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ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall on Saturday, before O. E. Davies, Esq, S. Harford, Esq, A. B. Star- buck, E-=q. J. P. Jones, Esq, W. Owen, Esq, and Rev. E. F. Woodman. DESERTING SERVICE. Thomas Gambol, agricultural servant, was charged with deserting the service of his master,'William Williams, of Barn Lake. The case had been adjourned from the last sessions for the production of evidence. John Waters, a servant at Barn Lake, deposed that he lived on the same fare and had the same accommodation as the defendant, and he had no fault to find. The bed used by the defendant was a good one. On one occasion the butter was short, but since then plenty had been pro- vided. There were no superphosphate bags on the bed, but one night the rain came in through a hole in the roof, caused by a gale of wind, and the defendant him- self pat the bag on the bed to protect it from the rain. In cross-examination, the witness said that the bed was moved into another room because of the wet that came in upon it. There was straw beneath the bed, and that was wetted by the rain. The hole in the roof might have continued for three weeks. PC. Thomas Beynon deposed that he had examined the bed since the adjournment of the case, and that it was a good one. John Mathias, a farm servant at Barn Lake, was called by the defendant, and deposed that the butter was in- sufficient only on one occasion. He himself was quite satisfied with the food and accommodation. The Bench ordered the defendant to pay bis master X2 10s as compensation, and the costs; to be paid in a month, and in default of payment, defendant to be im- prisoned for two months. DRUNKENNESS AND RIOTOUS CONDUCT. Charlotte Dawson was charged with drunkenness and riotous^eonduet at Neyland. The defendant did not appear. P.O. George Webb deposed that he saw the defendant at Neyland on the 28th of February. She was very drunk, and curged and swore He endeavoured to remove her, when she jumped at him and attempted to scratch his face. He seized her by the wrists, when she bit him by the hand. The Bench fined the defendant 203 and costs, to be paid forthwith, and in default of payment, defendant to be imprisoned for one month. USING A CART WITHOUT A NAME ON IT. William Reynolds was charged with using a cart with- out having his name painted thereon. The defendant did not appear. P.O. Williams proved. the offence, and the defendant was fined 6d and costs. STEALING A BRUSH. Elizabeth Evans, of Little Haven, was charged with stealing a brush, the property of the Rev Stephen Brown, ofTaibenny The complainant deposed that be lost a brush from his house in January last. The letter B had been marked on the brush by himself. On Thursday week he went to the house of the prisoner's mother on busi- ness, and found the brnsh on a box there, and took possession of it. The B' had been partly erased. The prisoner was at various times employed on his premises. The prisoner said she took the brush, but intended to return it. The Bench said that the erasure of the letter 'B' looked as if she meant to appropriate the brush. The Complainant said he hoped the Bench would deal as leniently as they could with the prisoner. He had merely brought the charge forward from motives of public duty he had lost different things, and his object was to put a stop to such proceedings. The Bench committed the prisoner to jail for a month. Sergt Clarke stated that there was another charge against the prisoner—that of stealing a ring, but the prosecutrix declined to press the case. The Clerk said that if no evidence was offered, there was an end of the case. The Bench could be no party to any settlement of a case of that kind. The prosecutrix here came forward, and in answer to the Bench,'said she did not intend to offer any evidence in support of the charge. Sergt Clarke asked the Bench if they would make any order respecting the ring which bad been found. The Bench declined to make any order in the matter.