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N ARB E R T H. RIFLE CONTEST.—On Monday, the 16th inst., & members of the Castlemartin Yeomanry Cavalry, Narberth District, under Sergeant-M»jor Maslin, ten of the Tenby Artillery Volunteers, under Drill In- structor Chamberlain, at the range of the latter, friendly shooting match. The distances were 200 300 yards, five shots at each range. The Yeomanry t»8^ 118 points at the 200 yards range, and 43 points at 30" yards range. The Volunteers made 93 at the forcae* and 29 at the latter. The Yeomanry therefore won W 48 points. The weather was anything but favourable, the rain descending in torrents, and a strong wind bio*" ing right across the range. The volunteers challenge4 the Yeomanry to another match, which was accepted' The match is to come off on Easter Monday at 2 p.m. LECTURE.—On Friday night the Rev J. Bailey, of car; diff, visited this town, and delivered a lecture in British Schoolroom to a crowded audience. Jenner presided, and was supported by a number clergymen, ministers, and gentlemen of the town district. Mr Bailey chose for his subject The Law 0 Labour, illustrated with instances of success in life.' was a deeply interesting subject, and was handled by lecturer in his own peculiar style. His power of descrip' tion, hutnour, and sarcasm, combined with bis 8eD,ah spirit and love of mankind, rendered his lessons b°"~ welcome and telling. Mr Bailey ia a stranger here, but one visit, has sufficed to secure him many friends, and n will not fail to be received, on all future occasions, by crawded and expectant audience. The usual vote o thanks was passed, and the meeting was closed by Blfle ing the National Anthem. NARBERTH COUNTY COURT.—The usual tnotitbif sitting ot the County Court was held here on Wednesdlfl before H. R. Bagshawe, Esq, Q.C. Only four cases "er0 heard. Mr A. Lascelles, of Narberth, appeared for 'f^"1 Phillips, a bankrupt, and applied for a final disehIrgOt which was granted after a lengthened cross-examination of the bankrupt, his Honour "expressing in strong terms his disapproval of the existing state of the laws of ruptcy, which he hoped would be soon done away witn# Evans v. John.—The plaintiff sued for balance of waf68* Mr A. Lascelles appeared for the defenoe. The points »» issue were the amount of wages for which the pla'B'ljJ had engaged to become the plaintiff's servant, whether or notshe had forfeited any part of the sattI0J;^ absenting herself from her master's employ without Di consent. The case occupied a considerable time, LOUCU contrndictory evidence being given. Judgment the defendant. Willhms v. Lewis.—The plaintiff for the value of some timber sold to the defendant 1 May last, at Parcglass, near Narberth. Mr A. Lascelles appeared for the defendant, who alleged that 1)0 made a proposal to buy the timber, which had not bee accepted by the plaintiff, and consequently he had ne*e possessed himself of it. The plaintiff's agent having "J some degree admitted that this was the case, was given for the defendant. Davies v. Badman —TJ?' was a judgment summons. Mr A. Lascelles appeared «0 the plaintiff. An order was made in May last i the defendant by the court, which he had not to. Evidence having been given that he was a s^°ft0 man and in receipt of good wages, he was committed' prison for twenty-one dayq.