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CARDIGAN. -UNIVERSITY FOR WALES.—A special t'le ^oca^ C0!I)njit.tee of the Welsh University '^e days ago, to give a friendly reception to k6'ary n'f i Charles, A.13., the newly appointed se- i 'To* J'. ^n^ersity. The chair was taken by tha o- thai-^ ,ryst,wyt^- The chairman said that he was arle3 ^ad the opportunity of welcoming Mr them, because he was a gentleman in 4rlea .ey.reP09ed every confidence. The Rev. Mr Option ,v.lnS thanked the meeting for the warm re- >i0 *h had been given him, said that he was of "J himself acquainted with the feelings and e committee. He had been pressed by the Would comnnttee to accept bis present position. He "ork ornot leave a stone unturned to forward the great opera of the University, always relying on the active co- Plblioar fiends of Wales. He had suggested K0tl8, Ah-1(*n a statement respecting the subscrip- V611 Paid ii had been promised— £ 5,000 had thatch °^>000 remained yet to be collected. °Ulcl be the nce and obtain additional subscriptions c°uld be 0pen°ext work. In the meantime the college ^snt grant to th wou^ soon as'i *or Govern- !sPect it. University. They bad every reason to ?,Uential genf/" ok Owen had spoken to a certain in- 8 subject iT?r'an c°nnec:ed with the Government on Jon, for .jp slated that such a grant might be relied nl°ther no » Government had been doing much ossein tbe k>ngdMin, it had given no en- 1l° Universit? education in Wales. It was ^on n Charles should communicate with the M): Committee, urging the propriety of convening a feting in Aberyst «vith for the purpose of making Ofthn to the public the present position and prospects OOJJ 6 University, and presenting a financial statement l>lfee^ed with the institution. It appears that £ 3,000 °een paid for the Castle House, the building pur- 8Ubsed. lor the University. It will be simple justice to fla^l^ers—those who have either paid or not paid their to 5ujflPtions, as well as to others who may yet promise Rreat scribe-that a very explicit revelation be made of a \le8*any particulars associated with the University of Such a revelation would be most politic for the ) ^eve? e *D8l*tuti°n. '-Too many matters of detail, 6 on could scarcely be given, for the public f'^UB"5688. suc'1 matters. The legal position J*tQi8 of l*er8ity, its rules, its capacity for students, its g ^ers, te fission, its professorships, and many such ATU^Ve au\6 k0 ma(^e known to the public. Its 5e ~c°tistitult,H0rities should soon be made known. A !b ^ite thlP Private combination of individuals, may tti[H be ex ^inS initiatively. But the sooner the fiav derivi C a?8ed for a regularly constituted com- aQ ^ls. authority from some public body, meeting of subscribers.

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