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Stewards—N. A. Rocb, Esq, and Capt. W. Leacli, 45th Rsgiment. This annual meeting came off on Wednesday last under the stewardship of the above named gentlemen. The weather was something frightful, rain descending ia torrents throughout the whole of the day, and it was tbe unanimous opinion of the riders, owners of horses, and spectators, that they would much prefer being under cover and clothed in overcoats than ride on such a day in silk jackets. Notwithstanding, however, the inclemency of the weather, a large number of the sporting fraternity and the public assembled on thecourse, and took a great interest in the proceedings of the day, which were purely local* The course was confined mainly to two farms, Westraoof and Hodgeston, and was about four miles from Pembroke, near Manorbier, on the Tenby road. Two races were four miles each, and in these the horses had to trat'jjl twice round the course, and in our opinion a very four miles it was. The first race was THE HUNTERS' STAKES. Of £ 4 each, with X40 added £ 1 forfeit to the fund; fof horses that have been regularly bunted with an estab- lished pack of hounds, and not been in a training sfablfl for the last twelve months. 4 year olds, list; 5 year 12st; 6 year olds and aged, 12st 71b; horses that have never started for a steeple chase allowed 51b. OWf about three miles. st. lb. 12 7 Mr Lewis's Spaniel, aged (Flutter) t 11 0 Mr Hitehing's Tregantle,4 years.(J. Hitchings) 2 12 7 Mr T. Russell's Whip, aged .(T. Davies) « Spaniel led over the first fence with Tregantle and Whip in close attendance, but in the ascent to the cottsge. Whip took up the running at a strong pace, until they were out of sight. On re-appearing, however, Spaniel was seen in the van about 20 lengths, and as regards Whip we may here mention that his obstinate refusal at every fence threw him out of the race, much to the dis- appointment and disgust of the veteran Tom Davies, who is so universally popular in the neighbourhood, and be was soon after pulled up and trotted home. In this .order Spaniel and Tregantle raced along, about five lengths between them, and both full of running. The second time round both horses went off gallantly, Spaniel still keeping the lead and making the pace very hot, and ill this way they went until they got to the large roeadotf after passing the heavy ploughed field, when Hitcbioglf sent Tregantle along and nearly got up to his antagonist, but shortly after tiring off, Spaniel, who was throughout most judiciously ridden by Mr Flutter, won as he liked. in fact, walked in. a field in advance. The pace throughout was very severe, and had Whip gone on and Tregantle not tired there would have been a mag- nificent race. THE GARRISON CUP, Value £25, added to a sweepstakes of 3 sovseach. TirO miles. 10 3 Mr Kitchener's ch.g. (46th regt), Care- ful (Owner) 1 J2 2 Mr Donelan's br.g. (9th regt), Holy Bov.. (Owner) 2 10 2 Mr Allett's gr.g. (59th regt) Jack. (Owner) 0 11 10 Capt. Ford's b.m. (9th rest.), Miss Polly (Mr M. C. Donnelly) 0 After one false start Jack went off with the lead, pull- ing double, Miss Polly second, and Holy Boy and Care. ful close up. In disappearing round the cottage the? were in the same order, Jack still leading by half afield Mr Allett evidently meaning mischief. In this way they proceeded across the ploughed field and across the roea* dow, Jack still having a most commanding lead until they got to the back of Westmore when the Grey sud* denly disappeared from the van evidently pumped out. In a splendid race home between Careful and Holy Bofj Mr Kitchener, who rode throughout in a most marked manner, drew his gelding up, and calling upon him he answered true to his name, and won after a gallan struggle by six lengths. Miss Polly turned out a simile brute as the Whip in the former race, for after goic| about a third of the distance she obstinately refused her fences and was not persevered in. THE COUNTY MEMBER'S PLATE. A Sweepstakes of Y,2, with C25 added by J. B. Bowen, Esq, M.P., for horses the property of tenant Farmers and Tradesmen, to be ridden by tenant Farmers Tradesmen or their sons. Previous winners to carry extra. Over about 4 miles. st. lb. 11 0 Mr Meyrick's nas., Pilot, 4 years It (T. Davies) 12 1 Mr Lewis's Spaniel, (Flutter) It 11 5 Mr Hitchings's Tregantle, (Hitchings) 0 Spaniel took the lead, Pilot and Tregantle well and in this order they proceeded round the cottage. re-appearing, Pilot was in the van with the Spaniel (wbo had already won a four mile race) in close company, and in the next field forced the pace severely. There were not five lengths between the three jumping the wai into Westmore farm, and in this way they proceeded the first time round, Spaniel having a slight lead. On turn- ing the red flag, Tregantle endeavoured to bolt, but wsa quickly sent along his course by the masterly handling of Hitchings, and was soon on good terms with his coo" peers. Pilot was piloted by the veteran Tom first over the next fence, and on reappearing from the cottage sty- kept the same position, Spaniel alongside, and nowhere, having just come to grief, which Hitchings to break his stirrup leather. The other ran at splendid pace along the large meadow field, were on equal terms all the way home, racing past West* moor house as if all Pembrokeshire were at eta e. Spaniel got his head first over the last fence, but in the race in Tom Davies drew up and both locked together* A splendid struggle and display of jockeyship ensued' which ended in a dead heat, amidst the uproarious shoutS of the populace. The owners decided to divide tbe and added money. A great deal of excitement at the conclusion of this race, as it was the opinion 0 several that Spaniel had won the double event head, but we confess that we cannot agree with t"1. opinion, inasmuch as the post opposite the judges being out of perpendicular, it would be impossible arrive at a discriminate judgment. THE FARMERS' 8TAKES. I A Selling Steeple Chase of £ 1 each with £ 20 » about three miles; 4-year olds, lOst 101b., 5-year list. 71b., 6-year olds and aged, 12sf. 41b. to be sold for £ 70 if for £ 60, allowed 71b. for 121b.; for £ 49, 171b.; for £ 30, 221b.; for £ 20, for horses bred in the counties of Pembroke, 0^ marthen, or Cardigan. st. lb.. 1 10 10 Mr Meyrick's nas. Pilot, 4 years ..(T. Danes; 2 11 11 Mr Handcoek's Castlemartin, 6 years (Flutter) 10 4 Mr W. James's b.m. Jane, aged (Griffiths) 10 10 Mr Thomas's Maid of Llangollen (late Fidget( A aged (Palmer) u 9 12 Mr George Dawkins's The Baptist, 4 (J. Flutter) Castlemartin led from the field near the L Westmoor, where the horses were started from, Ijja a three mile race, hut on reaching the winning first time round Pilot was in advance. The Baptist 'baptised' at the second fence, and losing a ground was pulled up. Jane and Maid of were shortly after hopelessly beaten, and the race virtually reduced to a match between Pilot and k*8 j martin. After trotting through the heavy P^oU^acb fields, they began to race in earnest both together, e exchanging the lead at short intervals. At the lastIe „ however Castlemartin fell and turned a 8 mersault, leaving Pilot to win another double eje he liked. This was a splendid race, and would been as exciting as the last, but for this unfort11 mishap. Jane came in a most indifferent third. A PONY RACST.—Post Entries. Two Miles- j Mr Tracey's Miss Gaunt (A- 2 Mr T. Russell's Dick Turpin i q Mr Griffiths na Sambo (Grif&tn This race was virtually between Miss Gaunt an e<J Turpin, Sambo having blundered and being PrUn- early in the race. There was no alteration in aD<J ning, Miss Gaunt retaining the lead all tbe *R^j,aIidS coming in an easy winner by several lengths* down. ott This ended tbe day's racing. A ball A,roke> Wednesday night at the Assembly Rooms, xeIU which was well attended.