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PEMBROKE. PEMBROKE PETTY SESSIONS. BOROUGH PEITY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Town Hall, at 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 14tb, before H. P. Jones, (mayor), W. Hulm, J. R. Bryant, D. A Reid, and W. Trewent, Esquires. Thomas Noot, of Mutton Hill, in the parish of Cosheston, was charged by Archibald McDonald, Super- intendent of the Metropolitan police doing duty at H.M. Dockyard, Pembroke, for that he the said Thomas Noot on the 13th day of December last, at Pembroke Dock, in the borough aforesaid, did then and there feloniously, knowingly and unlawfully utter, dispose of and put off a certain false and forged writing, as, and for a copy of an entry in the Register of Baptism kept in the parish church of Slebech, in the county of Pembroke, in the year 1832, to wit the Baptism of Thomas, son of John and Martha Noot, he the said Thomas Noot then and there knowing such entry to be false contrary to the form of the statute, in such case made and provided against the peace of our said Lady the Queen her Crown and dignity. William Newby deposed I am a clerk in Her Majesty's Dockyard at Pembroke, and in the cashier's department. I have been there about fourteen years. I know the prisoner. He was employed in the Dockyard as a hired shipwright for a few months prior to December last. I distinguish a hired shipwright from an established one. In the month of December last he had the offer of being established. Such persons must not be over 35 years. The document produced marked C was handed to the prisoner to fill up. He returned it to me as it is, with the exception of the date 31st December, 1867. The order for his establishment is dated 6th December, 1867, and then he was furnished with the p^iper marked C, and was told to bring a certificate of his birth. He brought the paper C and also this paper purporting to be a cer- tificate of his baptism. On the 13th December, 1867, prisoner left the alleged copy certificate and the paper C with me, and I acted upon it in my capacity as clerk; at that time he was employed in the yard as a shipwright and continued in it until February last, when he was discharged upon his own application. Archibald McDonald deposed I am superintendent of the Metropolitan police, and doing duty at Her Majesty's Dockyard at Pembroke. I am the complainant in this case. I believe that I shall be able to produce evidence to show the document produced is false, and apply for a remand. Prisoner was remanded until Saturday the 21st March inst., at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. Prisoner admitted to bail, himself in £100, and two sureties in zC50 each. [Same day before H. P. Jones, mayor, W. Hulm, J. B. Bryant, S. W. Hustler, and J. Dawkins, Esqrs.] Benjamin Gwytlier, of Monkton, butcher, was charged by Alfred Dix, agent for the Orielton Estate, with hav- ing stolen three pieces of wood and posts used as a fence, to the value of 2d., the property of Mark Anthony Saurin, Eõq., on the 26th February. Alfred Dix said: I am agent to Mr Saurin, of Orielton. On Wednesday, 26th February last, I saw defendant take a stake out of a bank at Mill Bank and put it into a cart. I was in the wood and ran down, and when I overtook him I found in his possession three pieues. I asked him where he got them, and he said he picked them up in the nad. He took one piece off the cart and threw it away the pieces he took were parts of a post and rail fence. I have the piece I saw him take: this is the one. The value is 2d. Fined 5s. and 2d. value of rail, and 7s. costs or seven days' hard labour. Paid. Thomas Upton, of Pembroke Dock, shoemaker, was charged by Charles Winter, colour-sergt. 9th Regiment, with being in possession of five boots regimental necessaries, value 12s., on the 6th inst. William Thomas, acting P.S. 31, deposed Last night week, 6th inst., I searched the house of Thomas Upton, by his permission, for stolen property, ac- companied by P.C. Davies. Whilst searching in the back premises in an old oven, I found the five boots pro- duced, and I asked him how he became possessed of them. He said first that his boy got them, then that a soldier brought them there, and he did not know who he was. I took possession of the boots. There was no more than two or three minutes between each answer, and I re- J ported the same to the military authorities. Wm. Galloway deposed I am Corporal in the 36th Regt. I was present on the 20th Nov. 1867, when the boots produced were issued to soldiers, one pair to Edmondson, one pair to Pitmens, and another pair to J ames Jones, private soldiers belonging to the 36th Regt.: they were part of their necessaries not out of date, and should be in their possession and not in Upton's. If for repairs he would have no right to their possession a person named McBean is employed purposely for repairs when not done in Barracks. Charles Winter deposed I am colour-sergt. of the 9th Regt. I have seen the boots produced, they are Military boots; the soldiers to whom they belong went out with the draft on or about the 5th inst.; the value of them now is 12s.; it is generally known when men are drafted a week or so before. Fined ;Cl, freble value of boots, 36a., and 9s. costs, in default of distress six weeks' in the house of correction. Committed. Edward Wogan, George Scone, and Henry HitcMngs, all of the East End, Pembroke, charged by John Prichard, of West Gate, Pembroke, with wilful damage to a roof of a cottage, property of complainant, on the night of the 7th inst. Cases dismissed for want of evidence. George Morgans, of New Inn beer house, Monktoni was charged by Superintendent Evans, with keeping his beer-house open for the sale of beer at prohibited hours on Sunday, the 23rd ult, to wit, at 15 minutes past four o'clock in the afternoon. P.C. James Herbert deposed: On Sunday, 23rd of February last, at quarter past four in the afternoon, I visited the New Inn beer house, in Monkton, kept by George Morgans. I knocked at the door, and the son came and looked through a hole in the door, which was fastened after three or four minutes it was opened by defendant's wife, whilst I was at the door: through the the same bole I saw the son take the quart measure from a room and take it to the back premises. I saw him all the while. I asked Mrs Morgans bow she allowed drinking at that time of the day: she said nothing. I showed her where the quart was put by the son: there was a pint in it. There were two young men, Baker and another sailor in the room where the son took the quart from.. I asked her what made her son carry the quart out, and she said she did not order him; it was his foolishness. She asked me not to report her this time. The defendant was fined Xi, and 6s costs; in default of distress 14 days' hard labour. James Roberts, of the Mains, Monkton, was charged by the same, with being drunk and riotous in a certain highway, called Main-street, on the 3rd inst. P.C.George Evans deposed: About nine o'clock on the 3rd inst, I saw defendant in front of the Lion Hotel: he was drunk: a crowd of about 30 people about him: he was running after boys swearing, and struck some of them they ran down Westgate-bill, and he after them. I saw him about quarter past nine the same evening in Bridgend Terrace, and about 20 people about him. Fined 5s, and 6s costs; committed in default for seven days. William Castle v. George Davies, of Pembroke Dock' charged by same, with obstructing a footway in Dimond-street, on the 24th ult. Dismissed with a caution. William Henry Warlow, ironmonger, Pembroke, was charged by same with allowing a plough to remain on the street, causing an obstruction, on the 2nd inst. Mr Warlow admitted :the offence. Fined 2s 6d, and 6s costs. Thomas Phillips, of the Grapes, Monkton, was charged by the same with keeping his house open for the sale of beer, at prohibited hours on Sunday, the 1st instant, to wit, at a qnarter to 12 at noon. The defendant did not appear. A. Herbert proved service'of summons on the 10th of March, personally. Thomas Phillips, acting-sergeant, deposed: On Sun- day morning, the 1st inst., at a quarter to twelve, I visited the Grapes public bouse, in Monkton, kept by defendant, and saw in the front room two men belonging to the Revenge, one marine, and two other men, one of whom lives in the same row as the Grapes. The table was fresh marked with jugs. I went into a back room used as a cellar, and there I saw one quart nearly full of beer, and an empty glass. I endeavoured to open the door to see if the beer was fresh, but failed, as a young man concealed himself behind the door. I showed the beer to the daughter. The landlord was in the kitchen- the same room as the men were. The daughter said in defendant's presence that she did draw that one quart of beer for the men, and that his brother was one who lives at the Black Horse, in the East End. Defendant and his daughter begged to be forgiven, and not reported. The sailors and marine lodged at the Black Horse in the East End the night before. There has been no coin- plaint against this house for the last five years. The landlord was then unwell. Fined 2s 6d and 6s costs. Levi Yerward, of Pembroke-dock, charged by the same, with allowing his cart to be used without his name painted thereon, on the 10th inst. Defendant admitted the offence. Fined 6d and 5s costs. Paid. John Mathias, of Kingston, charged by the same with a similar offence, which was admitted. Fined Is and 5s and costs. Paid. [Same day at 5 p.m. Before H. P. Jones, (mayor,) W. Hulm, S. W. Hustler, T. Mansel, and W. Trewent, Esqrs.] George Way, of Pembroke-dock, butcher, was charged by Robert Irving, police-sergeant, and Inspector of Nuisances, with keeping and slaughtering pigs and sheep on this premises' which became a nuisance, on 6th February last; this case bad been adjourned twice before. Mr W. O. Hulm appeared for complainant, and Mr W. John for defence. The evidence on both sides was very lengthy, and lasted about three hours. Case dismissed. [Same evening, at 8 p.m. Before D. A. Reid, Esq.] William Roscarla, a butcher, of the East End, Pem- broke, an old offender,' was brought up in custody by acting P.S. Thomas Phillips, No 41, and charged by William John Green, a travelling glassblower, with an assault and wilful damage to his goods, to the value of d61 10s. Allowed by his Worship to settle the matter, and defendant was discharged from custody. COUNTY SPECIAL SESSIONS. [Town Hall, Pembroke, Tuesday, March 17th, 1868, before W. Hulm and J. Adams, Esqrs.] Peter Campbell, gunner in 7tb Royal Artillery, stationed at Popton Battery, was charged by Superin- tendent Evans with that on Sunday last, 15th inst, at the parish of Pwllcrochan, he did unlawfully and in- decently assault a certain male child, to wit one William Griffiths of the age of 12 years. Mr W. O. Hulm conducted the prosecution. The defendant was committed for trial to the next Quarter Sessions. BOROUGH SESSIONS. [Town Hall Saturday, March 21st, before H. P. Jones, Esq, Mayor, W. Hulm, Esq, J. R. Bryant, Esq, and 1). A. Reid. E-q.] Thomas Noot, of Mutton Hill, charged by Supt, Archibald M'Donald, with uttering a forged certificate of baptism at H.M. Dockyard, Pembroke Dock, sur- rendered to his bail. Mr G. Parry appeared for the prosecution; and Mr W. 0. Hulm appeared for the prisoner. William Newby deposed: I have heard my evidence given before the Justices on the 14th instant now read, and it is correct, but I wis to expiain the transaction more in order: After the order for his establishment on the Gth of December, 1867, he was informed of it, and fur- nished with a paper marked 'C,' and told by me to fill it np, and at the same time to get a certificate of his birth. He said be could not get one of his birth, but told me he had a certificate of his baptism. He left me then, and on the 13th of December he produced the paper 'C.' and the paper marked B' in red ink, as the certificate of his baptism, t then furnished him with the form marked 'D.' He told me he was born at Rhos, in the parish of Slebech, on the 12th of August, 1832. I filled those particulars in the declaration 'D,' for him. I then directed him to go the Superintendent's Office, and gave him the papers marked 'C.D.' and 'B.' in red ink. I know nothing further. On the 31st December last, the papers were sent to the Superintendent's Office. Cross-examined by Mr Hulm When he gave me the paper marked B' in red ink, be said he got it from the clergyman fit Slebech. He said this was the one be received from the clergyman at Slebech This certificate has been Out of my hands since the 31st of December last, and I have not seen it until last week. I will not swear that this is the identical paper that he gave me, but to the best of my belief it is. Rev Benjamin Thomas deposed: I am Curate of Slebech in thiscoutny. The paper produced marked Bin red ink is signed with my name, but it is not my hand- writing, The name was not signed by any body by my --A direction. I have the custody of the Register of Baptism* for the parish of Slebech. I havetbe. Register of Baptism* for the year 1832 with me. This is the Register. There is not an entry in the year 1832, of which the paper B purports to be a copy. I never saw t&& prisoner before to my knowledge. I gave a certificate of his baptism to a person whom I believe to be a cousin, I believe in November last. It was a copy of an entry o>n 31st August# 1828. The body of the certificate produced is in my wIfe S handwriting marked H, and is signed by me with my left hand, but is not the certificate which f gave to the prisoner's relation in November. It is like it in every respect. The name in the Register is spelt I Nute., The paper B in red ink I have seen before: it was sent down to me by the Civil Service Commissioners. I returned it to them by post. Cross-examined by Mr Hulm: I gave. two certificates —the first, written by myself, to a Mr Noot, a relative of the prisoner, in November. This paper.marked B in red ink, is not the one that I gave him. The second certifi- cate I sent by post to the Civil Service Commissioners. They applied to me for it. No one gives certificates but myself. Not since I have been curate of the parish. No one has access to the book except in my presence. I don t know the prisoner. I keep the book upstairs in my bed room, under lock and key. Mr George Parry deposed I did not receive the certificate marked B in red ink from the Civil Service Commissioners, but I had it from the Solicitor to the Admiralty. Committed to take bis trial at the next Assizes. Ad- mitted to bail, himself in £ 100 and two sureties in £ 5° each. COUNTY SESSION'S. [Same day, before J. Adams. N. A. Roch, W. ItulDl, L. Mathias, H. Leach, Esqrs, and Rev R. J- Thomas.] Mr Thomas Morgans, of Lamphey, was charged bY Supt Evans with allowing five pigs to stray on the bi?&* way in the village of Lamphey on Sunday, the instaat. Mr Morgan admitted the offence, and was fined 6d each ^^ai^5sJld^ost9, in all 3s 5d. Paid.