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(ex°ept for the open race) being confined to tht loo ^ace (under 19 years)—Summers, 1 Stokes, > J-homas, 3. Time, 12 seconds. A good race—won Cruras. k i ce (under 15 years)—Dunn 1 Shute 2; y 6 "*• Time 14 seconds. Won by half a yard. 2, 1. ^ace (under 12 years)—Roberts 1; Wright Wf/ seconds. Won by four yards. inp^'o Race (open to the school)—Stokes 1; Sura- *ndS Time 1 minute 10 seconds. Stokes i§0 mmers kept close together until within the last easjl^ar^3» when Stokes put on a fine spurt, winning Race (under fifteen years)—Dunn 1; Lloyd hJg rl1ae minute 20 seconds. Won easily. iooff (under 19 years)—Thomas 1 (14 feet). 2. (under 15 years)—Lloyd 1 (13ft 8in) Sbute fturii -d ^'n)* ^is was st^7 contested. gj 906 (Handicap) 150 yards—Lloyd 1; Shute 2 Thrtu .Dller8 3. Time 35 seconds. Won by half a yard. r n$Cricket Ball-Thomas 1; (69 yards) Hulm 2. Tim /Ms? (Handicap) half mile—Thomas 1 Evans 2. e3 minutes 30 seconds. A splendil race. Well Rested and won by a foot. (à Fincham (Pem. Coll. Cam.) 1 Davies {Qr,Terford west Grammar Sohool) 2 Saunders (Haver- C0jjWest Grammar School) 3; Vailliant (Fulland's (QI e.^e) 4; Lieut. Murray, 9th regt. 0; T. Evang Co^t s College, Brighton) 0; E. Evans (Christ's <<0a.e§e» Brighton) 0. This event was the most closely ^til'°ne Fincham ltd by a long way, last hundred yards, when Davies made a Th! .oent and lost by a foot only. Colle ^riZes were presented by Mrs Marshall, at the 1^' 8<Jon after the termination of the sports. Coli °'i°wing students received prizes •—Summers, CU!) yards). Stokes, ladies' silver cup jol^ Shute, cup, 2nd prize (100 yards) and ^mio? ca8e, 2nd prize (hurdle race) Deazeley, Pencil ca8e' 3rd prize (100 yards). Roberts, silver 2°!i8e' Pr,ze 000 yards). Wright, gold pencil Ut/»iZe (100 yards. Dunn, Head master's cup, 'lUa*ter mile) and cup, 1st prize (100 yards). Wl)( r;j^UP 0°ng jump), cricket bat (throwing cricket %er D 1D.? whip, 1st prize (steeple chase). Lloyd, tllCe). J? case 0on £ jump), foils, 1st prize (hurdle P kD8' te^escoPe) 2«d prize (steeple chase). !ttttied ,lnc^am) cup or £ 4 (open race), which ho re- "Ut6 j|° "*8 stewards, kindly requesting them to distri- ^s^pinzes among the students.