maladies, when Holloway's Ointment and Pills are to be found in every city and town in the world? Theee noble medicaments are composed of rare balsams, and are as benign and safe as they are powerful and efficacious. INTERESTING TO LADIES.—At this season of the year, the important process of bleaching and dressing Laces and Linens for Spring and Summer wear commences, we would therefore particularly call the attention ot our fair readers to the GLEMFIELD STARCH, an article of primary importance in the getting up of these articles, The GLENFIELD STARCH is specially manufactured for family use, and such is its excellence that it is now exclusively used in the Royal Laundry, and Her Maj- esty's Laundress pronounces it to be the finest Starch she ever used. Her Majesty's Lace Dresser says it is the best she has tried, and it was awarded two Prize Medals for its superiority. The GLENFIELD STARCH il Sold in packets only, by All Grocers, Chandlers &<?, STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOUTH OF IRELAND. I-IE New Milford (Milford Haven) and Waterford .JL Daily Service (Sundays excepted). The Milford Haven and Waterford Steam Ship Com- pany's Royal Mail Steamers will sail, weuther per- mitting- FROM NEW MILFORD, At. 7.45 p.m, on arrival of the 9.15 a.m. Express, and 6.0 a.tii, thisd class trains, so as to enable passengers to proceed by the 6.0 a.m. train to Limerick, Cork, &c. FROM WATERFORD, At 4.0 p.m, on arrival of the train from Cork, Limerick, &c so as to enable passengers to proceed by the 8.35 a.m, tirst and second class Express train, reaching London about 6.0 p.m, and third class, arriving in London at 9.45 p.m. For further particulars apply to any of the Railway Stations, or to Messrs Jackson & Co, New Milford, South Wales. See Bradshaw's and Irish Guides, and Railway Time Tables,