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CLERICAL APPOINTMENT.—The Bishop of St David's ias licensed the Rev John Edward Curtis Fownes, B.A., <3f Pembroke College, Oxford, to the curacy of Walton West with Talbenny, Pembrokeshire, on the nomina- tion of the Rev E. F. Woodman, M.A. TABERNACLE SUNDAY SCHOOL.—On Sunday last, the snniversary sermons in connection with this school were preached at the Tabernacle Chapel by the Rev H. Quick, of Sheffield. The Children of the school, taking the sing- ing on the occasion, sang exceedingly well. Mr Quick is a. deservedly popular preacher, and large numbers flocked to hear him on Sunday last. Toe collections were satis- factory. THUNDER STORM.—At mid-day on Tuesday, this town was visited by a severe thunder storm, which f,ortunately was of brief duration. The storm was accom- panied by very heavy showers ofyhail, and the lightning was vivid and frequent. Though the storm lasted but a few minutes, the hail covered the ground thickly, and •was sufficient when the thaw set it, to flood the channels la the streets. FAIR.—The rnnual fair was held on Tuesday. There ■W&3 a good supply of cittle, among which were some of excellent quality, whi;h sold readily at previous rates. For other descriptions there was little or no demand, and the majority of these remained unsold at the close of the fair. Then were some large pens of sheep on offer, but Che demand being very slack, there was little business transacted. The pig fair will be held to-day (Wed- nesday.) APPOINTMENT OF A NEW SCHOOL INSPECTOR.—The Dukeof Marlborough, Lord President of the Council, has appointed William Williams, Esq, M.A., of Trinity Col- lege, Cambridge, to be one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of schools. Mr Williams is a native of Pembrokeshire and a brother of Mr David Williams, agent of the British end Foreign School Society. Mr Williams'a district will comprise the counties of Pembroke, Carmarthen, Cardi- gan, Radnor and parts of those of Merioneth and Mont- gomery. TUB LATE MRS CHILDS.—Considerable gloom has f?revaded tbe village of Begelly by the melancholy death nf the late Mrs Childs, who died on the fifth inst. Her funeral, which took place on Tuesday, the 10th instant, was attended by many gentlemen who appreciated her worth which was well sustained by the number of poor that attended and their moistened eyes. They will long bave to lament the loss they have sustained in her charity and unflinching attendance at their sick bed, ad- Esinistring nourishment and consolation. THE REV CHARLES WHITE.—Rev Charles White, Baptist minis'er. stationed at Merthyr, has received an iaviu iioi to become the minister of the church at Corn- wall-road, Nutting-hill, London, of which the Rev J. H. Spurgeon, now co-pastor with his brother the Rev C. H. Spurgeon, of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, was pastor from the formation of the church, in 1863, up to the end cf last year. The chapel, though a plain structure out- Eide, is a very handsome and light-looking building within. It was built and presented to the Baptists by Sir Morton Peto, before the day of his adverse circum- stances set in, and holds about 1,000 people. PEMBROKESHIRE AND HAVERFORDWEST INFIRMARY — The Secretaries of this Institution beg to acknowledge with grateful thanks the receipt from the undermen- tiooed Freemen of Haverfordwest of the following sums, for the benefit of the Infirmary, being their portion of the funds arising from the Portfield Rents about to be distributed among such Freemen. £ s. d. The Right Hon the Earl of Cawdor. 2 0 0 John Harding Harries, Esq. 2 0 0 C. W. T. W. Bowen, Esq. 2 0 0 William Summers, Esq 2. 0 0 The Rev James Thomas 2 0 0 The Rev Hugh P. Thomas 2 0 0 SALE OF BREAD.—A notice has been issued by the Superintendent of Police, by the authority of the Mayor, calling the attention of buyers and sellers of bread to the sections of the 6th and 7th William IV. c. 37, which enact that all bread, with ceitain exceptions, shall be sold by weight. The penalty for selling bread In any other manner than by weight is any sum not exceeding lOs. Bakers and sellers are required to use avoirdupois weight, and to fix in some conspicuous part of their shops a. beam and scales, with proper weights, in order that the fcread might be weighed in the presence of the purchaser. Persons conveying bread for sale are required to carry correct scales to weigh the bread in the presence of the purchaser, and the penalty on the seller for refusing to weigh any bread purchased by him is any sum not ex- ceeding £5. The notice is likely to prove of great local fceuefit, for the sale of bread by weight is the exception .&s.d not the rule in this neighbourhood. PROSECUTION OF A FISHMONGER FOR POSSESSING FOIH. SALMON.—At Glasgow, on Tuesday, March 11th, before Mr Sheriff Galbraitb, Alexander M'Aliister, 15, Howard Street, fishmonger and game dealer, pleaded guilty to a charge brought against him by Mr W. Cowan, at the instigation of some of the leading anglers in Glasgow, for having had foul and unseasonable salmon (kelts) in his possession. The defendant stated that the fish bad been procured by him in ignorance of the Act, snd, as this was his first prosecution, he was fined in the EKtigated penalty of 10s with six guineas costs, The prosecutors stated that, as gentlemen interested in angling, they had resolved to use every meaus in their power to put a stop.to the too common practice of ex- posing for sale foul and unseasonable fish, as it is gene- rally understood that such fish are only taken by poachers. It is perhaps to be regretted that this prosecution, the source from which these fish were obtained under, was sot elicited. ORDINATIONS.